Where was Woman of the Dead filmed? Filming Locations Explained

By Kieran Burt
Published: January 6, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Woman of the Dead Filming Locations
Woman of the Dead (Credit - Netflix)

The Woman of the Dead, or Totenfrau in German, is a thriller on Netflix, with the filming locations set in the gorgeous mountains of Austria. The dark series is created by Barbara Stepansky, Benito Mueller, and Wolfgang Mueller.

Where was Woman of the Dead filmed?

The six episodes of Woman of the Dead were all filmed in different parts of Austria. Tyrol, Vienna, and Lower Austria all featured in the show, with production running from April 2021 until July 2021.

The bulk of the show takes place in the Western Austrian state of Tyrol. Known for its ski resorts, historic sites, and traditions, the location featured in many of the scenes, such as a funeral in the municipality of Sellrain, with other scenes being shot in the winter sports village of Kühta and the market town of Reutte. The banks of the Inn near Roppen featured as some exterior shots in the show.

A beautiful photo of Tyrol in Austria (Credit – National Geographic)

The capital city of Vienna is also featured in some key sequences, with the production team filming some of the exterior shots in Himmelpfortgasse and some of the interior shots using the facilities and locales.

Some of the shows also set up filming in the second most populous region in Austria, Lower Austria. Located in the northeast of the country, the rooms and exterior of Stadtgemeinde Ternitz at Hans Czettel-Platz 1 were turned into a police station, and 1st Ternitz Musikverein also featured in portions of the show.

What is Woman of the Dead about?

This Netflix thriller is based on Bernhard Aichner’s 2014 book, the first in a trilogy. The show is all about one woman’s vengeful quest to find out who killed her husband. Brunhilde Blum, the lead character of the story, has an idyllic life running a funeral parlor at a popular ski resort with her loving husband Mark, and two children. But that life is suddenly shattered when Mark dies in a car crash, at first she thinks by accident.

Blum finds out that his death was actually murder because Mark was about to expose some dark secrets. To avenge his death, Blum goes on a quest to find those responsible, and in the process exposes the awful secrets her community is keeping quiet. But Blum herself finds that she’s being hunted to keep the secrets silent.

The show has been described as Kill Bill meets Dexter via Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The trailer opens rather ominously, with the audience being told that “This place is damned by God.”

Anna Maria Mühe plays the bereaved widow Blum who undertakes the immense task of uncovering the dark truths that have been hidden. Maximilian Kraus plays her husband Mark.

It’s also proving to be a successful show, with the review from Ready Steady Cut calling it a “hidden gem” and Decider recommending it based on its gorgeous scenery and “spectacular backdrop.” That backdrop is real, with multiple filming locations contributing to the show’s look.

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