Lupin Zero Season 1 Episode 5 recap – “The Man Who Operates in Secret”

January 7, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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This emotionally charged episode reminds viewers that Lupin isn’t solely built on gags, as we see the young thief finally come into his own.

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This emotionally charged episode reminds viewers that Lupin isn’t solely built on gags, as we see the young thief finally come into his own.

We recap the HiDive anime series Lupin Zero Season 1 Episode 5, “The Man Who Operates in Secret,” which contains spoilers.

Just when it seemed Lupin (voiced by Tasuku Hatanaka) and Jigen (voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi) had resolved all of their animosity, it rears its ugly head again this week as they find themselves on opposite sides of a battle that isn’t even theirs to begin with. However, Jigen isn’t the only person Lupin is at odds with this week, having to confront everyone, from Yoko’s (Saori Hayami) new boyfriend to even his housekeeper. It seems no one fully understands just what they’re getting themselves into this week. Still, despite all of the chaos, this week’s episode is especially satisfying as Lupin finally begins to realize just what kind of person he wants to be.

Lupin Zero Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Jigen and Lupin sit in the drive-in, excited to enjoy a movie when Lupin suddenly finds himself sad that real life never quite works out as it does in films. Suddenly the projector goes up in smoke, but instead of leaving, the teens decide to try and put on a show themselves in front of the screen.

At a military base, a man name Brook and a woman named Jennifer drive up late. The guard lets him in, but they do not realize that he has actually been tied up and replaced by someone else. It’s clear something is off, and we soon see that Jennifer is Lupin’s father, Lupin II, in disguise, coming to steal something.

While out looking for a gift for Yoko, Lupin learns she’s taken off from work for a bit after showing up with bruises. It seems the man she’s been dating lately has a tendency for violence. He drives over to check on her, only to be confronted by Yoko’s boyfriend, Guacho, instead. Lupin tries to hold his own, but Guacho is getting the better of him, even causing Lupin to drop his gift. The only thing that saves him is Yoko showing up, putting a stop to the fight, and asking Lupin to leave, as this is an “adult problem”. As he leaves, Guacho tells Lupin he will kill him if he ever sees him again. However, once out of sight, we see that Guacho and Yoko actually seem to be working together.

Shinobu tends to Lupin’s wounds at home, and it is clear Lupin is upset to have lost. The way Jigen sees it, if Lupin lost as badly as he did, that must make the guy a seasoned pro, and he should drop it. The two argue as Lupin refuses, causing Jigen to ruefully admit he’s been forced to kill people in the past. He encourages Lupin to get out clean while he still can before leaving.

Almost immediately upon hearing an impossible-to-steal secret weapon was stolen from a military base, Lupin I knows his son, Lupin II, did it. He is not the least bit impressed. Lupin II was doing a job, stealing the weapon for someone else. When he goes to deliver it, it turns out the weapon is for none other than Yoko’s “boyfriend,” Guacho. He plans to use it against the Prime Minister. After handing it off, Shinobu says they are now “one step closer to completing the Lupin empire”. She wonders if Gaucho will use his weapon immediately. If so, it may prove difficult for Lupin II considering his son is already tied up in this and won’t listen to him easily.

It suddenly seems everyone in Lupin’s life has suddenly disappeared. Yoko has moved away, and Jigen is offered a job catching a thief who stole fireworks in Okinawa. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is panicking over losing the secret weapon, afraid its use may start a war. They wonder if they should take Lupin II’s advice on how to proceed but decide to have his mansion raided by the Yakuza instead.

Unaware anyone is coming, Lupin smokes a cigarette in his room. A noise causes him to look out the window, where he sees several men pull up, coming to break in. Amongst them is Jigen, who, upon realizing where he is, immediately runs inside to warn Lupin instead. After allowing Lupin to escape to the roof, Jigen follows and confronts him, asking if Lupin was the one to steal something in Okinawa. As Jigen explains who hired him, Lupin II and Shinobu drive up to confront the men in their home.

Jigen tries again to encourage Lupin to change his life, which only upsets Lupin as he’s tired of people trying to control his life. As they argue, Shinobu flips onto the roof, coming between them and pointing a gun at Jigen. Lupin begs her to stop, but she refuses, saying Jigen is a thug who will ruin his life. Even still, Lupin jumps between them, defending his friend.

Jigen apologizes to Lupin, refusing to back down and miss the chance to take on such an exciting opponent. For a moment, Lupin breaks into laughter as he realizes that he, too, enjoys riding the same kind of reckless highs. For the first time, he fully declares he is going to be a thief for no one other than himself. He asks Shinobu to watch as he pulls off his first official heist as Lupin the Third.

Ending Explained

Jigen wonders what Lupin’s first heist will be, joking about Lupin stealing his gun. Instead, Lupin places his hand over Jigen’s heart, sentimentally asking if he was successful as he draws it back. Even Jigen cannot deny him.

After saving Yoko from an assault, Guacho has a note delivered to the Prime Minister demanding he steps down. If not, he will launch the fireworks he stole toward Tokyo. Yoko and Guacho ride off, and although she feels bad about the idea of leveling the city, they think it’s for the best. As they ride up to the dock, discussing their plans, Guacho sees a note on the back of one of his men. It’s a note from Lupin III, saying he will steal Yoko at 5 am the next day.

This was definitely one of the best episodes so far, showing that some series really do save the best for last. There were plenty of twists I didn’t expect to see, but turned out to be fun reveals nonetheless. Some serious topics were touched on in this episode, and for a moment, things were looking pretty down for Lupin. It’s always nice to see that he can pull himself out of even the worst funks while changing the minds and hearts of those around him too. There were plenty of times Lupin could’ve just given up this episode, but he didn’t.

The show keeps teasing us with moments where I think Lupin III and his father, Lupin II, are finally going to interact, but they always seem to miss one another. Maybe they’re saving it for the final episode, but that interaction is sure to be entertaining. Even without them seeing one another, this was an exciting, well-balanced episode. It capitalized on the viewer’s emotions, which isn’t a bad thing. With the stakes and emotions on high from the beginning, I felt more invested in the story as a whole.

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