Lupin Zero Season 1 Ending Explained

By Nubia Brice
Published: January 13, 2023
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In its epic conclusion, Lupin Zero does not hold back on anything from action to emotion to shocking surprises. While sometimes a prequel can feel unnecessary, this one feels long overdue, as this finale helps viewers to understand how Lupin came to be the gentleman thief fans know and love.

We recap of the HiDive anime series Lupin Zero Season 1 Episode 6, “Young Lupin Claims the Title of the Third,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

It’s often said that most people save the best for last, and the finale of Lupin Zero is sure to be no exception. Last week, after finally choosing to take on the infamous name “Lupin the III”, he decided to make one of his first missions to save Yoko (Saori Hayami). However, we viewers know that Lupin (voiced by Tasuku Hatanaka) does not know the entire history between her and Guacho, which could complicate things down the line. After watching his growth in the last few episodes, surely Lupin has the skillset to save her, but does he have what it takes to save all of Japan from nuclear fallout as well? Only time will tell in what is sure to be an exciting finale to this prequel series.

Lupin Zero Season 1 Episode 6 recap 

This episode opens with a flashback, taking us back six hours before Lupin sent the note threatening to steal Yoko. In it, Jigen explains who was hired by to come to Lupin’s house and why. They learn Lupin’s father, Lupin II, was hired by a man called Gaucho to steal a nuclear weapon. While Jigen knows a lot about Gaucho’s shadier dealings, he doesn’t know any personal details like his real name or nationality. After hearing about his tattoos, however, Lupin realizes this is the same man who was at Yoko’s apartment. It is then that he decides he will steal both Yoko and the weapon back.

Lupin’s housekeeper Shibonu reveals that his father is in Nagano at the moment, giving him an idea of where to go. This makes Lupin suspicious, as Shinobu would never tell him that much about Lupin II. He immediately accuses her of being his father in disguise, and he is right. After a brief reunion, Lupin asks his father where the weapon is, but his father pulls a gun, refusing to tell him. When he sees Jigen also has his gun drawn, he instead challenges Lupin, saying if he can steal his father’s gun from him, he will tell him where the weapon is.

Lupin begins chasing his father, who takes off running only to find the house rigged with hilarious boobie traps. As Jigen and the real Shinobu locate them at the end of their cat-and-mouse game, Lupin reveals that he managed to steal the gun from his father in the commotion. Per their deal, he tells Lupin that he dropped the weapon off on a US Tanker called the Brooklyn in Tokyo Bay. He also shares a bit of fatherly advice and gifts him the gun as well.

In the present, Yoko wonders if the Lupin from the letter is the same one she knows. She explains to Gaucho he is the kid from her apartment and ultimately disregards the note as a prank, especially considering the time Lupin plans to arrive is the same deadline Gaucho gave the government to respond to his threat. From a distance, the young blonde thief from Lupin I’s test back in episode 3, Albert, spies on Guacho and Yoko.

Fondly admiring the necklace Lupin gifted her, Yoko puts it on as Gaucho walks into the room. The two look at the snow, reminiscing over how they met fifteen years prior. Back then, he spoke of changing the world, and his passion drew them together.

With only five minutes left to make a decision, the Prime Minister and his team panic in their office. Suddenly Lupin’s grandfather, Lupin I, enters the room with Albert. He has knowledge of Japan’s situation and asks the men to place a bet on whether or not his grandson will be able to get the job done and inherit the title of “the third”.

Having not heard anything from the government with only 1 minute left, Gaucho prepares to use the weapon. Just as he yells for them to launch, the lights on the ship go dim, and Lupin appears next to Yoko in an army disguise. He asks her just to let this happen, but while he launches them from the top deck, she wonders why he came when she never explicitly asked for help. On the lower deck, Jigen turns a cannon towards the boat and shoots it, destroying it. Yoko tries to return to the ship as it goes up in flames, but Lupin advises against it, as Guacho is likely dead. However, we see seconds later that he is still very much alive with two loaded guns. As he advances on Jigen, Lupin steals a motorcycle to help him, against the will of Yoko. When he sees that Jigen is okay, he goes after Guacho, and the ship erupts into a gunfight, with even Shinobu showing up to help.

As the ship burns around them, Lupin and Guacho engage in a gunfight. His brute strength seems to give him the upper hand against Lupin as he manages to steal his gun, but Lupin then reveals he manipulated the gun with a string, bringing it back to him.

Ending Explained

Lupin points the gun at Guacho. He walks to the ship’s edge and turns with his arms open wide, telling Lupin to take the shot if he can. As Guacho falls back, Lupin shoots. He and Yoko look over the edge, seeing his body lying on a piece of boat debris. Lupin tries to convince Yoko to leave with him before the ship sinks. She kindly refuses, explaining how Guacho was her tether. As she walks closer to him, the boat begins to break down. Lupin attempts to save her, but Yoko allows herself to drop off the edge, uniting her with Guacho.

Back at school, the teacher wonders where Lupin and Jigen are, as we see them skipping class to smoke on the roof. Lupin hands him a map, teasing their next heist, and the episode ends with them laughing together.

Finally, after making viewers wait the entire series, we got to see Lupin interact with his father, and it was worth every second. Their encounter made for one of the more hilarious scenes in the series, and it really helped lighten the mood before the epic ending.

I did not expect Yoko to die. I definitely did not expect to find myself as emotionally invested in most of these characters as much as I was, but by the end of the series, I was genuinely sad to see them go. Lupin is a very loyal character, and it’s easy to get caught up in his relationships, as he often wears his heart on his sleeve with those closest to him. It gave the ending more impact and made the short series more memorable.

While it would have been nice to have a little more time to see Lupin grow and flesh out his family some more, the series ended on a good note with a strong finish. With its last episode, this series really went all out, as it tied up storylines and concluded Lupin’s journey. It turned out to be a very satisfying prequel that gave a little more insight into Lupin’s character motivations while being fun and original enough to set itself apart from the rest of the franchise.

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