National Treasure: Edge of History Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – who is Billie’s real spy?

January 11, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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“Frenemies” proves that National Treasure: Edge of History isn’t half as clever as it thinks, and assumes its audience is stupid enough not to figure that out.

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“Frenemies” proves that National Treasure: Edge of History isn’t half as clever as it thinks, and assumes its audience is stupid enough not to figure that out.

This recap of National Treasure: Edge of History Season 1 Episode 6, “Frenemies”, contains spoilers.

So, at the end of National Treasure: Edge of History Season 1 Episode 5, Billie picked up Jess after she fled from the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion with the authorities hot on her tail. This, she thinks, is a good opportunity to explain how they got off on the wrong foot. Since last week Billie was able to magically discern Jess’s entire heritage based on her Daughters of the Plumed Serpent amulet, she reveals that not only did she know Rafael and Manuela, Jess’s parents, but she’s also in possession of a similar medallion herself. She, too, is a Daughter of the Plumed Serpent. Or so she claims — she could have gone that jewelry from anywhere!

National Treasure: Edge of History Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Billie tries to put Jess at ease by taking her out for a swanky dinner, outfitting her in a nice cocktail dress, and ordering her go-to Mojito Mocktail, obviously not realizing that knowing everything about someone she has never really met isn’t charming but actually deeply weird. Jess is switched on enough to worry that the medallion might be a fake, but she’s somehow convinced by a photograph of Rafael and someone who Billie claims is her brother, Sebastian, but she isn’t actually in the photograph so I don’t know how that proves anything. Nevertheless, it ties in a throwaway line from a previous episode about Billie’s brother having died in the quest for the treasure — she says he was, like Rafael, killed by Salazar.

She also says that Liam has been working against Jess for financial gain for quite some time, and in fact, he ran off with Lewis Meriwether’s dog journal because Billie paid him to. That means Billie has the journal aboard her luxury treasure-hunting boat, so she takes Jess to decipher the next clue, which she does instantly with the help of her Sherlock Holmes mind’s-eye magic vision. Kacey and Dario are super friendly and welcoming to Jess in a way that doesn’t ring true at all, and Billie “reveals” that she’s in possession of the jade box because Liam sold it to her, falsely claiming to Jess that it went missing when his father died. It’s all too obvious!

Oh, and the next box seems to be in the well at the Alamo — right under the noses of the Spanish who used the indigenous people to help build it — and will be easily discoverable, despite the Alamo being a tourist trap now, thanks to the lodestone magnets in the other two boxes. Convenient!

Anyway, Billie sends Jess back home, where she deliberately starts an argument with Tasha about using the “distraction” at the Governor’s Mansion to push her political agenda. Tash storms out and goes to Oren‘s place where, and I swear I’m not making this up, they watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier and explain how the relationship between Cap and Bucky relates to their situation in one of the most shameless bits of Disney cross-promotion I’ve seen in quite some time. The power of Marvel is so strong that they end up spending the night together, but at least we get a fun morning dance from Oren out of the whole affair.

This also leads Ethan to check on Jess, and I must confess to being less than interested in any of these teen-drama shenanigans, especially any involving Ethan. He advises Jess to confront Liam personally, so she goes to his grandfather’s house where she finds the clue room trashed and half of the actual clues missing and is grabbed from behind by the scruffy guy who, until this point, we’ve assumed was Billie’s spy. Kacey arrives right in time to interrupt the guy, who jumps out of the window. The implication here is that if Liam was Billie’s spy all along, then this guy was working for someone else and the editing deliberately misled us. Kacey says he works for Salazar, and that she happened to be at Sadusky’s place because Billie told her to watch Jess’s back, but this all seems much too convenient for my liking.

The coincidences don’t stop there. Ethan goes to the hospital to tell Meena that he really is still in love with Jess and was just lying to himself about it — she takes it really well — and on his way out spots an orderly wheeling around a bunch of clothes that have been taken from patients. Among them is Liam’s tuxedo, covered in blood. Liam is on a ventilator, badly beaten and bruised. See? Told you Billie’s story didn’t add up.

And it’s kind of laughably obvious — she keeps a replica of Hernán Cortés’s sword on her private plane as, she claims, “a reminder” of all the atrocities he committed against the Daughters of the Plumed Serpent. Luckily Jess has this figured out and you can tell she’s testing Billie’s “friendship” with her mother by baiting her, but the show assumes we haven’t realized this so it can be a surprise later, which is pretty naive. Liam’s story to Ethan is also treated as a twist, when he reveals that he saw Billie show up at the mansion and tried to leg it with the diary before she could see it, only to get battered by Kacey outside. But that’s a pretty logical assumption too.

Again, though, Jess had this figured out anyway. We saw earlier that she left Tasha a note, so she and Oren are outside the Alamo when Jess locks Billie in the well (they’re using a re-enactment of the battle as cover.) The box isn’t there, since it’s really at Viesca, formerly known as Alamo, Mexico, in a well there. She briefly explains to Tasha and Oren all the stuff we’ve already figured out — arguing with Tasha was intentional, none of Billie’s “proof” was compelling, her mom hated soccer — and plans their next steps. The bad news is that the well had a bank built over it, and that bank was robbed, exposing the well. The guy who did it was caught and is still in prison in Mexico, but his name is Diego Salazar. Oh, and since Jess is undocumented, if she crosses into Mexico, she can’t come back.

Elsewhere we see Billie being arrested. The only genuinely quite surprising turn occurs when Kacey calls their real spy, who turns out to be Sadusky’s nurse, Myles. Kacey instructs him to deliver some clearly doctored “evidence” to Agent Ross at the FBI which implicates Jess in Sadusky’s murder.

You can stream National Treasure: Edge of History Season 1 Episode 6, “Frenemies”, exclusively on Disney+.

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