Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – why does Freydis leave Harald?

January 12, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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The first episode of season 2 is a firm opener, paving the path for the main characters.

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The first episode of season 2 is a firm opener, paving the path for the main characters.

We recap the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 1, “The Web of Fate,” which will contain significant spoilers. 

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 has a lot to live up to. After the explosive end to Season 1, the production and writers behind this series have to top it somehow. However, there’s a lot of confidence in this series, and the premiere of Season 2 proves that there’s still plenty of life in this story. Let’s recap the opener of Season 2.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 of Season 2 opens with Leif entering Olaf’s encampment. He asks a dying man where Olaf is. The dying man tells him that Forkbeard has taken Olaf. The episode then flits to Olaf imprisoned in a cage in a traveling army. As Leif continues to track Olaf, it’s revealed that he’s seeing the ghost of Liv.

Harald and Freydis are 200 miles away from Kattegat. They are playful with each other as they hunt; their romance has not waned but intensified. Harald wants to go to Kattegat and demand the throne from Forkbeard, but Freydis is skeptical, believing he should be frightened of Forkbeard. Freydis intends to stay in the wilderness and raise a family, but Harald wants his children to be rulers of Norway. Harald softens the conversation and tells Freydis that he wants her to come with him.

While out in the wilderness, Freydis comes across a seer; she’s tired of the vagueness of their prophecies, but then she has a feeling. She returns to Harald and tells him she’s going to Kattegat with him.

Back in London, Godwin tells Emma of Normandy that King Canute has won two battles in Denmark — Canute is concerned about Emma’s security. Emma tells Godwin that security is “excellent” despite his concerns. Later, Godwin discovers that a man is trying to poison Emma while a priest blesses her. The man manages to get away at first, but Godwin captures him and sends him to the prison cells.

In Kattegat, Forkbeard visits Olaf in his prison cell. He tells Olaf that he is a traitor and that Norway was never his to take. Olaf insists that Canute went behind his back and tells Forkbeard to kill him. Forkbeard tells Olaf that he does not intend to kill him and that he’s joining Canute in battle in Denmark, and in his absence, his grandson Svein will be in charge. Olaf’s son then walks in — Forkbeard tells Olaf to protect Svein and train him for the throne, and in return, he’ll ensure that his son will be protected. Afterward, Forkbeard furiously tells Queen Aelfgifu that she will stay in Kattegat.

Forkbeard then announces to his people that his grandson Svein will be on the throne while he leaves for battle. He then introduces Olaf as his protector. Olaf gives a speech and warns about his brother Harald (along with Freydis) raising an army against Kattegat to kill all Christians. He offers money to whoever brings him Harald’s head. Leif watches Olaf in the crowd.

Meanwhile, Freydis and Harald find a clan of people who are using weak boats to travel across the sea to find a new home in Kattegat after there’s were destroyed. A child recognizes Freydis as the Keeper of the Faith. One of the men from this clan informs another man in Kattegat that he has come across Freydis and Harald. Leif overhears the conversation.

Leif attacks a group of people from Kattegat who are tracking Harald and Freydis in the wilderness. He kills them all. Leif is reunited with Freydis and Harald and warns them that they are in danger. He informs them that Canute’s son, Svein has the throne of Kattegat, with Olaf as his protector. Nearby, Olaf and his soldiers look for Harald and Freydis.

Ending Explained

Once settled, Fredyis tells Leif that he has changed — she sees a coldness in his eyes that she once saw in their father’s eyes. Harald tells them they should head to Novgorod to meet his uncle, who rules there. He wants to tell his uncle that Forkbeard broke the oath. And then, a man from Kattegat who goes by the name of Jorundr confronts them and explains that he wants to help them. Freydis sees a mark on him representing “The Web of Fate.” She believes Jorundr is with them for a reason and asks the man to lead them.

They reach the beach, and they find stranded people. Freydis vows to help these people. She then talks to Leif again; he knows he speaks to Liv and wonders why she is not in Valhalla. Leif tells Freydis that he promised to meet Liv in Valhalla, but he didn’t. He no longer believes — he has lost his faith. Freydis shares with Leif that she is pregnant with Harald’s child. She tells Leif not to tell Harald because she does not want her child to be the ruler of a Christian nation.

Freydis then sits with Harald, and she tells him it is his destiny to be a ruler one day, but it is not her destiny. They both look at each other with acceptance and emotion. Harald tells Freydis that she is already a great Queen as he sees it in the other eyes of other people. He calls it a gift.

Season 2 Episode 1 brings a dramatic ending as Olaf, and his men, descend on the beach. They encircle them, and Olaf orders his people to kill them. But then, fireballs hit the beach, and fire separates both groups. It looks like Freydis’s influence is powerful as a group of people who support her come to their aid.

Freydis joins her people for her destiny, leaving Leif and Harald on their path to Novgorod.

The first episode of season 2 is a firm opener, paving the path for the main characters.

Additional Plot Points

  • Godwin tells his lover that he dreams of his children sitting on the throne one day.
  • Freydis feels guilty for not confirming that she is the Keeper of the Faith and not offering the children guidance.

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