Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – did Godwin plan to have Aelfwynn killed?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 12, 2023 (Last updated: January 18, 2023)
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Season 2 Episode 6 brings some landmark moments. It’s clear that this season wants characters to experience pain, but there is a slight inkling that this installment lacks a bit of bite compared to its predecessor.

We recap the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 6, “Leap of Faith,” which will contain significant spoilers. 

What I’ve enjoyed about Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 so far is that the writers appreciate the journey. There’s undoubtedly a lack of spark in the second phase of this installment, but if we cast our minds to Season 1, there were so many shortcuts of characters getting from A to B. There’s nothing of the sort in this season, and it greatly benefits from it.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

In Jomsborg, Freydis is found bleeding by another woman in the forest. Meanwhile, Harekr and his men are aggressively looking for Freydis. But then, the woman who found her tells Harekr she knows where she is. The young woman shows Harekr the location.

The refugees find Freydis, but she has a fever. One of the women tells her that she is hurt and they need to help her. They give her a piece of wood to bite down on for the pain. When Freydis wakes up, she’s told that she is well, but she will not be able to birth any more children.

Jorundr is put on trial by Harekr. He accuses Jorundr of murdering Freydis in front of their people. Jorundr obviously denies the accusations. Gudrid is upset — Jorundr is her only child. Jorundr is found guilty. His necklace is taken away from him, one of his hands is chopped off, and he is exiled. Gudrid runs to his aid immediately to help with the bleeding.

The men helping throw Jorundr into exile ask him why he killed Freydis. He insists he did not kill her but tried to save her and warns that it could be any of them next.

Harald, Leif, and their travelers are enjoying themselves near the river. The women who were once caged are now free. Their owner, Gestr, is dead. Meanwhile, Leif and Harald look into the distance from the waterfalls — they need to prepare themselves for the Pechenegs, but first, they need to head down the treacherous waterfall.

But, the women are happy to stay where they are now they have freedom of choice. They want to stay in the wilderness with the men. Harald is dismayed that they are refusing to meet the challenge and vows to go on his own. However, Leif raises a technical problem. He needs six rowers. After this commotion, it’s revealed that Leif and Mariam’s relationship has moved forward — they are romantic now.

After sleeping together, Leif tells Mariam that everyone has to risk something, and so will Harald. Mariam tells Leif that she does not want to die.

Harald prepares to journey on his own; he gives everyone a chance to join him and tells them he will give his best efforts for all of them to survive. He states he cannot protect them if he leaves them here. The travelers all have a change of heart and join him on the boat.

Emma and Agnarr search for John (the Bear). They head to an alehouse in Sussex to meet a lady who has information. The woman tells them she knew Godwin as a child and his father’s betrayal changed everything; it made him bitter. She tells Emma that the Bear’s real name is “John Fletcher.” Meanwhile, Godwin learns that the Queen is in Sussex. When Emma and Agnarr go meet the Bear, he’s dead. There’s no sign that he has been murdered.

Olaf meets Yaroslav in Novgorod. He agrees with him to keep the trading routes safe. Olaf asks Yaroslav if there is a woman with Harald, but he tells him he is not.

Ending Explained

Queen Emma returns home and is surprised to see King Canute. They kiss each other passionately. They’ve missed each other. Emma tells Canute that she believes the Bear was murdered. Canute wonders what Godwin could gain from trying to kill the Queen and losing the love of his life and future wife — Canute thinks she may have made a mistake.

And then, Canute speaks to Godwin and tells him he is grateful for saving the Queen. He tells him that the Queen had no choice but to act the way she did. Canute advises Godwin to find a superior woman. He wants him to become part of his family and offers him to Princess Gytha.

Queen Emma learns that Princess Gytha is happy to marry Godwin as he is one of the kindest men she has ever met. Princess Gytha is of royal line — Godwin always wanted to have children who could sit on the throne. Did Godwin plan to have Aelfwynn killed as part of a long-term plan to make sure his children are of royal descent? As we reach the end of Episode 6 of Season 2, it sure appears that way.

Freydis returns to Jomsborg, and the people are shocked as they are told she is dead. They open the gates to let her in. Freydis locks eyes on Harekr, who tries to act surprised that she’s alive. Freydis asks for her child back. Harekr is challenged by Freydis to “let the Gods decide.” They fight. Freydis struggles, but she does not give up — the mother’s love of a child keeps her going.

As Harekr is about to kill her, Gudrid stops him. by throwing a stone at him. The people of Jomsburg all throw stones at him, calling him a “traitor.” Gurdid brutally murders Harekr by smashing him with a rock.

Gudrid hands Freydis her son. Freydis holds her sword into the sky. The gate opens, and the refugees are allowed into the town.

Harald, Leif, and the travelers row toward the waterfall, knowing it is a high risk of death if it goes wrong. They hold on tight as they go down the waterfall.

Season 2 Episode 6 brings some landmark moments. It’s clear that this season wants characters to experience pain, but there is a slight inkling that this installment lacks a bit of bite compared to its predecessor.

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