Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episodes 7 and 8 Recap – How Does Olaf Find Jomsborg?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 12, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episodes 7 and 8 Recap
Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 (Credit - Netflix)

Some penultimate episodes are hit and miss, and while some may not enjoy the direction Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 has taken, Episode 7 proves that quality storytelling is beneath all of this. As we reach the finale, the characters are reaching the end of their journeys.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Season 2 Episode 7 opens up with Leif struggling in the water after heading down the waterfall in the boat. He reaches the surface. Harald searches for everyone and finds Mariam.

As Harald checks out his boat, he sees Pechenegs approaching. He tells Mariam to hide while he introduces himself. They ask about his cargo and then search the ship. Luckily, Mariam’s hiding place is good, as they do not find her. The Pechenegs capture Harald to see how valuable he is.

The rest of the travelers find each other, and they search for Harald and Mariam. Mariam is found, and she tells them that Harald has been captured. Leif asks them to get the boat back in the water while he finds Harald. However, a few of them insist they will help, including Kurya. Unfortunately, there is a death amongst the group after the waterfall — Cadlin is dead after drowning.

The leader of the Pechenegs interrogates Harald — he tells them he is a Viking, and he challenges him. Meanwhile, Leif and others reach the settlement, and they spruce up a plan to save Harald.

The leader of the Pechenegs decides to test Harald and gets his men to pierce through the skin on his chest on both sides with sharp blades. It looks harrowing. They then attach ropes to the blades and hoist him up by his skin. It’s torture for Harald, but he manages the pain. And then, the Pechenegs holster him higher.

Leif enters the tent with Kurya and asks for a trade — the brother of the Khan and two horses. They seem to accept the deal, but it’s clear they have no intention of negotiating. Meanwhile, the women are nearby, watching the situation unfold. Leif, Kurya, and Harald are tied up outside.

The women infiltrate the camp and set it on fire while Leif is tortured by a knife on his back. The women, led by Elena, enter on horseback, arrowing down as many Pechenegs as possible.

Kurya asks Leif to leave him, but he refuses. They all flee on horseback back to the boat. Kurya walks away, knowing he has to sacrifice himself to help them escape. He heads into the forest, and Khan, his brother, captures him. Kurya calls Khan a coward who is scared of the Pecheneg and then blows poison in his face. Khan suddenly cannot see, just like his brother. Khan tells his men to kill Kurya as he dies.

In Novgorod, Olaf wants to find out where Jomsborg is. He looks at a map and is desperate to locate a place no one has ever found.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Khan’s men drag Kurya to the river bank to kill him as Harald, and his travelers sail off. Kurya is tortured slowly. Leif decides to end his suffering and arrows Kurya down from a distance to kill him. The travelers escape, but it comes at a cost.

In Jomsborg, Freydis welcomes everyone into the town, allowing them to enter the temple. There’s excitement amongst the people. Freydis then speaks to Gudrid. Gudrid has no problem with the changes, but she regrets her mistakes as a mother and wishes she could do things better for Jorundr. Freydis tells her that Jorundr saved her, and it should be celebrated.

As the episode ends, the exiled Jorundr is found by Olaf and his men out at sea. Olaf now has a chance to find Jomsborg. He smiles. He knows he is within a distance of finding Freydis.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 8 (Credit – Netflix)

Season 2 Episode 8 sees Olaf asking Jorundr questions about the location of Jomsborg. He learns that Freydis had a child. Olaf tells Jorundr that trade is his priority now and that Harekr is a threat. He tries to convince Jorundr that he is not a threat to Jomsborg; he promises to make him the new leader.

Freydis sees Olaf’s ships coming to Jomsborg. Freydis gathers her people and tells them that she knows Olaf; she believes if they are to survive, they need to remind him that there is still work to do for God’s mission.

Olaf and Freydis finally meet. He asks for Harald’s son; he doesn’t want him to be a Pagan. Freydis tells Olaf that if he wants her child, he will have to kill her. Gudrid screams at Jorundr and calls him a traitor. When she gets close to him, she passes him a secret message from Freydis.

Afterward, Jorundr advises Olaf not to attack, but he does not want to listen. Jorundr tells him to take out the sentinel if he wants any chance of surviving.

In London, Godwin tells Queen Emma that Princess Gytha will replace what she took away from him. Emma tells Godwin she knows his deepest desire; she believes that he wants royal blood ties, and his ultimate goal was always to marry Princess Gytha, which meant putting in a plan for her to kill Aelfwynn. Godwin denies this predictably. However, it certainly looks like Godwin orchestrated all of this for his gain.

The wedding of Godwin and Princess Gytha arrives. It’s an intimate occasion. Queen Emma gives Gytha a gift that has a very special meaning to her. King Canute welcomes Godwin to his family. Canute then tells Emma to put her suspicions of Godwin behind her. She tells him she has.

Godwin and Gytha go to bed for their wedding night. She shows him her naked body (and the tattoos to remind him that he married a Viking). Godwin sees the Queen’s gift- a necklace with a piece of jewelry that belongs to the Bear- the man that helped raise him and was part of the plot to assassinate Queen Emma.

Godwin wants her to take it off, but she cannot, as she promised to keep it on. Emma is cruelly taunting Godwin; he will constantly be reminded that he is a traitor and, ultimately, was the reason why the Bear died.

The travelers are still on their journey, but Mariam is struggling with her illness. As night falls, Mariam spends time with everyone until her death. It’s a sad moment. She asks Harald to take care of Leif for her. Leif carries her to a private place, and Mariam tells him to be happy for her as it’s a beautiful place to die. She gives him a key to her little house in Constantinople — she tells him it is his, and there’s a lot inside that will help him on his journey. She dies in his arms.

The next day, Leif and his travelers carry out a funeral for Mariam.

Afterward, Harald asks Elena why she is not rushing to deliver her father’s treasure to the Emperor. Elena is not in a rush because she’s unsure what will happen afterward. They kiss each other passionately; the journey between them has grown feelings. An unexpected love story emerges, but a seemingly short-lived one.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Ending Explained – who dies in the finale?

Olaf’s army initiates their attack on Jomsborg. Jorundr betrays them instantly, but he is hurt in the process. He asks one of the Jomsborg men to signal to the boats that they have taken the sentinel to fool Olaf. A dying Jorundr then asks one of the men to tell his mother that he is not a traitor, and then he dies.

Olaf’s boats reach the gates, and Freydis is waiting for him on the docks. It’s eerily quiet. Freydis is leading Olaf into a trap as she secretly places chemicals into the water. Freydis asks him for a one-on-one. She notices that King Canute’s son Svein is on the boat and asks him to join them on the dock so he can watch.

Olaf gives Freydis one last chance to be baptized and have eternal life. Freydis asks if all his men are baptized. He confirms they are. Freydis tells him, “good because I’ll feel better about this.” She throws fire into the water, and the ships light up in flames instantly, killing Olaf’s men.

Olaf is now on his own, leaving him to fight Freydis while Svein watches. Freydis is victorious, and she impales Olaf with a spear. As Olaf dies, he tells her she has made him a martyr. Freydis tells him that no one is around to tell his story as the cameras pan to the burning ships. Freydis then approaches Svein, who begs her to spare him. She tells him to get up.

Harald finally meets Emperor Romanos, who has traveled from Constantinople. The Emperor is immediately interested in the treasure. Elena then leaves the Emperor’s tent, donned in a royal outfit. The treasure was Elena. Harald was delivering the Emperor’s new bride, Elena. Harald is in shock.

Emperor Romanos tells Harald he is in his debt and asks his men to give him whatever he wants. Harald secretly speaks to Elena and tells her she is now out of his reach because she is an Empress. Elena tells him that nothing is out of his reach.

Svein returns to Kattegat and hugs his mother, Queen Aelfgifu. Freydis is behind him and tells her she returned her son when she didn’t need to. In return, Freydis wants peace. Aelfgifu assures her peace – a promise between two mothers. As Freydis leaves, a woman asks Freydis if she is The Keeper of the Faith. Freydis does not deny it this time and confirms that she is. The story goes full circle to complete the second season.

The finale of Season 2 is dramatic and comes with an ultimate twist. It is undoubtedly a leeway to a proposed third and final season.

What did you think of Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episodes 7 and 8, and the ending? Comment below.

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