Extrapolations Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6 Recap – Do Gaurav and Neel Deliver The Seeds?

By Marc Miller
Published: March 31, 2023 (Last updated: March 13, 2024)
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Extrapolations Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6 Recap
Extrapolations Season 1 (Credit - Apple TV+)

Episode 5 of Extrapolations Season 1 is the most suspenseful outing in the series since the pilot, one that hits that sweet spot of an apocalyptic thriller without the preaching. Much of the credit should go to the two central performances of Adarsh Gourav and Gaz Choudhry, who are terrific here.

Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

The episode opens with a woman stealing something from a storage lab in Svalbard, Norway. Have you ever heard the story where the United States has an underground bunker with all sorts of medicine, seeds, and other items in case of an apocalyptic disaster?

It appears the woman is taking seeds. She hears the guards and begins to run through dark walkways until she reaches an opening overlooking the sea and jumps into the water. We then see underwater ship lights turn on. We assume she will swim and board the submarine vehicle with whatever she stole.

Who is Gaurav?

Gaurav is a young man hired to drive a truck for 10,000 euros. He is played by Netflix’s The White Tiger star Adarsh Gourav.

As expected, his character Gaurav is a central figure. He is hired to help drive some cargo for the madam from Mumbai. The air quality is so poor people sell puffs of oxygen on the street. The episode opens with the character leading to where part one left off.

He meets his new partner, Neel (Gaz Choudhry), who tells him the job requires them to speak in English only and not Hindi. Second, he must drive the car because Neel is in a wheelchair. They are transporting illegal cargo, but neither knows what it is.

While watching, you’ll notice they only move at night because it’s too hot during the day. Cars are frequently attacked by birds trying to commit suicide by automobile.

And when they head to the motel, they sleep in ventilated, and I can only assume air-conditioned, body-shaped pods for the night.

What are Gaurav and Neel carrying?

We are unsure, but Gaurav and Neel eventually discover they are rice seeds. (They must be the ones stolen from Norway).

On the second leg of their trip, they are stopped by the police, who are tipped off about their cargo. Neel asks if he can push him in his wheelchair if they are taken out of the car.

Predictably, they are both pulled from the truck and beaten. Gaurav is drawn to the back to show them their cargo while Neel is lying on the ground in pain by the passenger side door. While unloading the barrels, he pushes Neel into his wheelchair, but the police place Gaurav on his knees.

When the police find a canister, they claim only to be carrying fans; they are about to shoot him. That’s when Neels shoots all three cops and kills them.

While this happens, an American woman (Keri Russell) arrives at a hotel and tracks both from her phone with a drone. We learn that Nicholas Bilton hired her, the owner of Alpha Industries.

She sees them arrive at the madam’s business. They need to transport the seeds, and a genetic scientist, Dr. Mann, to Amritsar.

This will be done during dangerous conditions, and they are given a particular car that can cool down and be protected. This must be done during the day because the police are searching for them.

Do Gaurav and Neel deliver the seeds?

Gaurav delivers the scientist and the seeds to Amritsar, but the Bilton-paid assassin kills Neel. She places three bullets, in a triangular formation, in his torso. Gaurav tries to hit her with the canister from behind, but he trips and falls.

When she turns to him, the mother of the child Neel saved stabs her in the neck with a knife that Gaurav drops. The final scene shows Gaurav returning to the small village where Neel died. He sits in his wheelchair, and then it begins to rain. He hands the seed to the boy.

Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 6 (Credit – Apple TV+

We have the return of Ezra. If you remember, he is the son of Rebecca and Omar. The couple that had been at the climate change conference in Tel Aviv and trying to save birds from a forest fire in the Adirondacks.

The last time we were young, Ezra was nine years old, and his mother introduced him to a whale named Eve in the sea. His father died when he was a baby. Now, Ezra looks just like him, cleverly. There is a reason for that. He is played by the same actor, Tahar Rahim.

What is the Cache Cloud?

The episode is somewhat convoluted, but it appears Ezra plays a replica, pretending to be lost loved ones. In the first meetup, he meets a mother named Natasha (played by Gemma Chan) and their daughter.

He puts a small mole on the right of his face, which seems to upload memories (maybe?) and put him into character. He studies the memories he uploads. The problem is that he uses a company called Cache Cloud to store them — others and his own. Keeping the blockchains astonishing costs more as the temperature rises, so they keep increasing by 15%.

What is “summer heart” doing to Ezra’s brain?

Now, Ezra’s summer heart condition means he cannot have the visual stimuli to keep his conscious memories, so he needs a program called “Mind’s Eye” now but cannot afford it. So, he has to delete memories like his beloved robot dog and even the video of his grandmother reading him a story.

However, the delightful representative reminds him not to worry if memories are gone. That’s the beauty of forgetting, she says.

Unfortunately, his summer heart is putting too much stress on his brain and has reduced brain functioning by 11%. He is now in advanced decline and triggering dementia. The more brain cells that die, the less space he has for memories, which means he will need to upgrade his storage, which he cannot afford.

Who is Lola?

Ezra keeps referring to memories of someone named Lola, who appears to be his lost love. He hires someone from the “Pack,” just like him, to be her replica for a night of passion.

Ezra deleted so many memories when the reproduction studied his memories; there weren’t any memories of her tattoo on her body. He is told by Cache Cloud after she leaves that his storage is now over 104%, so he has them delete all memories that do not have the tag “Lola,” which deletes all memories of his mother, Rebecca.

What happened to Lola?

Lola died from summer heart while she was pregnant with Ezra’s child. He is desperate to keep her memories, but they are all lost when a crash at Cache Cloud occurs because of the rising heat.

Ezra hires his next-door neighbor to locate the missing cloud memories on the black market. That means he takes any job he can get to pay for it. We are talking about kicking people out of their homes, job terminations, and playing cheater so a husband can beat him up.

He cashes in on a family dinner with Natasha and her daughter. They connect as Ezra confesses his tragic backstory and has sex. Ezra, desperate for money, charges her for the sensory experience. She fires him after, but he shows up at her home, where she convinces Ezra he has to let Lola go.

Ezra leaves and heads back to his apartment. His neighbor wants his money, but he refuses to pay. The neighbor says if he doesn’t, he will sell those memories.

What happens to Ezra’s memories of Lola?

While walking with Natasha and his daughter, Ezra sees an ad for protecting families against climate-stressed pregnancies.

The video is of Lola, a memory of her telling him she is pregnant. Except Ezra doesn’t remember it because he had let it go, but it seems familiar. All three then walk away.

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