Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – why does Auggie choose to stay with Sylvie?

By Marc Miller
Published: April 14, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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“2068” has some dark wit. However, it’s a unique setting with a typical story.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 7, “2068,” which contains spoilers.

“2068” is a chapter with a unique setting, but like most episodes of the series, the story is generically typical. This a bottleneck episode, with a limited but big-name cast, who have fun in their roles. They could have had something if they had gone darker and further.

Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

The night is New Year’s Eve, and this will be the last night on earth for one of the members, apparently. That is Auggie (Forest Whitaker), a respected academic and scientist who invested in a company named Life Pause.

They digitally upload people and destroy their biological bodies. (Basically, a carbon copy of the Prime Video series Upload). This saves the earth from overpopulating and causing excess carbon dioxide.

Auggie’s wife Sylvie (Marion Cotillard) is nagging him, and you can tell there is tension there. They invite Auggie’s old protege, Nic (Tobey Maguire), and his girlfriend, Elodie (Eiza González). Or maybe it was Sylvie since these two are so obviously into each other.

Who is uploading into Life Pause?

During drinks, Auggie announces he is uploading himself into Life Pause, and it’s only for one. Why does he want to go? Because he wants to feel the rain again. Walk in the wilderness. Even have the sun hit his face without it risking his life.

Sylvie is shocked by this and is upset during dinner because he would rather be nano-sliced into infinity than spend another moment with her. She leaves for another room because she is upset. Auggie wants to follow her, but Nic volunteers.

When do Nic and Sylvie have an affair?

Nic and Sylvie have an affair in the apartment while Auggie sits at the dinner table. Initially, they talk and flirt with each other. Nic is about to kiss her, but she pulls away because she doesn’t touch her. They then proceed to have contactless sex, which is what you think it is.

Meanwhile, at the dinner table, Elodie tries to convince Auggie she should take his spot because she is younger, stronger, and has more to offer the world when they reinsert her back into a carbon-based biological lifeform. Auggie wants to go, though, because things between him and Sylvie have not been good for a long time, he says.

Later, when Nic and Sylvie return to the room after Elodie fails the psychological test to take over Auggie’s ticket, he notices Nic’s zipper is down, and both look guilty. Nic, instead of lying, panics and admits they had sex.

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At the dinner table, Auggie vents that he is glad now that he is going. Sylvie announces she finds joy as a wife who watches her husband evaporate. That’s when Nic reports he has always loved Auggie’s wife, and Sylvie doesn’t feel the same.

Auggie punches Nic in the face. They have a typical middle-aged guy fight that peters out quickly. That’s when the couple’s infertility-bot daughter, Agnes, comes down, and the fight ends. Auggie puts Agnes to bed. Nic and Elodie then leave.

Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Why does Auggie choose to stay with Sylvie?

Ultimately, Auggie chooses to stay. He wants to stay with his wife and child because he loves them. He forgoes the Life Pause.

However, the server, Anna, grabs Auggie’s coat in the morning and, before she leaves, rejects Syvlie’s tip. When she goes outside, the technician notes she is not male, and she shames him for making her identity a gender. He asks for a DNA sample, hands him a hair from Auggie’s coat, and is approved for the Life Pause.

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