Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – how does Freydis escape with her baby?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 12, 2023 (Last updated: January 18, 2023)
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Season 2 Episode 5 raises the peril, but it does need a significant moment — this chapter lacks that spark that has made this installment good so far.

We recap the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 5, “Birth and Rebirth,” which will contain significant spoilers. 

It was a brutal age during the time of Vikings: Valhalla Season 2. The world is cruel, and the story does well to portray it. Episode 2 Episode 5 places our lead characters in elevated danger while secrets are learned.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Season 2 Episode 5 opens with Freydis being told to “breathe” by a midwife. She’s given birth to her child. She tells everyone not to touch her. She does not trust anyone. Freydis heads outside, holding her baby bump. Gudrid wants to help her, but Freydis enters the temple and asks her to leave. Freydis suffers from birth pains and asks the Gods for help.

Gudrid asks Harekr if he cares about Freydis and the child, but he’s calm about it. He then raises Jorundr. Gudrid defends Jorundr and insists he was attracted to one of the refugees, but it is passing. After a lot of pain, Freydis manages to give birth to her child. Gudrid listens in from outside.

Harekr visits Freydis and takes her child off her. Freydis tries to stop him, but he slaps her to the ground. Harekr then reveals the baby to the people and calls him the child of the Chosen One. He then tells the people that Freydis is sick from childbirth and asks them to pray for her. Afterward, Gudrid tells Jorundr to admit to Harekr that he made a mistake. And so, Jorundr asks Harekr for forgiveness and says that a refugee woman fooled him. Harekr tells Jorundr to kill Freydis so he can trust him again.

Harald, Leif, and their travelers continue to sail. They need to fix something on the boat and require a metal band. Kurya advises that they go to Kodak nearby and camp. While Leif and Harald head to Kodak, one of the travelers (Gestr) takes an interest in the gold medallion around Lord Vitomir’s daughter’s neck. He wants it.

And then, a Varangian man approaches their camp and asks what they are doing. The man then reveals that Kurya is the Khan’s missing brother — there’s a bounty on his head. Kurya reveals that what he said is accurate and intends to kill his brother. The travelers believe Varangians will attack them, and they must get moving. However, Gestr has other ideas and tries to threaten the travelers. He is soon knocked out.

The man (Baggi) from earlier returns with more Varangians — he’s the group’s leader. The travelers and the imprisoned women welcome them and offer the leader wine.

Leif and Harald arrive at the markets at Kodak to see it has been raided. They find some metal that will help fix the boat. Harald tells Leif that he loves Mariam but that she’s dying. He doesn’t want to see his friend get hurt again. Harald then tells Leif that he will marry Freydis. Leif reveals to Harald that Freydis is carrying his child. Harald is upset; he cannot believe he wasn’t told until now. Leif tells Harald that his sister did what was best for him.

In London, Queen Emma prays to God and asks to be cleansed of her sins after torturing and killing Aelfwynn. Meanwhile, Princess Gytha joins Godwin at Aelfwynn’s grave to pay respects.

Ending Explained

Jorundr looks for Freydis in the temple. Freydis attacks Jorundr, but he calms her down and explains that Harekr intends to kill her. Jorundr wants her to leave without her son. Freydis insists she is not leaving without her son. Jorundr tells her he will find a way.

More men join the travelers’ camp. The Varangians then realize they are being tricked, but at this point, they are drunk. Baggi grabs Mariam and threatens to kill her unless they put their weapons down. Baggi’s men grab Kurya. Lord Vitomir’s daughter offers the medallion — it belongs to the emperor of Constantinople. But timing is everything; Harald and Leif return to their aid. The freed women then grab their traitor Gestr and stab him three times deeply until he dies.

Jorundr brings Freydis her son. They then fake Freydis’s death by wrapping her up in cloth with the baby. She’s escorted out of the gates in a carriage. But then, the carriage stops. Jorundr hears something, so he checks. Harekr confronts him. Jorundr tries to explain that he’s burying Freydis, but Harekr laughs. Jorundr is suddenly surrounded, and Harekr tells him he will kill both of them.

Harekr checks the carriage; Freydis is gone, but the baby is still there.

In London, Emma is pondering whether she murdered an innocent woman. She asks for clarification as guilt weighs heavily on her mind. And then, Emma is told that Godwin speaks to a man called Cooper outside at an ale house. They have encountered a man connected to the assassination attempt called John (the “Bear”).

Season 2 Episode 5 raises the peril, but it does need a significant moment — this chapter lacks that spark that has made this installment good so far.

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