Sky Rojo Season 3 Ending Explained – who survives the finale?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 13, 2023
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Sky Rojo Season 3 Ending Explained

This article contains spoilers for Sky Rojo Season 3 Episode 8, “Gold, Frankincense and Lead”, as well as an open discussion of the Sky Rojo Season 3 ending.

The finale of Sky Rojo Season 3 begins with Coral freeing herself so that she can save the suicidal Moises from drowning, pointing out the absurdity of him committing suicide when he’s supposed to be the one looking after her. But it’s easy to understand why Moises is confused. The show hasn’t been able to decide if he’s a good guy or a bad guy for almost three whole seasons now, and when he is being a good guy it’s impossible for him to reconcile all the terrible stuff he did as a bad guy. Very confusing, and he hasn’t exactly been sympathetic this season, or indeed in any of the others.

Sky Rojo Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

This gives Coral an opportunity. While Coral — needlessly naked — recovers from his ordeal, she racks up a line of crushed pills and debates tumbling down the rabbit hole once more. But she hesitates, and we’ll catch back up with this scene in a moment.

We cut away, though, to catch up with Wendy and Greta trying to convince Diego and his sister to let them stay there, and if you want to talk about characters who’re understandably confused, then let’s talk about Greta. In the space of a few hours, she has learned that her new girlfriend is really a runaway, having escaped a brothel with several million dollars purloined from a vengeful pimp, and seen several people die. She’s now a surrogate parent to a baby who isn’t hers and has seen Wendy abandon her only friend in Coral, who she always described as family, while simultaneously trying to convince Greta that all she cares about is family. Blimey!

Seeing Wendy default to flirt mode in order to try and manipulate Diego reminds Greta that she doesn’t really know this person; that she has a complicated, difficult past that she’s still very much defined by, and that in the present day reflexively takes hold of her. Wendy sees the error in her approach, and especially in leaving Coral by the roadside, so she does the one thing that someone being pursued by hired killers shouldn’t do and fires a flare into the air. This is a signal to alert Coral of her location, and she does see it right as she’s about to snort that line, but so do Darwin and Beefcake.

The killers get there first, and Darwin lays into Diego and his sister with a golf club. But since Wendy and Greta knew they were coming, they had time to set up a Home Alone-style ambush, dousing the men in gasoline and setting them alight with the flare guns. As they noisily burn to death, Wendy films them wailing in agony. By the time Coral and Moises arrive, Darwin and Beefcake are both dead.

Sky Rojo Season 3 Ending Explained

That only leaves Romeo, who has spent the episode hilariously repenting to a priest he has effectively kidnapped, forcing the girls to also beg forgiveness with him. This crisis of conscience has been brought on by his near-death experiences and seeing his daughters almost get caught in the line of fire. But he’s too far gone to be redeemed, even if he believes he has made peace with his maker. When Moises, Coral, Wendy, and Diego arrive and start shooting the place up, Romeo hides behind the girls.

There are a few loyalists in the club, but most go down in a hail of gunfire — there’s no particular reason for Diego to be here, but I knew as soon as he turned up that he was far too handsome to be a minor supporting character — and the rest leave of their own accord when Wendy shows them the video of Darwin and Beefcake smoldering. Since there’s nobody left to chase or punish them, why not? Why risk dying for the coward upstairs?

So, Romeo is left to his fate, which is to be consigned to the same tank he welded that guy in earlier in the season while the club burns down around him. Everyone else leaves with the girls. Romeo’s remaining men presumably disperse.

Who survives in Sky Rojo Season 3?

Since Gina died earlier in the season, only two of our main girls survive the finale — Coral and Wendy. Coral remains sober, though she says her farewells to Moises since she will never be able to completely overlook the things he has done, and Wendy stays with Greta. Between the three women, Gina’s child, who also survives, will presumably enjoy an interesting but well-supported life.

Diego and his sister both survive despite Darwin clattering them with a golf club. All of the girls from the club survive and are transported away on a bus to live full and free lives, no longer the property of a sadist.

You can stream Sky Rojo Season 3 Episode 8, “Gold, Frankincense and Lead” exclusively on Netflix. What did you think of the Sky Rojo Season 3 ending? Let us know in the comments.

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