The Test Season 2 Review – a change in leadership, changes perspectives

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: January 13, 2023 (Last updated: February 20, 2023)
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Whether it’s behind the scenes in the locker room or outside of the stadium, the players on this team band together and overcome obstacles.

We review the Prime Video documentary series The Test Season 2, which was released on January 13th, 2023.

In 2020 The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team premiered on Prime Video. It’s a series that explores the highs and lows of Australia’s cricket team. After a cheating scandal rocked the team and the country, Australia was short a Captain.

Their image was shattered, and they didn’t know how to move forward from the media frenzy surrounding them. The first season did show some pretty interesting perspectives from the team members, but this second season switches gears entirely. It’s almost as if there’s a different vibe with the team that the players discuss in their one-on-one interviews.

The Test Season 2 Review and Plot Summary

The first season became very popular on the streaming service, and many viewers have been excited about this second season. This season follows the 2021/2022 cricket season, where the Aussies face off against arch-rivals England. It almost gives you a new appreciation for the sport because it is not something that’s widely televised.

That’s why this season has really gone international. Especially because the Aussie team versus teams around the world that they haven’t versed in a while. This second season shows the personalities of the players in the locker room and outside in the real world.

It examines their lives and gives viewers a different perspective on the players.

Is The Test Season 2 on Prime Video good?

If you enjoyed the scandal of the first season, then this season takes a different approach. You do get to learn more about the process of cricket and what it takes to be a captain on the team. Coaching and being captain go hand-in-hand, and Pat Cummins does step up to the plate. He changes a couple of things and more importantly changes the perspective of the team. It’s a much different approach than the previous captain, and that’s what makes it a strong season. Of course, things need to switch up with new leadership, but since Cummins is a family man, it felt different. The players felt different in approaching him as well.

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Fans generally want to see what happens in the locker room between halves or after practices. During this season, the entire team had to also deal with COVID in the early stages. Which can also take a toll on the entire team. So as Cummins was taking on this captain role, he also had to deal with unprecedented events that he had no idea how to process himself. To see everything they went through was interesting and it was also inspiring to see how all the players came together as a family throughout this season.

The most important aspect of sports documentaries is the comradery of the players on the team and the level of respect they have for each other. This Aussie cricket team has been through so much, and they continue to push forward, determined to reach their goal.

What did you think of the Prime Video documentary series The Test Season 2? Comment below.

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