The Drop Ending Explained – do Mani and Lex stay together?

By Nicole Ackman
Published: January 14, 2023 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
The Drop ending explained - do Mani and Lex stay together?

This article discusses the ending of the Hulu film The Drop and will contain spoilers.

Hulu‘s latest comedy The Drop recently dropped onto the streaming service. Married couple Lex and Mani are attending their friend’s wedding at a beach-side resort when she drops the bride’s baby onto the concrete, throwing the friend group into disarray and the couple into a panic over if they’re fit to become parents.

The film currently has a 59% on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 19% audience score. While the critics have praised the cast, they have agreed that the film-making and script are subpar. In my review for Ready Steady Cut, I concluded, “Despite its interesting premise and the general popularity of comedies set at destination weddings (like Palm Springs), The Drop ultimately is more grating than entertaining.”

The Drop Ending Explained

After Lex drops Peggy and Mia’s baby Ani, the friend group is torn apart by tension, with all the couples’ issues coming to the surface. Mani is very supportive of Lex at first but soon comes to wonder if she made up the excuse of being stung by a bee to hide the fact that she doesn’t want a child. He also gets more frustrated with their friends (understandably). In the middle of performing a song with Lex at the rehearsal dinner, he storms off and walks away down the beach.

Lex follows him and admits that she was never stung by the bee, but dropped the baby because she saw a bee come near her and went to swat it. This has led her to believe that she isn’t suited to being a mother. Mani walks down the beach until a Mexican family takes him in and feeds him and lets him vent about his problems. While returning the next day, he discovers a voicemail from his mother who admits that she dropped him as a baby.

Lex and Mani reunite just as everyone is getting ready to leave. He tells Lex that he wants her, but he cannot continue living in LA and wants to be close to his family in Brooklyn. Lex happily agrees to move to New York but tells him that she’s not sure if being parents is on the cards for them. He agrees that having a family doesn’t have to mean having a baby just as she throws up on his feet.

The movie ends with an epilogue of Lex giving birth, with the support of Mani and both of their mothers. It’s a surprisingly saccharine ending for the film and is sweet, if tonally dissonant. The ending portion of the film abandons its attempts at humor, causing me to question if the film might have been better if it had taken a more sincere approach throughout. Ultimately, it’s not enough to save the lackluster first and second acts of the movie.

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