Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

By Nubia Brice
Published: January 17, 2023 (Last updated: January 25, 2024)
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In this adorable episode, Nagatoro continues with the fun quips and sentimental moments fans have come to love, yet keeps things interesting by throwing Senpai for a loop at the end.

We recap of the Crunchyroll anime series Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 3, “Senpai…Were You…Listening to What I Said…?,” which contains spoilers.

Season 2 Episode 3 of Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro saw the friends head to the zoo together, and while it wasn’t exactly a date, the two definitely seemed to grow even closer. It’s always nice to see Nagatoro (voiced by Sumire Uesaka) have Senpai’s back, but it’s even more satisfying to watch him have hers, especially knowing just how far he’s come from those first few encounters between the pair. So far, this season has opened with two consistently good episodes, which gives viewers high hopes for this installment, as we see Senpai end up in a somewhat compromising position involving a locker.

Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 3 recap

The episode opens with Nagatoro waking up from a nap in the art room. As Senpai chastises her for it, she gets a call from her friends and decides to leave to have “girl talk” with them. Noticing she left her phone behind, Senpai goes to return it to her and soon realizes he has no idea what class she is in. A girl with a ponytail tries to help him, asking for information on Nagatoro, when Senpai realizes he doesn’t know her first name either, only a nickname. Luckily the ponytailed girl seems to recognize it, pointing him to the right classroom.

Senpai checks the room, but Nagatoro isn’t inside. He considers leaving the phone with some of her friends but decides against it, fearing harassment, and winds up hiding in a classroom storage locker to avoid running into them. As if things weren’t awkward already, Nagatoro suddenly comes running into the same room with her friends. He’s forced to listen as the girls talk about boyfriends and types, overhearing when Nagatoro says her type is “someone I like hanging out with, I guess”. He is immediately reminded of all the time they’ve spent together while the other girls tease her.

Suddenly Nagatoro realizes that she has lost her phone. The girls wonder if it’s in the art room and again tease her for all the time she’s spending there, causing him to rattle the locker. Nagatoro gets up to check it and finds Senpai hiding inside. She’s upset at first as she asks what he’s doing, but when he hands her the phone, she feels better and makes an excuse to sneak him into the hallway. There she scolds him but also thanks him before growing upset at the idea that he overheard her. Instead of admitting it, he takes off down the hall.

Later that night, Senpai is jogging to train for the school marathon. He hopes to impress Nagatoro for once but ends up hurting his ankle. It isn’t enough to stop him from running, but he does check on it again the next day before the race.

Although Senpai can’t seem to find her before the race, once it starts, Nagatoro swiftly comes running up beside him. She and her friends challenge him to a race, but he declines, preferring to run at his own pace. They compare him to the tortoise from the tortoise and the hair story when suddenly, the art club president, Sunomiya, comes running by in a scantily clad bunny outfit. Senpai tries to explain she is doing “performance art.” The girls decide they want to race her, but Senpai warns that the president is quite the athlete, prompting Nagatoro and her friends to try to get him to do it instead.

The group becomes separated when a street light changes, leaving Nagatoro and Senpai to go ahead on their own. She realizes he’s been practicing and compliments his effort while simultaneously teasing him for it as well. Just then, he’s forced to stop as he hurts his ankle again. Worried, Nagatoro stops to see what’s wrong. He brushes off the injury as a light sprain and encourages her to go on ahead, but she chooses to stay and help him instead, placing her shoulder under his arm.

Ending Explained

Nagatoro teases that this experience feels like a war movie, and Senpai realizes he never quite knows what she’s thinking. Noticing his ankle is still hurt, Nagatoro offers to carry Senpai on her back because it will be faster. She jokes it won’t be hard because he doesn’t weigh much and proceeds to jog with him on her back. As Nagatoro begins to struggle, her friends catch up with them, helping her to carry Senpai as they rush to catch up with Sunomiya. In the end, they manage to beat her, but end up being disqualified.

Senpai hasn’t seen or talked to Nagatoro in 2 days and worries he’s done something to upset her, so he sends a text but then fears he didn’t say enough. When he sees Nagatoro’s friends in the hall, he asks them where she is, and they, of course, tease him before admitting she’s home with a cold. After seeing if he knows where she lives, they give him her homework to drop off at her house for them.

When he shows up, no one answers the door, prompting him to enter the yard and make sure Nagatoro’s okay, but he’s quickly caught by someone accusing him of being a creep. It isn’t until he introduces himself that the girl realizes he is not a threat and introduces herself as Nagatoro’s older sister.

Once again, Nagatoro delivered a fun, but relationship-progressing episode. The middle was mostly fluff, but it was nice to see Nagatoro and Senpai coming to each other’s side again. It shows how comfortable they’re becoming with one another. The end of this episode shook things up with the introduction of Nagatoro’s sister before storylines could start to feel too repetitive. Seeing if she’s as ruthless as her sister will prove to be interesting, especially knowing Nagatoro’s jealous side.

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