The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer – Why is Mando Returning to Mandalore?

January 17, 2023
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The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer – Why is Mando Returning to Mandalore? We discuss the trailer and the planet Coruscant. 

Din Djarin, or Mando, is returning to Mandalore in the latest season of The Mandalorian. While the planet first appeared in live action in The Book of Boba Fett during a flashback, this is the first time that audiences will see the planet in the timeline of The Mandalorian. The planet has a rich history in Star Wars which will be briefly summarised.

The latest trailer for season three of the show also shows a look at the city planet of Coruscant. This planet is also a major location in Star Wars, and its appearance in the trailer hints at a much larger role for the governing faction, the New Republic. As The Mandalorian mostly takes place in The Outer Rim, they only had minor appearances, but with Coruscant’s appearance, it looks like the show will be visiting the Core Worlds of the galaxy.

The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer – Why is Mando Returning to Mandalore?

Mando has one singular quest in The Mandalorian season three trailer, and that’s returning to the planet Mandalore. While not his home planet (that’s Aq Vetina), it’s the birthplace of the Mandalorian culture and so is a significant location to any who follows the Mandalorian Creed.

In episode 5 of The Book of Boba Fett, the Armorer discovers that Mando took off his helmet, breaking the cult’s one rule. She casts him out of the Mandalorian Creed and explains the only way he can redeem himself is if he visits the living waters in the mines of Mandalore. But because of the Empire’s bombing of the planet, the mines are destroyed.

In both trailers, Mando can be seen alongside several Mandalorians. As he now wields the Darksaber, it’s his responsibility to lead them. He has so far been reluctant to take this role, but season three might see him grow into it.

What is Mandalore’s significance in Star Wars?

Mandalore is an extremely important planet in Star Wars, with it being home to the Mandalorians. This culture first spun out of the armor that Boba Fett wears in The Empire Strikes Back and has since taken a life of its own, with many appearances in both Star Wars Legends and Canon.

The planet has appeared thousands of years before the Original Trilogy, with the Mandalorians fighting many, many wars with both the Old Republic and the Jedi, though the Jedi eventually would triumph. They would induct the first Mandalorian Jedi into their ranks called Tarre Vizsla. He built a unique kind of lightsaber called the Darksaber, which upon his death was placed in the Jedi Temple.

During the fall of the Old Republic, members of House Vizsla infiltrated the Jedi Temple and stole the Darksaber. It has since become a symbol for the Mandalorians, whoever wins it in combat leads the Mandalorian people.

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Mandalore is featured heavily. The planet wanted to remain neutral in the war between the Republic and Separatists, having a new pacifist ruler in Duchess Satine. But the terrorist group Deathwatch, of which Bo Katan was a member, sought to take over the planet. Towards the end of the war, Maul would aid them in this, and then kill their leader, Pre Vizsla. There was a split in the group, and Bo Katan sought Ahsoka Tano’s help to remove Maul from power, resulting in the Siege of Mandalore.

Mando is connected to Deathwatch. The group rescued him from Super Battle Droids when he was younger, and it’s likely the cult he is part of, The Children of the Watch, is also related. This hasn’t been openly addressed, and in some ways, the Children of the Watch are more extreme than Deathwatch, as they don’t let their members take their helmets off, whereas Deathwatch does.

Star Wars: Rebels sees the return of Mandalore, though to a smaller extent. Sabine Wren, who will appear in the Ahsoka series, wields the darksaber, and leads an uprising with her family against the Empire on Mandalore. They destroy Tiber Saxon’s Star Destroyer along with a prototype weapon that targets beskar, and Sabine hands the darksaber to Bo Katan to complete the Mandalorian rebellion.

The Empire responds to this with overwhelming force. In the Night of a Thousand Tears, a huge attack is launched on Mandalore, with TIE Bombers carpet bombing the planet, and destroying the domed city of Sundari. The ruins of this city can be seen in both trailers for The Mandalorian season three. On the ground, KX and Imperial probe droids kill anyone they come across, and Bo Katan loses the darksaber.

There are however still some mysteries surrounding the planet. In The Mandalorian season two, Bo Katan wants to raise a fleet to retake Mandalore, but it’s not clear from who. How Mando will redeem himself if the mines are destroyed is also unclear.

Why is Coruscant in The Mandalorian Season 3 trailer?

Coruscant is a major location in Star Wars. The planet served as the capital of both the Republic and the Empire and was featured heavily in the prequel trilogy.

After having an absence on screen since Disney took over Lucasfilm, the planet is slowly returning. Both Andor and The Bad Batch season two showed audiences what the planet looked like under Imperial rule, and The Mandalorian season three will show us what it looks like after the Empire is destroyed.

Under the New Republic, Coruscant lost some of its political relevance. The New Republic has a rotating capital to gain the support of systems that had suffered under the Empire. In 9 ABY, the year that The Mandalorian season 2 takes place, the New Republic capital is Chandrila, the homeworld of Mon Mothma. Although it’s not yet confirmed when season 3 takes place, it looks like it’s very soon after.

Its inclusion in The Mandalorian is an important piece of world-building, as the show has presented many worlds after Imperial rule. In the trailer, clone scientist Doctor Pershing can be seen in a speeder on the planet. Pershing was arrested in season two, so it’s likely that he is being transported to prison. The New Republic will undoubtedly have a presence on the planet, and The Mandalorian season three will explore that faction a bit more.

The New Republic have appeared briefly in The Mandalorian before, but this trailer hints they will have a much larger role going forward.

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