The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – It’s complicated now

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 19, 2023 (Last updated: January 25, 2024)
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Episode 10 brings a much-needed breakthrough, paving the way for the final six episodes of the series.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 10, which contains spoilers.

Ahn Su-yeong (Moon Ga-young) and Ha Sang-su (Yoo Yeon-seokare officially playing with fire. They’ve held that burning desire for each other for too long, and keeping it inside while pursuing relationships was never going to end healthily.

Whether they can achieve the romance they want from here remains to be seen. Let’s recap Episode 10

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 10 recap

Season 1 Episode 10 opens with Su-yeong tapping the keys of a piano at a train station after attending a funeral. Sang-su encourages her to play. They are enjoying each other’s company without delving into personal matters. Eventually, Sang-su asks if she is happy, but he does not get a reply. The train arrives. Su-yeong asks Sang-su if she should break up with Jong-hyeon.

Sang-su drives Su-yeong home, and they are both confused by each other’s questions. Su-yeong asks Sang-su if he is happy. Sang-su doesn’t respond to that question either.

While out with colleagues having drinks, Mi-gyeong learns that Sang-su knows about her romantic past with Gyeong-pil. She walks away from her colleagues, and Gyeong-pil chases after her. He is mean-spirited about the situation but tells her not to worry as Sang-su has not confronted her for a month since knowing about their past.

Mi-gyeong confronts Sang-su about her romantic past with Gyeong-pil and wonders why he never said anything. Sang-su tells her that she did not do anything wrong, but she feels sad for not being honest. Sang-su reassures Mi-gyeong that everything is okay. Mi-gyeong asks him if he’s hiding anything similar, but Sang-su does not answer; she quickly bats the question away, acting like it was unimportant. Massive example to not suppress your fears but to face them.

Jong-hyeon tells Su-yeong that he is moving out after he’s managed to save money. He thinks she has found it uncomfortable living with him. He promises her that he will not give up on his exams and asks if they can “start over.” Afterward, they snuggle in bed, and Jong-hyeon tells Su-yeong that he loves her.

At work the next day, Sang-su thinks that Su-yeong is quitting her job because she’s holding her uniform, and he gets upset and angry at her — but then he realizes the workforce is not wearing uniforms anymore as part of company policy. He breathes a sigh of relief. In this scene, he really did reveal his feelings. He cares too much.

It’s later revealed that Mi-gyeong’s mother knows Sang-su’s mother. Mi-gyeong’s mother tells her daughter and says she disapproves of Sang-su. It’s all about status in this family. However, Mi-gyeong refuses to break up with Sang-su, and admits to her mother that she likes him more than he likes her. At work, her father tells her he doesn’t approve of Sang-su yet and wants a formal introduction. He suspects that she’s chasing him.

Su-yeong’s mother is nearly run over in front of her colleagues. She has avoided telling her colleagues about her mother the entire time, but she had no choice but to reveal the truth this time as she runs to her mother’s aid. Su-yeong takes her mother to the hospital. Sang-su visits to check if everything is okay, but Su-yeong is resistant to him being there. Su-yeong’s father arrives at the hospital; Su-yeong asks him if he knew that she feels pain in her leg, which she is refusing treatment for. She scolds her father for the past and tells him that he ruined everything for the family.

Later on, Su-yeong ends up at the same bus stop as Sang-su. She doesn’t get on her next available bus, so Sang-su asks if she’d like to go on a walk instead. As we’ve seen plenty of times, these seem natural and at peace with each other when they are outside of work and alone. Sang-su keeps on playfully trying to extend his time with Su-yeong, and she seems to enjoy it. Eventually, Sang-su drops Su-yeong off at home. They arrange to have a meal together “as friends.”

Once the evening is over, Sang-su sees that Mi-gyeong has rung him multiple times. Mi-gyeong is outside Su-yeong’s house, and she asks Su-yeong if she can come inside. She gives Su-yeong clothes that she no longer wants to wear. Mi-gyeong asks Su-yeong if she’s come home from the hospital, and Su-yeong is ashamed to say “yes.” Technically, she has, but it was a long route home with Sang-su.

Mi-gyeong asks Su-yeong how her relationship with Jong-hyeon is going, and Su-yeong has to painfully have this awkward conversation that she does not want. Mi-gyeong tells her about the pressures of getting married as you get older; she opens up and explains she met Sang-su’s mother, and marriage will be on the table. It feels like Mi-gyeong senses that Su-yeong has strong feelings for Sang-su, so she is laying down her intentions in hope that she will back off.

When Mi-gyeong sees Sang-su, she tries to give him the keys to the new car, but he does not want it. She tells him she doesn’t want the car to collect dust. As she leaves, Sang-su tries to give her back the car keys. Mi-gyeong gets upset and tells Sang-su to either drive it or get rid of it. She feels rejected by his refusal to drive it.

Ending Explained

Su-yeong tells Jong-hyeon that she gets mad when they struggle over things that others find easy to solve. She gives Jong-hyeon money, knowing that he is struggling with his finances. She tells him he can either take the money or leave it. Jong-hyeon tells her that if he takes the money, he’ll feel guilty, and they’ll go through the same issues again. Su-yeong leaves the decision to him.

Jong-hyeon decides to take the money and promises to pay her back.

Sang-su has a formal introduction with Mi-gyeong’s father and attends a golf course with him. The father tells him he doesn’t care about his background or whether he likes him as long as he isn’t a criminal. He makes it clear that he will give anything to his daughter. Afterward, Sang-su tells Mi-gyeong that her father loves her a lot. And then, the father asks Sang-su to join them for dinner, which puts him in a sticky predicament as he has meal plans with Su-yeong.

Sang-su turns up for his meal with Su-yeong anyway, which is bold, indicating that he rejected Mi-gyeong’s invitation for dinner. Su-yeong can see him through the restaurant window, and he looks excited and nervous. This is the same restaurant where he stood her up when they were supposed to be on a date. Sang-su looks outside of the window and sees Su-yeong walk away. This is a vicious circle. Su-yeong rings Sang-su and leaves a message, lying to him — she tells him she had plans with Jong-hyeon.

However, Sang-su is standing right next to her at the bus stop as she leaves that message. There’s an awkward silence between them. Su-yeong looks at the bus route map and observes that life is like a “circle, where you end up back at square one.” She’s referencing their situation clearly.

Sang-su asks Su-yeong for help and takes her to the ice rink to help clean it. They clean it together, and once again, they naturally enjoy each other’s company. Sang-su cannot help but admire her as she skates around the rink. Eventually, they look at each other longingly — Sang-su tells her that “he cannot do this anymore” (be friends), and he kisses her. She kisses him back, and it is a passionate moment.

Now, it’s complicated.

Episode 10 brings a much-needed breakthrough, paving the way for the final six episodes of the series.

Additional Plot Points

  • Problems with Gyeon-pil continue; Mi-gyeong is confused about how he knows her cousin when he never met her while they were together.

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