Mission Majnu Review – an empty true story that could have been more emotional

January 20, 2023
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It is an important true story that could have been executed in a more engaging way.

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It is an important true story that could have been executed in a more engaging way.

We review the Netflix film Mission Majnu, which does not contain any significant spoilers.

When countries are at war with each other, sometimes people lose sight of humanity and the love that is found in the community. No matter the background or the religion, there must be some balance to live in unity.

Mission Majnu is based on a true story about an Indian agent who marries a Pakistani woman.

He tries his best to stay out of the watchful eye of the government or police and finds peace in sewing. The film explores history repeating itself because the same cycle of events continues to happen. It’s hard to break the process if you’re born into a broken system.

Mission Majnu Review and Plot Summary

This is the untold story of India’s most audacious and daring covert operation in the heart of Pakistan. The film does highlight the events that have led up to the moment between both countries.

Director Shantanu Bagchi makes some choices to set up the story as he breaks it into pieces. First the historical element of nuclear warfare, then the love story between an Indian man and a Pakistani woman, and lastly, the double life these agents lead.

It is set to have an emotional tie because of the relationship and the fact they are from two different backgrounds. So Bagchi also poses the question if love can conquer all in the face of adversity.

Is Mission Majnu good?

For the most part, Mission Majnu is engaging, but it does lose its steam towards the middle. The setup at the beginning of the opposing countries and what they’ve been fighting for was compelling.

Then as we meet the love interests, it becomes wholesome and sweet. The family dynamic is the most interesting aspect at first because her father doesn’t want her to marry the tailor. She doesn’t care about his occupation so she does marry him in spite of what her father said.

Once she gets pregnant, he has flashbacks to his own father and wonders if the same fate is waiting for him because he is an undercover agent himself. Unfortunately, the performances weren’t that strong to carry the film or to even make the second half of this film as engaging as it should have been.

It’s a true story that felt a bit empty because the love shared between the two of them wasn’t believable. The writing was also a bit generic and went through the motions for a historical story. It is a story that did need to be told but could have been executed in a better way.

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