Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

By Nubia Brice
Published: January 25, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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In this episode, we learn more about several of the show’s side characters, which adds some quality depth to the cast and makes their relationships with one another that much more interesting.

We recap the Crunchyroll anime series Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 4, “The Reason for Her Smile/I Want to Be Playful Like a Girl/Heroes Fall a Lot,” which contains spoilers.

While fans know just how serious Tomo (Rie Takahashi) is about her feelings for Jun (Kaito Ishikawa), Jun has yet to realize just how exactly he feels about Tomo. Considering he’s never really had to think about it before now, it’s understandable that he would be slightly confused. However, with each passing week, fans get a slightly deeper glimpse into his mindset,  catching Jun doing and feeling things that seem like only a man with a crush would. As the dynamic around them slowly changes, seeing how they both react has been especially informative on his end. Will this be the week Jun realizes his feelings are changing, or will he remain clueless as Tomo tries to progress their relationship again?

Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The first part of the episode opens with Misuzu walking to school when Tanabe comes up to greet her. He’s excited to be acknowledged by her, despite the fact Misuzu barely seems to recognize him. He later expresses his interest in seeing her smile to Jun, who reveals that she’s actually smiling all the time despite her cold exterior. Tomo can’t help but wonder if Jun thinks Misuzu is smiling more because she still has feelings for him.

Does Tanabe like Misuzu?

After bothering her throughout the day, Misuzu asks Tanabe if he likes her, and he replies that he does. She then advises him to approach her like a real person so she can reject him with a smile.

When Tomo asks Misuzu if she’s smiling so much because she still likes Jun, Misuzu replies that she absolutely does not. She does, however, understand how it might look that way to other people as Jun has a tendency to look often distracted when making conversation.

Is Tomo uncomfortable around other girls?

While watching several other girls mess around with one another, Tomo wonders what it would be like to be playful with her own girlfriends. Misuzu is surprised she feels that way, as Tomo seems comfortable around other females. Tomo says things usually begin to go sideways once she tries to get physical, like when she playfully places her arm around another girl’s shoulders. Considering she and Misuzu have been friends since birth, Tomo wonders if they are close enough to try things like hugging. She asks if they can try one time, but Misuzu refuses.

Later, Carol approaches Tomo, offering to hug her instead. They embrace, and Tomo is surprised by how “girly” Carol feels, suddenly making her feel insecure. Tomo attempts to hug several other friends to see if it feels the same. Meanwhile, after their first embrace, Carol begins hugging Tomo every time they see one another.

Is Misuzu mad at Tomo?

Tomo attempts to say hi to Misuzu in the morning, only to be met with a short, irritated response, causing her to believe Misuzu is upset with her. She explains to Carol that Misuzu started acting differently after she expressed a desire to be more physically affectionate with her female friends, which makes Carol believe this is her fault. Carol apologizes to Misuzu, but Misuzu reveals it isn’t her fault.

After realizing she’s being childish, Misuzu goes to apologize to Tomo for acting coldly and says she wouldn’t mind being more physical with her as well. She then wonders why Tomo has never tried hugging Jun when Jun always seems to be all over her anyway. However, when Tomo tries to hug Jun, he pushes her off and tells her that while it’s fine when he does it, he doesn’t think it’s right for Tomo to approach him like that, causing Tomo to lash out physically in response.

Why is Jun in Tomo’s bedroom?

Tomo is surprised to find Jun in her room after waking her up at her father’s request. They sit down for breakfast with Tomo’s mother, Akemi, who angrily explains that Tomo’s father, Gorou, seems to do literally everything in the dojo these days. While at first, it seems like a bad thing, we then see that Gorou still finds himself incredibly flustered in the presence of Akemi, which Tomo calls lame.

Later, Jun asks Tomo if she really thinks her father’s reaction is lame. While she does find it cheesy, she respects how her father has always been by her mother’s side whenever he needed her.

Lunchtime encounters

After agreeing to eat lunch together, Misuzu and Carol encourage her to have lunch with Jun instead. Meanwhile, Carol asks Misuzu for advice regarding Misaki as he shows up to eat with them. Misaki immediately thanks Misuzu for befriending Carol, as she is important to him in a sisterly way, which seems to contradict how Carol feels about him. Carol asks Misuzu what she should do about Misaki and is advised to try taking things more seriously.

Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Mifune and Ogawa approach Tomo for advice regarding a jerk Ogawa met at a mixer. Tomo offers to take care of it and goes with Ogawa to tell the boy that she’s not interested in him. When he’s rude to them, Tomo kicks the guy in the chest, knocking him out. Mifune and Ogawa worry he may try to retaliate, but Tomo assures them she will have their back even if he tries.

Later that evening, Jun overhears the same jerk talking with his friends about beating up Tomo. He immediately knocks the guy out before challenging his friends as well. As Tomo leaves school, the jerk and his friends show up to apologize to her, unaware that Jun forced them into it.

After a rocky start, Tomo-Chan is a Girl! has been pretty consistent these last few weeks. This was another adorable episode that continued to flesh out these characters, making them more likable every week. I enjoy getting to know them and seeing how they all interact with one another. It’s their connections that really help the jokes to land and make this romantic comedy worth watching. Every time I think I know what to expect from one of them, they surprise me, adding more depth to what I expected to be a shallow series. The last few weeks have left me enjoying this series more and more as it begins to figure itself out.

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