Tomo-chan Is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – “Best Bud’s Secret/Let’s Go on a Date!”

By Nubia Brice
Published: January 19, 2023 (Last updated: March 16, 2024)
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In episode 3, we see just how much these characters seem to care about Tomo. It’s these strong connections that drive the episode forward as we come to understand her relationship with Jun more.

We recap the Crunchyroll series Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 3, “Best Bud’s Secret/Let’s Go on a Date!,” which contains spoilers.

Tomo-Chan is a Girl! stepped it up in Episode 2, providing viewers with more substance while giving them more reason to care about these characters. For anyone who’s ever tried to reinvent themselves, Tomo (Rie Takahashi) is an easy character to relate to, but not everyone around her seems to realize that yet. While it’s only been two episodes, you can’t help but want to see Tomo succeed, especially when you see what a caring person she is. However, now that she’s found out about her two best friends dating behind her back, we might see a different side of Tomo this week.

Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

The episode opens with Tomo wondering why her two best friends failed to tell her they ever dated. She angrily confronts Misuzu, who isn’t surprised Jun let it slip. Back then, she hadn’t realized Tomo had a crush on Jun, but she didn’t think it matted much since they only dated for three days. Relaying the story, Misuzu reveals Jun asked her out randomly one day, and although she agreed, she quickly grew bored with him. After their first few dates, it was clear they didn’t have similar interests, but when she went to break up with him, he broke up with her first instead. This is one of the reasons she hates him. Tomo nervously asks if they ever kissed, but Misuzu says nothing happened between them.

In the hall, Misuzu confronts Jun about spilling their secret, and he apologizes. However, she’s curious about why it seems Jun stopped talking to Tomo in middle school, only to start again right when she and Jun broke up. He refuses to answer her.

Still preoccupied with the story, Tomo relentlessly asks Jun if he still has feelings for Misuzu, which he adamantly denies. He also denies having feelings for anyone else. The next day at school, Misaki comes running up to Tomo and Jun in his uniform. Finally realizing Misaki is a boy, Jun immediately sees him as a rival, offering to spar with him while violently shaking his hand. When Jun asks why Misaki and Tomo are so close, she realizes she forgot to tell him she transferred into the boys’ karate club.

After telling him she has plans after school, Jun ends up going home alone. He winds up waiting at the bus stop with Misaki and remembers that Tomo told him to play nice when Misaki seems visibly nervous around him. Still, Misaki invites Jun to join the karate club. He immediately turns the offer down, knowing he would never be able to beat Tomo. This is surprising, considering Tomo feels she could never beat Jun, but he says things are different when the fights have actual rules. Misaki immediately scolds Jun for hitting Tomo when she is a female, but they both agree that Tomo is still strong with an amazing technique, regardless of her gender. Jun relents that he would never have the skills to beat her in a real match and that his physical prowess is the only thing he has on her, but it only makes him look up to her more. Misaki thinks they are having a moment but finds himself terrified again when Jun makes him promise not to tell anything he said to Tomo.

At practice, Tomo checks on Misaki to ensure Jun didn’t mess with him. She reveals that around middle school, it became hard for her to introduce Jun to her male friends because he became intimidating, but he is a nice guy. She’s still upset that Jun doesn’t see her as more feminine, but when Misaki tries to explain that is not the case, Jun appears, scaring him with threats disguised as friendly gestures. Tomo is just happy to see them getting along.

The second half of the episode opens with Mifune and Ogawa at a cafe talking about Tomo when she and Misuzu suddenly appear. When they suddenly take off, Tomo wonders why and Misuzu explains it’s probably what she’s wearing before changing the subject to Jun. She warns Tomo that she needs to make a move before another girl does, saying she should be the one to invite him out next time. She also warns Tomo not to take him anywhere active though, like the bowling alley or batting cages.

Nervously, Tomo asks Jun if he would like to do something, and he’s thrilled by the idea, immediately wondering where they will go. Thinking this is a real date, Misuzu and Carol decide to take her shopping, as Tomo only seems to own male clothing outside of school. They decide not to throw Tomo into the deep end entirely, getting her a less manly outfit that she can still feel comfortable in.

Ending Explained

Tomo meets Jun in her new outfit, temporarily rendering him speechless. They end up at the batting cages, and Tomo fears this is turning into one of their usual friendly hangouts instead of the date she hoped. They then end up at the bowling alley before Tomo suggests they try something different next, like karaoke. To her surprise, Jun immediately agrees. The karaoke place turns out to be more intimate than she expected though, leaving her feeling awkward.

Despite trying to encourage her to sing, Tomo initially feels too embarrassed. She can’t believe he agreed to come at all, but he reveals that he’s enjoyed going along with Tomo’s suggestions because despite how scary or reckless they seemed, he always had fun. He clearly figured karaoke would be no different. Realizing she could be ruining their good time, Tomo works out the courage to sing regardless of how silly she might look.

Tomo reveals to Misuzu and Carol that in the end, Jun never sang but ended up recording videos of Tomo singing children’s songs for three hours. Although she wants him to delete it, the episode ends with Jun rewatching the video while thinking there was something different about Tomo that day.

Tomo-Chan is a Girl! delivered another good episode and definitely seems to be finding its niche with time. The jokes are starting to land better and feel more natural instead of solely relying on the more obvious jokes about gender. The more we get to know these characters, the more their personalities shine, and seeing them play off of each other is one of the best parts. Jun, for example, is completely different around Tomo than he is around Misuzu or Misaki; seeing each interaction can be hilarious for a completely different reason. I think it’s the genuineness of the characters and the way they care about Tomo that is the strongest part of the series thus far. If the show continues to progress the way it has been, focusing on these relationships, it should only get better.

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