The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 26, 2023 (Last updated: January 25, 2024)
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What started as a simple romantic K-Drama, has turned into something rather complicated and sinister.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 12, which contains spoilers.

Is this really a love story between Ahn Su-yeong (Moon Ga-youngand Ha Sang-su (Yoo Yeon-seok)? Or is something larger at play here. I cannot figure it out. What felt like a routine romance K-Drama has turned into something different entirely. I’m delightfully surprised and I cannot wait to see how all this madness ends.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 12 recap

Episode 12 opens with Sang-su and Su-yeong entering a hotel room. What follows are intimate, sexy scenes between them as they enjoy each other. The scene is likely to be Mi-gyeong’s raging imagination, but it could also be a look into the future.

The scene flits to Mi-gyeong talking to Gyeon-pil about the situation. She appears in denial about Su-yeong and Sang-su. It feels sad to see someone compromise themselves this low. 

Episode 12 returns to the moment that Sang-su suggests to an upset Mi-gyeong that they should break up. It is her birthday after all. Mi-gyeong tries to fight for Sang-su, but then accuses him of never truly loving her. She doesn’t think he has a reasonable reason to breaking up. Sang-su can only apologize. Mi-gyeong asks Sang-su to try work for their relationship before walking off. 

And then we return to the scene where Jong-hyeon asks Su-yeong if she truly has feelings for him. Su-yeong deflects by asking him questions, leaving their situation vague. 

Mi-gyeong refuses to break up with Su-yeong

After a dramatic night, Sang-su meets Su-yeong outside her apartment. Jong-hyeon watches them both from the window. Su-yeong and Sang-su go on their habitual, peaceful, walk. Sang-su claims he just wants to walk with her; he has no interest in recapping the night. 

At work the next day, Mi-gyeong acts like everything is normal, and apologizes to Su-yeong for the departure the night before. She suggests they do another double date. We have to ponder why she’s doing this at this stage. It’s desperate.  

Sang-su asks Mi-gyeong if she’s thought about her decision to break up. Mi-gyeong continues to hold on to the relationship, reality is no longer a place for her. She warns him how gossip is hurtful at their workplace and that if he moves into a relationship with Su-yeong, it’ll hurt her. She also warns him that he’s got alot to lose. Sang-su asks the right question; would she be okay dating him, knowing his real feelings? Surprisingly, her answer seems to be “yes.” 

Su-yeong joins Jong-hyeon and his friends for drinks. Seon-jae is there, and she’s had a bit to drink. She tells Su-yeong that Jong-hyeon has more of a laugh with her. Jong-hyeon apologizes for Seon-jae’s comments. Afterward, Jong-hyeon asks Su-yeong if she’d like to go on a date. This is getting extremely complicated. 

Jong-hyeon and Su-yeong enjoy their date together, from the cinemas to eating at a restaurant. Jong-hyeon gives Su-yeong a gift. A ring. She’s taken back by it, and yet, it’s not clear what the ring signifies. The ring doesn’t fit properly, which feels metaphorical to their relationship. 

Mi-gyeng and Su-yeong finally break up

Sang-su unexpectedly gets invited to shopping with Mi-gyeong’s mother. This leads to dinner, and Mi-gyeong awkwardly joins. The mother tells Sang-su and Mi-gyeong that she fully supports their marriage, which brings blank stares. Sang-su tells the mother that he and Mi-gyeong have broken up. Mi-gyeong looks at him with a stern stare, feeling betrayed. The mother is disappointed and storms off. 

Mi-gyeong is angry at Sang-su and she cannot believe what he has done. Sang-su tells Mi-gyeong that he had no choice, because they cannot be dishonest. Mi-gyeong asks Sang-su why he cannot just love her. She loves him deeply. Mi-gyeong asks an important question – will Su-yeong break up with Jong-hyeon? Meanwhile, Jong-hyeon tells Su-yeong that he’s going to look for a place, and he intends to pay her back as soon as possible.

At work the next day, Mi-gyeong privately apologizes to Su-yeong. She explains that she told Sang-su that Jong -hyeon is still staying at her house. She said she did it for her advantage and tried to resent her. Su-yeong accepts her apology and explains she can resent and despise her as much as she wants. Mi-gyeong tells Su-yeong that she wants her to feel bad and guilty because she likes her still. She’s going to keep liking her. What a chilling conversation between both women.

Gyeon-pil sees this commotion and speak to Su-yeong after. He explains that when he was younger he was with a wealthy daughter of a family, and someone told him to break up with her three times. He explains that he’s never told anyone this before, keeping the story vague. Outside the bank, Jong-hyeon asks Sang-su who he was calling, because he put the phone down as soon as he saw him. Jong-hyeon reveals a ring on his finger and tells Sang-su that he’ll be meeting Su-yeong soon. Damn, what a power move. 

Sang-su joins Su-yeong at the beach

The next day, Su-yeong takes a day off. Eventually, Sang-su manages to get in touch with Su-yeong, who is on the beach, pondering over the two men in her life. Sang-su can hear the beach, and decides to leave work to join her. Su-yeong powers off her phone so Jong-hyeon cannot contsct her. Sang-su sits next to her on the beach, and the peaceful expression on her face returns. Sang-su admires her sandcastle as they settle into their usual flow state in conversation. 

Su-yeong tells Sang-su that he’s changed, and they smile at each other softly. She asks him to get her something hot to drink as the weather is getting chilly. He agrees to, but there feels like a lot of sadness between them still. Sang-su gives her his suitjacket before he goes to get a drink.  However, when Sang-su returns, Su-yeong is gone, and he’s unable to get through to her phone. 

Su-yeong visits her parent’s restaurant. She has a drink with her father and asks why he hurt her mother so much by cheating on her. She wonders if he loved the other woman too much. Her father tells her that you can’t stop love, no matter how much you try. He explains he only came back to her mother out of regret. 

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 12 Ending Explained – have Gyeon-pil and Su-yeong slept together?

At work the next day, Sang-su finds Su-yeong in the locker room. He wants to know why she left him at the beach. She ignores him and leaves the room abruptly. And then, Jong-hyeon enters the workplace and angrily confronts Su-yeong. He asks her “if it’s true”. She tells him he already knows the answer. 

In a shocking ending for Episode 12, Jong-hyeon walks up to Gyeon-pil and punches him. Su-yeong stops Jong-hyeon from hitting him again. And then, in a twist that will confuse viewers, Jong-hyeon asks Sang-su if he has had sex with Su-yeong too, which implies that Gyeon-pil has slept with Su-yeong. With all colleagues watching this unfold, the room goes very still.

Sang-su looks at Su-yeong, who looks very guilty. Where is this story going? Like, what!

What started as a simple romantic K-Drama, has turned into something rather complicated and sinister.

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