Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 2 Recap – who is the prime suspect in Drea’s case?

By Adam Lock
Published: January 27, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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This is a rather slow installment that offers only a few intriguing moments of suspense now and again. A couple of major twists in “Her, Armed with Sorrow Sore” do liven things up somewhat, yet it feels like the show is rapidly losing momentum early on.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 2, “Her, Armed with Sorrow Sore,” which contains spoilers.

The search for Drea Spivey concluded in tragic fashion with her untimely death in the opening episode’s climactic scene. Podcast journalist Poppy Scoville (Octavia Spencer) and Principal Eva Pierre (Gabrielle Union), who were investigating Drea’s disappearance, are now on the hunt for Drea’s killer. The local police don’t seem that interested in finding the murderer with Emily Mills still missing, so these vigilante sleuths go rogue and tackle the case on their own. “Her, Armed with Sorrow Sore” (this time, it’s a William Blake line), focuses on this private investigation as they hunt for clues to track down Drea’s killer.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

The episode opens with Poppy attending Drea’s funeral. She’s tearful but tries to remain strong for the collective. Any death is a tragedy in the community, but she knew Drea personally and that alone makes the situation that bit more devastating. At the funeral, a mourner comments on how Poppy should have done more, and Eva comes to her rescue, defending the reporter. Poppy is still suspicious of the Principal herself, after spotting her at the crime scene, and she’s eager to explore that mystery further. Aames questioned her down at the station but was unable to find any solid information.

Poppy takes it upon herself to question Eva once again. She tells the Principal that Drea was strangled to death in horrific fashion, Eva needs to help them find the killer and bring them to justice. Eva explains that she has said all that she can, but she is clearly hiding something. Eventually, she confesses, she was trying to protect a student, who she visits down at that specific motel. The student had seen Drea that night, but Eva was just too late to save her. She wants to catch the killer as desperately as Poppy does. It looks like these two are going to be teaming up shortly.

Former detective Markus Killebrew and Poppy search Drea’s room for any clues or gifts she may have received from the traffickers. Poppy finds a handbag hidden in a vent. The bag contains a burner phone. Drea had deleted all the text messages off the phone and the DMs in her Questeur app too. The user names that still remain could possibly be her regulars and more importantly one of them could be the killer.

The local police are less than helpful as per usual, focusing their attention on Emily Mills instead, who has been missing for eight days now. Aames is pulled back onto this case, which leaves Poppy, Eva, and Markus as the only ones still digging into the Drea murder case at present. Poppy’s father Shreve wants to do more to help out as well and urges for support from his fellow Capstones members but receives early negativity. Meanwhile, Aames finds Emily’s car and informs her parents that they also found their daughter’s blood inside the car.

Shreve joins the fight and tags along with Markus and Poppy as they investigate Drea’s motel room. The motel owner is less than friendly and refuses them access. Streetwise Shreve responds with violence, stabbing the man in the hand until he relents and passes them the key card for entry. Markus and Poppy inspect the room. Poppy finds a needle on the floor and sends a photograph of this missed evidence back to Aames. It’s crushing to see how little effort the police put into their investigation.

Next, the amateur sleuths visit the diner across the street and strike up a conversation with a table of prostitutes. The girls are quiet at first, but one mentions seeing a strange license plate – IRX4You. This is the same username as one of Drea’s contacts on Questeur. They follow this lead to the driver’s home. He denies having anything to do with Drea, but Eva pressures him into talking. He knew Drea as a prostitute called Lucky, but admits he left early on the day that she was killed. He has a strong alibi that can back up this claim. Before leaving, he reveals one key piece of information though, he heard Drea arguing with a man called Trey. Poppy passes on the name to Aames, who searches the database instantly. There is a man named James Benjamin III on the system, but he goes by Trey. Aames sends Poppy the address.

Markus is annoyed that Poppy brought Eva along on their interrogation. Poppy states that she is keeping Eva close by as she doesn’t trust her. These suspicions are then only doubled for the viewers at home, as we are shown a tantalizing scene involving the Principal. She kisses a stranger in the rain, outside a nightclub. The woman asks for Eva’s real name, referring to her by her handle, which is Bottom 2 Top Energy. This name was also found on Drea’s phone, just like IRX4You. Was Eva helping Drea to escape a life of crime or was she a regular of Drea’s as well? This big twist could be a red herring of sorts, but it still throws the Principal’s motives into question.

Ending Explained

Near the end of the episode, Shreve meets with mayoral candidate Andrew Finney. The man refuses to work with Shreve though, unimpressed with the vigilante justice he was promoting at the press conference. Finney asks the Capstones to step down. Then, the gang (Markus, Poppy, and Aames) pays Trey a visit. The pimp doesn’t answer the door, but a familiar prostitute does. She was the one who mentioned IRX4You’s license plate back at the diner, which now seems to have been a distraction tactic.

Poppy is angered to see that the prostitute (Rochelle) lied to her and then notices that she is wearing Drea’s necklace. Aames instantly arrests the woman and Poppy steps inside the house to inspect further. Markus checks the rooms but is unable to find Trey. Meanwhile, Poppy is drawn to Trey’s laptop and finds countless video clip files inside. In one of the clips, Trini (Markus’ daughter) and her boyfriend Aubrey are getting rather intimate. Poppy tries to shield this from Markus, but he sees the video clip anyhow. What illegal activities is Trey orchestrating inside these motel rooms?

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