Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Recap – what secret is Eva keeping from Poppy?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 3, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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The plot beats all continue to move forwards at a steady pace and the showrunners throw in a few shock twists here and there, but this can’t save an otherwise dull installment. Truth Be Told seems to be just another standard crime series, albeit one with scarce moments of magic.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3, “Here She Shall See No Enemy,” which contains spoilers.

The investigation into Drea’s death continues to gather pace in “Here She Shall See No Enemy” (another Shakespeare reference). Poppy (Octavia Spencer) questions the local prostitutes as she builds a clearer picture of their number one suspect, Drea’s pimp, sex trafficker Trey. Meanwhile, Eva (Gabrielle Union) searches for her own answers and Markus (Mekhi Phifer) confronts his daughter about the sex tape he found in the previous installment.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

We pick up mere moments after that revelation, as Markus storms over to Rochelle to question her about the video he’s just watched. He demands to know where Trey got the sex tape from, but she just laughs in his face. Poppy manages to calm her friend down and tells him to concentrate on his family for now. Markus is furious and desperate for answers though. He instantly questions his daughter Trini about the footage. She doesn’t deny sleeping with her boyfriend Aubrey but seems surprised by the video. Markus forbids her from seeing Aubrey ever again.

Meanwhile, Poppy’s father Shreve, who also happens to be the spokesperson for the Capstones biker gang, is visited by Questeur founder and wealthy entrepreneur Lee Hackman. He wants to help work with the neighborhood as he constructs new buildings in the local area and has come to meet with the living legend of Oakland in person. They share a love of motorbikes, whilst Lee asks him to pop by for a chat at a later date.

Who is Alexander from the mysterious letters?

Poppy finds love letters from a man called Alexander sent to her mother and ponders their meaning. She quizzes her father later about this correspondence. Shreve admits that they went through a rough patch and Poppy’s mother had an affair with an old flame. Shreve survived as a single parent for a couple of months alone, and eventually, Poppy’s mother came back to them. He forgave her for this affair. Poppy asks straight-up if Alexander is her biological father. Surprisingly, Shreve says yes, but she is still his daughter to him. It’s a mighty twist that will surely affect Poppy’s mental well-being moving forwards.

Eva pays Poppy a visit for an update on the case. They have arrested one of Trey’s prostitutes, Rochelle, and are hoping to interrogate her soon. Poppy keeps the news about the video clips a secret from Eva, though. Next, Poppy attempts to question Rochelle herself, but she refuses to talk, defending Trey, who she is clearly in love with.

What is a trauma bond?

Using a social worker that Eva knows, Poppy tries to get into the mindset of these victimized girls. She can’t seem to understand why they would fall in love with these vile criminals. The social worker explains that the pimps, which she refers to as traffickers, learn the girls’ needs and force them to depend upon them. They believe this dependency is actually love. The relationship is nicknamed a trauma bond. Poppy meets with other prostitutes to gain more information and to try to build a connection with these damaged ladies.

Aames is reprimanded for orchestrating the interview with Rochelle and is forced to return his efforts to the Emily Mills case. It’s been thirteen days since she went missing and they have very little to go on. Aames questions Victor, Emily’s parents’ business associate, but he seems innocent enough. Later, he tags along with Markus, who goes to speak with Aubrey in person. The teen admits that he filmed the sexual encounter with Trini, although he denies knowing Trey or any other criminals for that matter. Markus is rightfully hostile, and Aames struggles to hold him back. This anger causes Markus to order an alcoholic beverage that night, but Shreve talks him out of it, stopping him from going back on the booze.

What is Eva’s secret?

Poppy records another episode of her podcast. Again, she ponders why these girls fall madly in love with such horrible thugs. She says she shouldn’t judge, but still believes they’ve made bad choices in life. Aptly, Eva shows up on Poppy’s doorstep to give her new reasons to sympathize with these girls. Eva confesses to Poppy that she was once a victim of sex trafficking. Just like Drea, she was a teenage prostitute. She tried to get her mother a Green Card, but the pimp just used this as a way of controlling her further. This heart-wrenching confession shows how easily a teen could get caught up in this criminal world. Poppy realizes her naivety and comforts Eva, stating that she is doing good work. Eva yearns to do more though.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Ending Explained

As if gearing up for the subsequent episodes, Eva and Shreve are invited to Finney’s fundraiser. There’s obviously some drama to come from this major event. Eva is invited because she’s sleeping with Finney’s deputy campaign manager, whilst Shreve is metaphorically in bed with Lee Hackman. The tech giant hopes that he can convince Finney to allow the Capstones to continue operating in Oakland. It’s all politics as usual.

In the final moments of the episode, Poppy and Markus investigate Trey’s whereabouts further. They find out that he was a camp counselor and a photograph shows him in close quarters with Aubrey. Looks like the teen lied about knowing Trey after all. Markus marches into Trini’s room to tell her the bad news, but she is nowhere to be seen. The shot then cuts to Trini and Aubrey, who are embracing on the backseat of a car. The driver happens to be Trey, driving them to an unknown destination. This twist ending has plenty of ramifications that will hopefully be explored in future installments.

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