10 Movies like Teen Wolf: The Movie you must watch

By Romey Norton
Published: January 28, 2023 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)

We discuss 10 Movies like Teen Wolf: The Movie that you must watch. Keep this list handy and add these films to your watch list.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is the film all Teen Wolf fans have been dreaming of and waiting for. The film is produced by two of the lead actors, Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin, who will reprise their roles as Scott McCall and Derek Hale. If you’re a geeky, nerdy, true fan of the series, this film is promised to bring back some serious nostalgia as we see our favorite pack fight a terrifying evil. Let the wolves howl once again.

We see some of our favorite cast members returning, such as Lydia (Holland Roden), and even Alison (Crystal Reed) is due to come back. Unfortunately for fans, two of the biggest and most well-loved characters have said to not be returning for this film, Stiles (Dyland O’Brien) and Kira (Arden Cho)

Here this article gives ten more movies like Teen Wolf: The Movie to watch if you’re craving teen romance-action-drama. All the films have similar themes, such as fantasy, supernatural, friendship, and a battle between good and evil.

10 Movies like Teen Wolf: The Movie you must watch

The Mortal Instruments (2013)

Here we are talking about the film, not the Netflix series. This film is based on the book series by Cassandra Claire. Now while there are some seriously famous actors in this film, I do think they missed the mark with the casting.

However, this is a good film to watch for fantasy fans. The story surrounds a New York teenager Clary Fray, who learns a secret about herself, which leads her on an adventurous journey. Clary is one of the Shadowhunters, a secret cadre of half-angel warriors who fight demons. Shadowhunters are a secret organization that protects the world from demons — like our Wolf Pack, their purpose is to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Twilight Saga (2008)

As much as I am not a fan of The Twilight Saga, it deserves a place on this list. Twilight is a series of romance fantasy films based on the book series Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. The series has grossed over $3.4 billion worldwide, so audiences absolutely love this.

With Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson in leading roles, the story sees a Vampire (Pattinson) and a mortal (Stewart) falling in love. The saga is about their dramatic, passionate, and yet tragic love story. It is very cheesy at times, but if you’re a fan of fantasy and romance, these films should be on your list. 

Van Helsing (2004) 

Whilst the Teen Wolf gang are usually the ones being hunted and spend their time fighting that evil, Van Helsing is the opposite. Helsing is a legendary monster hunter, who is sent to Transylvania in order to prevent Count Dracula, a terrorizing being, from realizing his evil motives. So both really are fighting for the greater good.

This film has the fantasy, the fighting, and the drama to keep you entertained. Starring the handsome Hugh Jackman, this action-gothic horror is one to add to your list. 

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) 

In Teen Wolf (the series and the film) the characters all form a special family-type bond which makes the storylines more emotive. In the Teen Wolf film, we see Scott acting as a brother/fatherly figure as leader of the pack, constantly helping and nurturing his team. Similarly, In Hansel and Gretel, we have a brother-sister duo who are professional witch hunters whose aim in life is to help innocent villagers.

Whilst on a job, they stumble upon a case that holds keys to their past. This film is full of action and some seriously scary witches. What I appreciate about a lot of these horror-action dramas is the costumes, makeup, and lack of CGI. 

The Witch Files (2018)

This is for those who want to see some more strong females, kicking ass. Here a group of mistreated young women comes together to form a powerful coven. In doing so they discover they have the ability to grant their every wish, (something we’d all love) however, these newfound powers put them in serious danger as they channel forces beyond their control.

This series might feel overdone, but it is an engrossing fantasy drama with quirky characters, so similar to Teen Wolf, you’ll enjoy falling in love with them all and their cheesy quirks. 

Beautiful Creatures (2013)

This story surrounds Ethan, who is awaiting the day he can leave his small town and go to college. When he falls in love with Lena, a girl shunned by everyone, he learns a dark secret about her but wants to protect their love.

This is the typical teen love fantasy film filled with dark gothic, very muted tones, dark pastels, similar to Teen Wolf, so the aesthetics are great. If you’re wanting the love-story side of fantasy, this is the film for you. 

The School for Good and Evil (2022)

Ultimately what Teen Wolf has always been about is the bond of friendship and how that can overcome any evil, any problems, whether they be supernatural or not. That is what The School for Good and Evil has in common. This film sees two best friends Sophie and Agatha on opposite sides in an enchanted school that trains aspiring heroes and villains. This then causes an epic battle, where their friendship has to overcome both good and evil and restore balance. 

Divergent (2014)

Another film series to watch If you’re looking for more strong female leads. In a futuristic world, people are divided into factions. When Beatrice Prior realizes that she does not fit into any of the factions, she must hide her identity to escape the wrath of powerful forces.

This is a little different as it’s a dystopian sci-fi action film, however, the target audience is the same. The film is filled with action, romance, and self-discovery, and the chemistry between the actors is of a very high standard. 

The Maze Runner (2014)

Now if you watched the movie and missed seeing Dylan O’Brien’s beautiful face then I highly recommend you watch The Maze Runner. Here Thomas (O’Brien) loses his memory and finds himself trapped in a massive maze called the Glade. He and his new friends try to escape from the maze and eventually learn that they are subjects of an experiment. Leading the group this time, Thomas braves the dark dangers in the Glade to help save himself and his friends.

This film is based on the books of the same name and is full of drama and intrigue. There are similar themes of friendship, self-discovery and fantasy in this film series and might fill the teen fighting acting you’ll be missing. 

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2010) 

I can’t believe how old these films are. Percy Jackson & the Olympians is a two-film series based on the novel series of the same name by the author Rick Riordan and surrounds a boy discovering he’s part God and battling evil.

Like Scott Mcall, Percy is on a journey of self-discovery, learning how to use his new powers, and navigating new friendships and romances. Oh, then they have to fight evil to help save the world. Classic, but brilliant. 

Do you have any other recommendations for movies like Teen Wolf: The Movie? Let us know!

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