Gunther’s Millions Review – a loving story that descends into madness because of greed

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: February 2, 2023 (Last updated: February 24, 2023)
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This docuseries shows how something pure and loving can turn into greed and madness.

We review the Netflix documentary series Gunther’s Millions, which was released on February 1st, 2023. 

It starts out as a harmless inheritance for Gunther, a dog who was given a fortune. Karlotta Liebenstein was a German Countess who resided in Munich, and her husband was a university professor. They got their wealth from his pharmaceutical company.

In the early 90s, Karlotta passed away and had no relatives to really leave anything to, so she left everything to Gunther. This dog was loved so dearly that Karlotta trusted him more than others to get her fortune.

He was her best friend and probably spent the most time with her. Sometimes money isn’t everything when you have a vast amount of it. Karlotta shows that by giving her dog everything imaginable and giving him access to servants on top of everything else.

Gunther’s Millions Review

In this four-part series, director Lee Dahlberg explores what actually went on in that estate with Gunther roaming about. Dahlberg is the spokesperson for Gunther and he was entrusted with it. He used to be a struggling model and Gunther’s PR representative picked him up.

The story did go viral because of how obscure it was. It all seems perfectly calculated as one man who orchestrated all of the excesses, Maurizio Mian made the Gunther name bigger than it was. Everyone in Italy knew who he was and it was a front for something.

Sure, they looked after this dog, but there was so much richness that was going to waste. Mian did take care of him but there was something bigger going on. The big thing that Mian was part of was Carlotta’s family. He was close friends with her son Gunther, who took his own life at the age of 26.

It was heartbreaking for her and it was never the same. Luckily, Carlotta had people around her to help her like Mian’s mother who was the first person entrusted with the dog. Eventually, it passed down to Mian and he changed some things in regard to the marketing strategies for this dog.

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They created their own corporation under the Gunther Trust to boost their own lifestyle which is the main topic of all four episodes. It’s manipulative to use the dog in this way and since he can’t speak and his owner is no longer with him, other people take advantage.

Is Gunther’s Millions good?

The series is pretty interesting to see the difference in perspective towards living. What stemmed as a loving gesture in memory of her son, turns into a greedy corporation that was created from the inheritance. The lesson here is that the rich keep getting richer and they see things in a different light.

They can manipulate and take advantage of the people around them including the media. The more people that are in on the actual plan with the rest of the corporation are sailing through life. Sure, it created opportunities, but the people within this group only had money on their minds.

The style of the docuseries works well because it feels like such a lavish lifestyle on the outside and it’s flashy. But then the interviews are more intimate and darker because of the logistics of the corporation.

What did you think of the Netflix documentary series Gunther’s Millions? Comment below.

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