Where was Viking Wolf filmed?

By Louie Fecou
Published: February 4, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)

Where was Viking Wolf filmed? We discuss the popular Netflix film and the potential filming locations and settings.

I could be wrong, but as far as I can tell, Viking Wolf is the first Norwegian werewolf film ever. There have been other horror movies from Norway, namely Arctic Void, Rovdyr, Lake of the Dead, and Dead Snow, but it still looks like this is the first werewolf-based horror.

Directed by Stig Svendsen, the story follows young Thale and her police officer mother, that move to a small town. While there, Thale sees a horrific attack on another young girl by a monstrous force, and as a witness, she is key to solving the mystery.

While watching, be aware of the beautiful location work that leads us to ask the question, where was Viking Wolf filmed?

Where was Viking Wolf filmed?

Location 1. Norway

The movie was filmed in Norway, and let’s face it, as far as beautiful landscapes go, you will find it hard to beat this location for atmosphere. Norway has a lot to offer filmmakers, including modern city settings and amazing historical locations. Complete with Viking trails and pristine fjords, there are a lot of fantastic vistas ideal for all manner of movies.

Location 2. Notodden

In the Eastern part of Norway, found in Telemark County, is the home of one of the world’s most famous blues festivals. The city of Notodden features heavily in the filming locations of Viking Wolf and is a wonderful setting for scenes in the film.

The location of Notodden means that the Summers are warm, but the Winter is very cold, so it’s a good location for filming if you have a particular season in mind. The Heddal Stave Church is notable in the film, and its eloquent thirteenth-century design, adds gravitas to the scenes. Also prominent is the Telerock AS bar, and eagle eye viewers might remember seeing the same location in the troubled crime thriller The Snowman.

Location 3. Oslo

Oslo is the capital city of Norway and is full of cultural masterpieces, such as the Royal Palace and the Akershus Fortress. Built on the southern coast of Norway, location vultures will recognize some locales here also being used in the reversible brain-numbing Christopher Nolan film Tenet.

If you head to the official Instagram page for the movie, you can see some pictures of the impressive set construction used while filming in the middle of Oslo.

Location 4. Hauketo

The residential area known as Hauketo was also utilized for just a couple of scenes, as was Lørenskog, another suburb in Oslo.

Location 5. The Margaret Church Ruins

This medieval site is home to the Margaret Church Ruins or Margaretakirkeruinen, which can be found on the outskirts of Oslo and is gothic and atmospheric, making this a perfect location for the werewolf movie.

Location 6. Viken Norway

Home to showpieces such as the Ytre Hvaler National Park and the Borgarsyssel Museum, the Norwegian county of Viken was used for a few scenes. Viken was formed in 2020 by merging the counties of Akershus, Ostfold, and Buskerud. You should be able to spot Sylling Village for some of the rural scenes.

The sci-fi drama Ex Machina was also filmed in Viken.

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