Sorry About the Demon Ending Explained (in detail)

By Lori Meek
Published: February 9, 2023 (Last updated: March 9, 2023)

We discuss the ending of the Shudder horror comedy film Sorry About the Demon (2023), which will contain spoilers.

Sorry About the Demon is a Shudder original horror comedy written and directed by Emily Hagins. The story centers on Will (Jon Michael Simpson), a 27-year-old underachiever who works a minimum-wage customer service job for a toothpaste company, has way too many pointless hobbies and has recently been dumped by his girlfriend, Amy (Paige Evans). When he gets the opportunity to rent a stunning house for cheap, Will can’t believe his luck. But he doesn’t know that the home’s owners, Ken and Tammy Sellers (Dave Peniuk and Sarah Cleveland) have made a deal to sacrifice Will to the house’s resident demon, Deomonous (voiced by Tony Vespe), to save their house and maybe the soul of their young daughter, Grace (Presley Allard). 

A brokenhearted Will starts experiencing spooky hauntings as soon as he moves in. If his self-confidence wasn’t already in the gutter, the demon decides it doesn’t even want Will’s soul and tries scaring him away. But our protagonist has nowhere else to go, so he tries to cohabitate with his supernatural roommates, despite their best efforts to make his life as miserable as possible. 

On a night out with his best (and probably only) friend, Patrick (Jeff McQuitty) and his workmate Aimee (Olivia Ducayen), Will bares his soul about the spirits haunting his home. Luckily for him, Aimee used to be a professional home cleanser, so she offers to go back to the house to banish the ghosts. 

Sorry About the Demon Ending Explained

Will’s first real confrontation with Deomonous left him with a broken arm and a sense of purpose. After Aimee told him the entity is likely to return despite her banishing it, Will makes the selfless decision to continue living in the house alone while protecting the rest of the world from the demon. 

Upon learning about Will’s injury, Amy decides to check up on him after he’s released from the hospital. While hesitant at first, Will still decides to invite his ex in. One thing leads to another and Amy ends up spending the night. 

Deomonous takes over Amy

After waking up with Amy next to him, Will gives a rambling speech about the ghosts and demons and how he wants to get back together with her. Unfortunately, she’s not listening as the demon managed to take over Amy’s body at some point during the night. Frightened but determined to save his ex-girlfriend from the evil creature, Will ties demon-Amy to a chair and prints out Google results on exorcism. Just when you think things can’t get any worse for poor Will, he loses his beloved toothpaste customer service job for having missed too many shifts.

Patrick and Aimee appear at Will’s door, somehow knowing he’s in trouble. At first, our hero refuses to let his friends help with the demon-Amy situation, but soon relents. Before the group can decide on their next steps, the Sellers’ family walk in ready to move back into their home. Will isn’t impressed with the family’s plan to sacrifice him to the demon but soon focuses his efforts back on saving his ex-girlfriend. 

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The ghosts lock Will in the basement with demon-Amy who seems to be digging a hole that’s supposed to go to hell. Meanwhile, Aimee, Patric, and the Sellers hold a seance that ends when Grace is revealed to still be under the demon’s possession. Luckily, the other ghosts in the house have had enough of Deomonous using them and leave a recorded message on Will’s walkman revealing how to stop the demon – They need to destroy something it made. 

How does Will banish the demon?

As he believes he’s about to lose her forever, Will finally admits the real reason he didn’t join Amy at the dinner party to celebrate her promotion – his insecurity. The truth somehow sets Amy free, but a part of the demon is still inside Grace, who started digging her own hole into hell. The group manages to cover the hellhole with Will’s awful toothpaste. While Aimee and Patrick find the black cake Deomonous made for Will and stab it, thus banishing the evil from Grace. With Deomonous gone, the other two ghosts in the house are free to do as they please. To Ken and Tammy’s despair, the ghosts decide to stay in the house instead of moving on to the afterlife. 

Does The demon possess grace again?

The movie then cuts to one year after the demon encounter. It turns out that Will and Amy are back together and happily co-living with their ghost roommates, while Patrick and Aimee are now dating. Will and Patrick started their own thriving toothpaste business. Business is going so well that Will is in a position to buy the house from Ken, who’s less than happy with the sale.

As the Sellers family gets ready to leave the house for good, Grace asks Will for his old walkman. As the family gets ready to drive off, Will notices Grace getting possessed by Deomonous as soon as she puts on the headphones, meaning the dangerous entity has now been freed from the house. 

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