Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – who is the mystery person on the phone?

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 9, 2023 (Last updated: February 14, 2024)
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Wolf Pack picks up the pace as we start to answer some questions while leaving some open, keeping us intrigued for what’s ahead.

We recap the Paramount+ series Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3, which contains spoilers.

In Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 2, we realized that Blake (Bella Shepard) and Everett (Armani Jackson) weren’t the only two to be bitten during the fire. The paramedics and firefighters were able to find Garrett and rescue him. And as the episode ended, the cops brought the four kids in for questioning. What happens now? Does anyone break down to the cops?

Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

The episode begins with a bunch of kids swarming through an unrestricted area, but as they get to the highest part of the building, we see them overlooking the forest lit up by the fire. As the kids run through theories, one of them suggests Blake started it. While this conversation is happening, we see a massive wolf crawling up the side of the building. Phoebe swears she hears something underneath them and begins investigating, but before the wolf appears, the cops arrive and bust the kids.

Now, we are with Blake, Everett, Luna, and Harlan, who are in the cop car heading into the station. At the station, the group runs into Phoebe, who looks at Blake and says she told the cops that she had started the fire. Then, one by one, the cops bring each of them in for questioning. They all agree that they were smoking weed, but Everett blows the entire thing up because of his anxiety. Moments later, a cop begins to rough up Harlan, claiming to arrest him for hitting an officer, but his dad storms into the room and says he saw otherwise. Wait a minute, this dude is already out of the hospital? How?

Outside, Phoebe is walking to her car, talking to her dad about what happened. When she gets in the car, she realizes her tire light is on and that someone slashed her tire. One after another after another gets slashed while she is in the car. Finally, her dad tells her that he is on his way to get her. I don’t mind bad acting, but if I was sitting in a car with tires getting slashed and my dad was on the phone, I would want him to act more urgently.

At the station, Garrett is rounding up Harlan and Luna, and Kristen stops to mention that they were just asking them some questions. Kristen says they volunteered to answer the questions, and Blake says they never did. As this is happening, Luna mentions to her dad they need to go with them because they are “like them” (wolves). Garrett reveals to the kids something attacked him in the forest, and Harlan wants to know if it is their real father. When they get home, Garrett finds out about Phoebe’s tires and heads to do recon. When he leaves, we see the cop that gave Harlan a hard time sitting outside their house. The officer knocks on the door and wants to ask questions.

Harlan goes outside, which leads to the officer pushing him against the house, trying to get him to snap, but we see out of nowhere, the wolf from earlier jump on top of the cop. Harlan goes back inside, where Luna is on the phone with Garrett, who tells Harlan to go to the stable to grab the gun. As they try to get the weapon, the strange voice calls Everett to tell him not to leave the house. I do think we are inching closer to figuring out who the person on the phone might be.

Who is the mystery person on the phone?

Throughout these episodes, this mystery voice on the phone only seems to call when the wolf is nearby or ready to attack. Because of this, the person on the phone has to be Harlan and Luna’s real father, right? Now, we don’t know the motives quite yet, but in this episode, the wolf was face to face with Everett and could’ve killed him. Moments later, Harlan shot the gun towards him, making the wolf run off, but I still think he could’ve murdered Everett easily here. So we don’t have the answer yet, but it’s got to be coming soon.

Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

As the wolf is face to face with Everett, we see Harlan shoot at it and scare it away. The million-dollar question of why didn’t it kill Everett is asked, but Luna suggests they are connected, and Harlan says, “we are part of its pact.”

Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 3 ends with Harlan questioning Garrett about the bullets and if he made them to kill werewolves, and he says yes to both. Oh, snap! Finally, we picked up the pace in this episode, getting us down to some storylines that will hopefully keep the pieces moving faster. Is the mystery voice Harlan/Luna’s father? How does Garrett answer the questions about the bullets? Are Blake and Everett safe? We got a lot to answer now.

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