Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – does Connor die?

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 2, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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While Wolf Pack has a bit of a slow build, episode two ups the ante, causing you to want to explore the series more.

We recap the Paramount+ series Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 2, which contains spoilers.

The premiere episode of Wolf Pack set the tone for the basis of each character. They introduced us to the vital characters, pushed the envelope of who was shifting into the wolves and dug deep into what that is happening in the town. Let’s dive into episode two.

Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Can I talk about how I love shows that do a “previously on”? Like I know we might be watching weekly, but with the number of shows on TV, you sometimes have a long time between watching the first and the second episodes.

The episode picks up where we left off with Blake, Everett, Luna, and Harlan in the woods. While they are all standing there, Blake has a vision that leads to her taking off and everyone chasing her. After chasing them down, they run into the firefighters, who yell at them for being in the woods. Shortly after, they follow the kids to their being dropped off at their houses.

Both Blake and Everett are back with their families. Everett deals with an upset set of parents, while Blake starts to see how things are changing with her body. In the hotel room, Blake realizes the hotel phone has a voicemail. So she picked up the phone, and the person said, “you’re not safe.” The firefighter explains that they are trying to find Luna/Harlan’s father. Now, while discussing Blake and Everett, Luna explains they need to help them, but Harlan isn’t so sure they should trust them.

We get a montage of Blake and Everett being unable to sleep through the night. Now, Blake is putting something in front of the door, causing her little brother to wake up, who she tries to calm down to say that nothing is to be afraid of. Back to Garrett (Luna/Harlan’s dad), who is still fighting through the fiery woods to make it somewhere safe. The following morning, the police are at Everett’s house, and his mother says he will answer every question they have.

At the hotel, Blake overhears her dad talking about missed payments to the insurance company. She confronts him on it; basically, they didn’t have any insurance on the house. Now, Everett meets with Kristen to talk about what unfolded at the hospital. Next, one of Everett’s friends is over to do homework when he reveals he was bit during the fire. He shows him the bite, but Everett was hoping to see something similar to his. After that, he confronts him to see if some of the stuff has happened to him and asks him to call him after he goes to the doctor.

Is Garrett rescued from the fire?

Yes. Finally, after battling through the woods for days in the fire, Garrett is rescued by a team. They are able to transport him to the hospital to try to save his life.

At the hotel, Blake tries to test her powers, but as she runs around the hotel, she moves at an average pace. While confused, Kristen arrives to introduce herself to Blake. Harlan’s hearing has been heightened as he tries to blow off steam at the gym, causing him to struggle with everything around him.

Is Connor a wolf-like Everett and Blake?

Yes. When Connor is at the hospital getting his leg looked at, the doctor gives him a tetanus shot for his bite, but it burns, and he freaks out. The doctors inform Connor’s mom that they gave him enough medicine that should’ve knocked him out, but he is still awake. Then, Connor gets the call that Everett got from this mysterious voice and tells him that he must get out of the hospital now, or he will die.

As the full moon comes in, our wolves are starting to struggle. Luna is home alone and starts to feel and see something outside. We see it storm through the door, and it is a big horse that startled her, but it looks as if she is seeing things. Moments later, she gets a text from Harlan that they found Garrett. Finally, a rescue team heads to the woods and finds him lying down with quite a few injuries.

Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

While Blake’s brother has grown keen on Everett, she asks him to leave because her dad will be home soon. Before he leaves the hotel, Everett tells Blake how he feels, and as they are about to kiss, Connor calls him to let him know about the call he received. Both he and Blake head to try to find him. Next, we see the creature trying to attack Connor while Luna and Harlan arrive to see if their dad is at the hospital. As Connor continues to run, we see the giant monster of a wolf attack him.

The episode ends with Garrett being brought in by the paramedics. Then, the cops come in and tell Harlan and Luna that they must bring them in for questions. Followed by Everett being caught by Kristen with Connor’s brace in his hand, saying she has some questions they need him to answer.

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