Shrinking Season 1 Episode 4 recap – who is Alice in love with?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 10, 2023 (Last updated: February 14, 2024)
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A life-affirming joy, this episode is hilarious and heart-warming in equal measures. The cast are really killing it in Shrinking. Each character is relatable and likable, with their own unique quirks and foibles. This is a cast you are really rooting for!

We recap the Apple TV+ series Shrinking Season 1 Episode 4, “Potatoes,” which contains spoilers.

Jimmy’s (Jason Segel) controversial therapy techniques are starting to backfire in a monumental fashion. His first test subject, Grace (Heidi Gardner), has gone back to her emotionally abusive husband, and now soldier Sean (Luke Tennie) is living in Jimmy’s pool house, blurring the lines between his personal and professional life even further. This doesn’t stop Jimmy from continuing his new rebellious therapy style, although everything is about to fall apart even more for the grieving therapist in episode four, “Potatoes.”

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

It would seem that not only is Paul ignoring Jimmy’s phone calls, but some of his patients are too, specifically Grace, who he caught conversing with her ex-husband in the last installment. Jimmy’s professional life and personal life are falling apart, and he believes that all these issues seem to be stemming from his nosy neighbor Liz. She was the one who told Paul about Sean’s living arrangements and the interfering neighbor comes around to apologize. Jimmy admits that she’s ruined his life, but he accepts her apology anyway.

A new day means a fresh start, and our cast of lovable characters seems upbeat on a particularly sunny morning. Paul and Gaby are now driving buddies, joyously singing together in a beautiful, life-affirming scene. Whilst Jimmy and Sean are just as happy on their way to work too. It seems like a needless exercise, driving to another building to chat, but Jimmy prefers to keep their sessions as professional as possible. Well, that is a lie, but his notebook is in the office. Jimmy tries to address Sean’s time overseas, but the veteran is unwilling to share. He admits that he is a lot happier, yet refuses to talk about his dark past.

Why won’t Sean talk to Jimmy?

Annoyed by Sean’s reluctance to open up, Jimmy talks with his fellow therapists about the issue. Paul chimes in, angered by Jimmy’s stupidity. The therapist allowed a patient to become his friend and roommate, destroying all professional boundaries. Sean won’t talk about his PTSD with his new friend and Paul refuses to help his co-worker solve this current dilemma. Things go from bad to worse, Jimmy tries to apply the same personal touch with his OCD patient and she misjudges the situation, going in for the kiss on two separate occasions.

Next, Brian shows up to meet with Paul. The therapist has ignored his lawyer for three years now and Brian wants to make some amendments to Paul’s will. They discuss his medical power of attorney and the fact that Paul’s daughter Meg doesn’t even know her father has Parkinson’s disease. Brian urges Paul to broach the subject with his daughter and sign the paperwork. Paul admits that when he split up with Meg’s mother, he distanced himself from his daughter too. They aren’t on the best of terms, but he is hoping to change all that soon.

Why does Jimmy argue with Liz?

Gaby decides to take over from Liz with regard to mothering duties and hangs out with grieving teenager Alice. There’s still tension between Liz and Gaby, but the therapist holds firm. Alice and Gaby talk about Tia and then the subject of sex, of course. Alice confesses to sleeping with the neighbor, Liz’s son Conner. Jimmy returns home after a bad day at work and Gaby forces Alice into telling her father how she lost her virginity. Jimmy pretends to be cool with this news but then goes out onto the veranda to freak out in private. This merges into an argument with Liz, who is also outside, and for now, seems like an easy target. He blames her for all his current woes and bans her from entering his home ever again.

Will Paul tell his daughter about his Parkinson’s disease?

Paul meets with Meg, who is in the local area on a rare occasion. He realizes that he’s been too distant with her and pledges to spend more time with the family. This regret is plastered all over Paul’s face, yet he chooses not to divulge his secret about his Parkinson’s disease. Paul signs all the documents, except the power of attorney forms. Brian tries to help Paul discuss this issue out loud, but Paul refuses Brian’s support.

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Having overheard Liz and Jimmy’s argument, Gaby tries to make amends with Liz. They make small talk, discussing Liz’s rock tumbling hobby and then Gaby brings up the argument. Liz is adamant that she isn’t just a mother, she has other attributes too. She may have gotten too invested in Alice’s life, but that shouldn’t make her the bad guy. Gaby apologizes for lying and Liz does likewise. The two decide to get drunk together. I hope this is the start of a new and wonderful friendship.

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Who is Alice in love with?

Angered by the day’s events, Jimmy silently seethes whilst bouncing on his trampoline, which is both hilarious and creepy. He asks Sean to open up to him again and the vet refuses once more. Then Jimmy evil eyes Conner from over the fence and tells the boy that he knows what he’s done. Eventually, Jimmy calms down and has a heart-to-heart with Conner. Then, while the ladies get drunk, Jimmy apologizes to Liz from one side of the fence to the other. He also thanks Liz for her continuous support with Alice. Gaby invites Jimmy over and the trio gets drunk together. The topic of conversation turns to sex again and Jimmy is horrified to hear that Alice likes Sean.

Jimmy meets with Sean at the pool house and the two become friends again. Jimmy apologizes for pressuring Sean into talking and the veteran gets candid, stating that he felt guilty for not getting better while he lived with his parents. He didn’t feel that way at Jimmy’s until today. The friends fall asleep in the pool house. Later, Alice pops by and stares at Sean while he sleeps, saying how beautiful he is. She’s clearly enamored by the man. Jimmy overhears her and is petrified by this revelation. The girls were right. Alice is falling in love with Sean.

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