Somebody I Used to Know Ending Explained – do Ally and Sean end up together?

By Marc Miller
Published: February 10, 2023 (Last updated: August 17, 2023)

We discuss the ending of the Prime Video film Somebody I Used to Know (2023), which will contain spoilers.

Somebody I Used to Know follows Ally (Alison Brie), a once ambitious documentary filmmaker who now produces reality television series, the kind that manipulates contestants or subjects into blubbering revelations even though she is the showrunner of a cooking show called Dessert Island. Ally is the master of the “pregnancy pause,” where she asks questions and doesn’t follow up, allowing the interviewee to fill the silence with emotional revelations. Basically, Ally is the Barbara Walters for a Fox reality competition series.

Unfortunately, Ally gets the bad news her show has been canceled after three seasons. To try and comfort herself, she hits on her cameraman, who dismisses her for a night of heavy drinking with friends instead of a one-night stand. So, where does a girl go with a buried professional and personal ego? Home to Leavenworth, Washington, to see her mom, Libby (Julia Hagerty). Besides walking into a house where her mother has had the most active sex life in the state. (There are at least three times Ally walks into her childhood home and her mother is having sex with her lover, Sheldon).

Somebody I Used to Know Ending Explained

Who is the person Ally used to know?

Ally runs into her ex-fiance, Sean. They spend a wonderful day together, reliving old times. The spark is there, and Ally kisses Sean. However, he rebuffs her advances because he is engaged to be married to Cassidy, a young woman who is estranged from her parents because of her sexuality and is hyper-aware of the odd timing of Ally’s re-entry into Sean’s life. Just when Ally is about to leave and say goodbye to Sean forever, Sean’s mother, Jojo, invites Ally to stay for all the wedding festivities to be the videographer.

Ally begins to perform one-on-one interviews with family and friends the night before the wedding. There are laughs, tears, and general happiness among them all. That’s when Sean comes over and confesses his feelings for Ally, on tape, mind you, while using his thoughts for Cassidy as a beard. Right before they kiss, a hotel employee says someone has arrived for Cassidy — her parents!

How does Ally plan on breaking up Sean and Cassidy?

We now know why she never wanted them there. They are religious and do not approve of Cassidy’s lifestyle of dating women before Sean. The father is rude, commenting that at least Sean is a guy, and the mother confesses they were worried his name could have been “butch” for a lesbian (yikes). Cassidy tells them off, and her parents leave. She yells at Sean for calling her parents, and he chases after her. Ally feels awful, telling Benny she will no longer pursue Sean. Later, Sean knocks on her door because his fiance won’t let him in the room.

They talk, and it seems inevitable they are about to kiss when they argue. Ally tells Sean he is treating Cassidy like he treated her — expecting his fiance to put her life on hold or give up things important to her for him. Sean leaves angry, and Ally heads over to see Cassidy. While Sean’s fiance is mad at her, Ally confesses she doesn’t want Cassidy to settle as Sean wanted her. Why? Because of how talented a musician she is. Cassidy then kisses Ally, hugs them, and falls asleep on the bed. The following day, Sean shows up, Ally hides, and Sean apologizes. Ally is forced to admit she contacted Cassidy’s parents, and it wasn’t Sean.

Do Ally and Sean end up together?

No, in fact, Ally leaves before the wedding and sees her mother. She heads back home and hands off showrunner responsibilities to her assistant, signaling she is growing as a person. Ally creates the wedding video for Sean and Cassidy. Ally then begins her documentary on nudists (it was mentioned in high school she was one at one point), getting back to her roots.

In the last scenes, we see Ally, naked as the day she was born, interviewing nudists for her documentary. After it’s finished, the same cameraman (Kevin Yu) she hit on before at the beginning of the film asks her out for a drink. Ally says she cannot because she is visiting her mother but offers to do it the following week. Ally leaves, seeming to be content with life, even cracking an inside joke as she goes.

Somebody I Used to Know Mid-Credits Scene

A promotional trailer plays of Dessert Island Season 4, titled “The Dess-hurt Locker,” including a scene of someone dressed in bomb squad gear trying to defuse one of three possible cupcakes that may blow up at any moment.

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