Who is the Killer in You Season 4 Part 1?

By Lori Meek
Published: February 12, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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Who is the Killer in You Season 4 Part 1? Surprisingly, it’s not our anti-hero, so let’s dive into Season 4’s biggest mystery.

In You Season 4, the serial killer with a heart of gold, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), becomes an inadvertent investigator into the murders of the rich and spoiled members of his new social circle.

At first, the killer tried framing Joe for murder but soon took a special interest in him. For the first time, Joe is the target of a deranged stalker who wants to learn everything about him, won’t stop texting him, and keeps threatening to put him in jail if he refuses to play his sick games.

Suddenly, Joe finds himself in the middle of a whodunnit and is desperate to figure out who the real killer is before he becomes a victim. Which one of Joe’s new elitist friends is behind the texts and the murders? 

Who is the Eat the Rich Killer in You Season 4?

After four episodes of watching Joe trying to find out who’s been murdering his friends and tormenting him with texts, the Eat the Rich Killer is revealed as none other than Rhys Montrose. 

Who is Rhys Montrose in You Season 4?

Rhys Montrose is a very popular public figure in You’s version of London. He went to university with Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) and the other members of her elitist group of friends, and many expect him to run for Mayor.

Unlike the other Sundry House regulars, Rhys was raised in poverty by a single mother (just like our Joe) but, as an adult, learned his father was a member of the aristocracy. Joe’s student, Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman), gives him Rhys’s autobiography within the first few minutes of the season 4 premiere.

Later in the episode, the protagonist gets to meet Rhys at Sundry House, and the two men begin to forge a bond based on their similar upbringings and their internalized distaste for the lavish lifestyle Malcolm (Stephen Hagan), Adam (Lukas Gage), Lady Pheobe (Tilly Keeper), and the rest lead. 

According to Joe, Rhys’s memoir is among the best he’d ever read. During the first three episodes, the two share several deep and meaningful conversations, and Joe is hesitant to cast too much suspicion in Rhys’s way. After all, Rhys is about to run for Mayor – not exactly a job a serial killer would typically go for. This is why Joe’s as shocked as the audience to learn that his only friend in the group is, in fact, the Eat the Rich Killer. 

Who dies in You Season 4?

Four characters meet a tragic demise in the first half of You season 4 and die – Malcolm, Simon (Aidan Cheng), Vic (Sean Pertwee), and Gemma (Eve Austin). Surprisingly, Joe’s only responsible for one of the murders, while the rest are the work of the Eat the Rich Killer.

Malcolm was a literature professor at the same university as Joe and also the one to introduce our lead into his aristocratic social circle. Sadly, Malcolm found himself at the wrong end of a knife after a drunken night out with Joe at the Sundry House. The killer even took one of his fingers as a trophy. Joe found Malcolm’s body on his kitchen table and, unsure if he’d been the one to murder him while black-out drunk, disposed of him. 

The Eat the Rich Killer’s second victim was Simon, a fraudulent artist who stole his assistant’s work and exhibited it as his own. Malcolm knew Simon’s secret and was blackmailing him for it, which led Joe to suspect the fake artist of murder. The real killer got to Simon before Joe could, he stabbed him and removed his ear as a trophy. 

Joe’s only kill this season so far was Vic, Lady Pheobe’s driver. Vic was never a fan of Joe or his introduction to Pheobe’s social circle, so he began to follow him around. When Vic found out Joe was stalking Kate (for her protection, of course), he confronted our hero and found Malcolm’s ring in his pocket. Clearly, the real killer was trying to frame Joe, but Vic refused to listen to reason, forcing our antihero to strangle him to death, before placing his body next to Simon’s in a solid gold coffin. 

It’s at Hampsie, Lady Pheobe’s country house where the killer claims his last victim – Gemma. She was a hateful socialite who treated anyone without her financial status horribly. During a night of partying at the manor, Gemma walks into Kate’s room and meets her demise at the hands of the Eat the Rich Killer. Kate finds her body, and Joe reluctantly helps her hide it. 

Who plays Rhys Montrose?

Rhys Montrose is played by Ed Speleers, mostly known for portraying a villain in Outlander and for his role in the popular British TV show Downton Abbey.

The actor’s also set to appear in the upcoming CBS show Star Trek: Picard

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