Perfect Match Season 1 Review – a backstabbing dating reality show

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 14, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Perfect Match blends together all of our favorite reality shows into one. It’s a backstabbing affair that will have your jaw on the floor.

We review the 2023 Netflix reality dating series Perfect Match Season 1 — this article does not reveal eliminations or the winning couple. 

Hardcore reality dating junkies reunite as we have Perfect Match from Netflix. The series brings together some of our favorite reality stars of the past to find love. Does the series feed our trash reality series heart? Or does it fail to hit the mark?

Perfect Match Season 1 Review

Perfect Match brings together single stars from past reality shows like Love Is Blind, The Mole, Too Hot to Handle, and many more to an island where they hope to find love. However, as they compete for the attention of others, games are played and filled with twists and turns, with only one couple being crowned the Perfect Match.

I wasn’t sure what to expect heading into watching Perfect Match, but I walked away impressed with Netflix’s creativity here to drive up the drama like never before. I was a little worried because there were several reality shows I hadn’t seen, so I wasn’t familiar with some of the people and their past relationships. Once they arrive, they do an excellent job of giving you the cliff notes version that makes you understand.

After the first episode, when the men and women find their first set of matches, they go head to head with the other couples in a competition. In this competition, the couple that wins heads out on a date, but more importantly, they go to the board room. In the board room, they get to decide about matching single people not in the game yet with someone they don’t think is compatible with their current match, or in some cases, play a fun game of chess with a couple they might not like.

The competition gets fierce, and we see the games played on a very insane, cutthroat level. Because of that, it leads to us either loving specific people or hating them, leading to me sharing my favorite and least favorite people on the show.

A look at some of the Perfect Match Season 1 reality stars

Nobody on this planet loves Shayne Jansen more than I do. So when I saw he was involved with the series, I was super happy because after getting brutalized by that rude and mean-spirited Natalie on Love is Blind, he deserved better. His personality is very high-level and can be overbearing to some, and you see that within the show, but nobody has a bigger heart than Shayne. I don’t love specific things that went down with my guy in the show, but I’ll let you find all that out on your own.

For my favorite female on the show, Ines Camilia Tazi had to be the person that stood out the most. I believe what makes her so lovable is her wanting to wear her heart on her sleeve. Throughout the show, you see her try so hard with a plethora of men because she wants to find love. I will say this, I am not sure this would be the type of show for her, but maybe the men in France aren’t wooing her.

Francesca Farago will be the number one public enemy of anyone who watches this show. Of course, I will not reveal why, as I want you to experience this journey. However, how she plays some of these men on this show is wrong. I didn’t like her when she walked in the door, and my opinion never wavered throughout the series.

I will do a combo here of two other people I didn’t like. First, Damian Powers, I didn’t want him on Love is Blind, and I didn’t like him on this. Something about him is so off-putting that it makes him so unlikeable. Second, Chloe Veitch — she knows what she did.

Is the Netflix dating show Perfect Match any good?

Yes. Perfect Match is the perfect match (pun intended) for all reality show junkies that can’t get enough of these types of shows. That said, it might be one of the best Netflix creations to date in the reality dating space.

Get ready to engulf yourself in the world of these outlandish personalities that will have you laughing, mad, and freaking out over the twists and turns. I loved this, and I hope they bring it back for another season.

What did you think of the Netflix dating reality series Perfect Match Season 1? Comment below.

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