Who is Dom Gabriel from Perfect Match? Explained

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 17, 2023 (Last updated: March 13, 2024)
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Who is Dom Gabriel from Perfect Match? With the Dating Show Universe expanding on Netflix, we discuss another popular contestant. 

Perfect Match is a reality dating series that brought together stars from Netflix’s reality shows like Too Hot To Handle, Love is Blind, and more. The reality series follows ten singles looking for their “Perfect Match.”

Each participant has the chance to match with someone each night. Still, the series does have its curveballs as they compete in compatibility challenges where the winner gets to go to the board room to bring in new singles and throw a wrench in current relationships. One of the shining stars of the reality series is Dom Gabriel. Below we share all the information about Dom, including where you can find him on social media.

Who is Dom Gabriel from Perfect Match on Netflix?

Dom Gabriel is from Toronto, Canada. On The Mole, he was said to have worked as a heavy machine operator. But now, it looks like the reality show fame has jumpstarted his musical career.

He formed the band DØNTCALL with his producer Keegan Grebanier. The band has released quite a few songs, including “Truth or Dare,” “Glossier Lips,” and his most recent single, released on February 15, 2023, “Xoxo.”

Is Dom Gabriel from The Mole?

Yes, the reboot of the original series that found a new home on Netflix is where the world first saw Dom Gabriel. Everyone came to love Dom because of his honesty and because he wanted to win the game to share some of the prize money with his mother.

That said, his stay on the show didn’t last very long, as he was eliminated in episode 4.

What are Dom Gabriel’s age and birthday?

Oddly enough, the only thing we could find about Dom’s age was 29 on The Mole, which was in 2022. So with that, he would be either 30 or close to turning 30 this year.

What other shows has Dom Gabriel been on?

According to his IMDb page, Dom appeared in the short film The Hunter’s Head. As far as shows, outside of Perfect Match, he was a participant in the reality show, The Mole.

Is Dom Gabriel on TikTok and Instagram?

Yes. Dom is on both Instagram and TikTok. Both of his accounts can be found under the same username, @dontcalldom. With the success of The Mole and now on Perfect Match, Dom’s social media presence has grown to over 600 thousand followers. On his social media, you can find videos from his latest modeling shoots or how personal he gets with his anxiety and depression.

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