The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – who is Kamaljori?

By Adam Lock
Published: January 27, 2023 (Last updated: January 25, 2024)
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“Into Rimecleft” showcases the series’ best animation yet, with an almighty battle between two great foes and plenty of detailed dimensions to gawp at. This installment happens to be the most action-packed yet, with many twists and turns to keep viewers entertained. Another week, another heartbreaking cliffhanger.

We recap the Prime Video series The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 6, “Into Rimecleft,” which contains spoilers.

Throughout season two, a subplot involving Grog (voiced by Travis Willingham) and his dark sword Craven Edge has quietly been building some momentum. The evil weapon, once owned by bad guy Sylas Briarwood, seems to be the latest threat aimed at the Vox Machina. “Into Rimecleft” addresses the inner conflict between Grog and his sword, whilst the team seek out the sphinx’s mate and face a deadly challenge.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 6 recap

Grog has a nightmarish vision of himself wielding Craven Edge, slaying many soldiers in an arena. These deaths feed the sword and the crowd starts to chant Grog’s name. He moves to a different vision, in which all of the Vox Machina members appear to have been brutally murdered at the hand of Grog’s evil sword. Is this a tragic premonition or just Grog’s guilty conscience? Either way, he wakes from this nightmare in a state of utter shock.

What is hiding in Rimecleft?

The next morning, Grog is tired after the nightmare stalled his peaceful slumber. He talks with the sword in private, Craven Edge constantly wants feeding and cannot be reasoned with. Pike and Scanlan interrupt this secret conversation. Pike is growing evermore suspicious of Grog by the day. She starts a chat about the sword, but Grog becomes distracted and places a shivering Scanlan in a makeshift papoose. Meanwhile, Keyleth and Vax discuss the magic armor, before stumbling upon Rimecleft, the home of the sphinx, a place Vax has seen in his visions many times before.

The shivering gang are warmed by Keyleth’s conjured fireball and descend upon the eerie place. Strange pillars are scattered around the grounds, with ancient runes upon them. Percy reads the runes, which warn travelers to flee this dreaded land. Vex inspects the area from the skies on her trusty flying broomstick. She sees more pillars and spies a secret entrance. They walk through this mirage into the temple hidden within the mountainside.

What is Kamaljori’s challenge?

Inside the temple, a creature stalks them like prey. He is revealed to be a gigantic sphinx, known as Kamaljori. The beast is about to murder the gang until Vex mentions Osysa’s name. Kamaljori hasn’t seen or heard from Osysa in centuries, but still refers to her as his mate. Kamaljori will provide the knowledge they seek, but first, they must prove themselves and complete a customary challenge. The great sphinx tasks them with inflicting pain upon him, having never felt pain in his entire existence. The Vox Machina believe they can land one hit on the creature and prepare for battle.

Kamaljori transports them to another dimension, which is fitting for a cosmic battle. Vax steps up first and is easily dispatched by the sphinx. He is hurled into a great void. While the others battle, Grog tries to reason with the evil sword and offers up his own blood to appease Craven Edge’s unquenchable hunger. Kamaljori blasts the other Vox Machina warriors into the void to join Vax. Scanlan is the last fighter standing, but he cowers behind a rock.

How will Scanlan defeat Kamaljori?

Scanlan decides to fight back the only way he knows how — through the art of song. He concocts a ballad about Kamaljori’s lover, Osysa, playing air piano in the process. This gets Kamaljori’s attention and he cries at the memory of his mate. Kamaljori admits that he has felt pain for the first time and is wounded in his heart. Scanlan is surprised his desperate plan worked. They discuss their love lives and Scanlan admits he hasn’t ever felt true love. Kamaljori offers advice in this bizarre, yet touching exchange.

The Vox Machina return to the land of the living to find Scanlan and Kamaljori writing a song together. The great sphinx declares Scanlan to be the wisest sage he has ever come across in all his eons of life. He gifts Scanlan with the next vestige, the sword known as Mythcarver, which can help locate the other vestiges. Scanlan holds the glowing sword and has a vision of his own. He sees a world that features upside-down waterfalls, known as the Fey realm. Then he sees the city of Westruun, invaded by creatures that look very similar to Grog. One of them sports a glowing gauntlet, possibly another vestige. Grog acts suspiciously as Scanlan recounts his vision, but the temple begins to shake before they can dissect Grog’s odd behavior.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 6 Ending Explained

The acid-dripping dragon called Umbrasyl breaks into the temple. The dragon states that Ripley was right, the gnome has stolen his belongings. Umbrasyl dives after the vestige and battles the sphinx for his precious treasure. It’s a stunning battle between these two beasts, heightened by the inclusion of the gang. The Vox Machina throw everything at the dragon, but can’t seem to defeat it. Umbrasyl restrains the sphinx and then takes Scanlan, along with the great sword. Kamaljori awakens and flies after his friend. Scanlan is sent into free-fall, cascading towards the punishing ground. Kamaljori sacrifices himself and saves Scanlan from imminent death.

With his final words, Kamaljori thanks Scanlan for showing him Osysa one last time. The sphinx is killed and Umbrasyl seizes his opportunity to claim the vestige once and for all. The dragon laughs in the gang’s faces and dives after the artifact. Grog in evil-mode battles back, wielding Craven Edge. He manages to draw blood, but cannot kill the dragon. The rest of the team are trapped within the cave and ask Keyleth to teleport them out of there.

Keyleth starts to cast her complex spell, while Grog fights alone. Pike tries to reason with Grog, attempting to talk him into ditching the dragon and joining them in the other dimension. Grog won’t listen though and continues to fight. Tragically, Pike gets in Grog’s way and is accidentally stabbed by Craven Edge. Grog instantly realizes his wrongdoings and breaks from the sword’s spell. He carries Pike over to the others and they flee just before the dragon can attack. They travel to the Fey realm but find that Grog, Pike, and Scanlan are not with them. The Vox Machina have been separated and Pike is left in a terrible, life-threatening state.

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