The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – why was the rift opened in Pyrah?

By Adam Lock
Published: January 27, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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This entertaining detour highlights the show’s raunchy humor, sharp action sequences and unique animation style. “Pass Through Fire” also sees the Vox Machina working in sync, finally gelling together like they did in the previous season. Their camaraderie and low-key bickering elevates the series.

We recap the Prime Video series The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 5, “Pass Through Fire,” which contains spoilers.

The Prime Video animated series, based upon the web series by Critical Role, has started to utilize flashback sequences more vigorously to help develop its cast of characters. Vax (voiced by Liam O’Brien) and Vex (voiced by Laura Bailey) have already had the flashback treatment and in “Pass Through Fire”, Keyleth’s (voiced by Marisha Ray) past is explored in further detail. This fifth installment works as a detour from the overall mission, as Keyleth’s people are found in trouble, fighting dragons of their own.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Keyleth’s flashback introduces viewers to her childhood home in the mountains. She says a tearful goodbye to her mother, who is leaving for unknown reasons. Her mother demonstrates the many elemental powers of the Ashari, telling Keyleth to never hold back. Keyleth is scared by the prospect of being burned, but her mother shows her how the Ashari can pass through fire safely, a skill she will need to learn herself.

Back in the present, Keyleth seems distracted as she collects firewood. She explains to the others that they are close to Pyrah, the home of the Fire Ashari and one of the last places her mother was seen alive. Pike suggests popping by to say hello, but Vax doesn’t want any distractions. Scanlan notices that Grog has gone missing and goes to investigate. The bearded barbarian is busy talking with his dark sword, Craven Edge in secret. The sword hungers for fresh blood to feed upon, which in turn strengthens the owner of the weapon. Grog is conflicted by this evil sword and a desire to be a valiant warrior.

The gang camps out in the forests and Vax has another vision of sheer destruction. As usual, the vision ends with a glimpse of a skeletal Vax. He wakes from the nightmare screaming to be left alone. The others are concerned by Vax’s sudden change in attitude, but appear unsure of how to help. Vax goes for a walk in private and tries to take off the armor, although it seems he cannot remove this vestige from his person.

What is special about Scanlan’s broomstick?

Whilst walking through the mountains, Vex observes the broomstick that was recovered from Gilmore’s. She notices strange writing on the shaft and asks Scanlan to translate. Once he utters the magical words aloud, the broom hovers in the air. Scanlan is ecstatic to be in ownership of a flying broomstick and levitates, zipping around the area. He spots a violent volcano in the distance and warns the others. Keyleth is distraught to hear the dormant volcano has erupted, worrying that the Fire Ashari are in danger. She begs to go and help them, but Vax is vehemently against the detour. Keyleth transforms into an eagle and flies off anyway, uninterested in Vax’s words.

Why are the Fire Ashari in danger?

Keyleth discovers that the Fire Ashari are under attack from an army of dragons, although these are smaller in size than the Chroma Conclave. The rift to the fire plane has been torn wide open and the dragons are coursing out of it. Keyleth spots her father down on the battlefield and they embrace for an emotional reunion. Together they must close this gateway or else it will remain open forevermore. Ladies Kima (Stephanie Beatriz) and Allura have joined the fight and are also helping to seal the gateway.

The rest of the Vox Machina gang decide to help Keyleth out and quickly catch up with their comrade. This provides a chance for more fun action sequences and the gang battle with their usual smart quips and bantering ways, destroying all the mini dragons in their path. Vex unleashes Trinket from her newly acquired locket like a Pokémon character and Grog continues to converse with his evil sword. The weapon is desperate for blood, implying that Grog could be coerced into killing innocent people or even the Vox Machina to appease Craven Edge in the near future.

What caused the rift to open in Pyrah?

Kima and Allura update the gang on what caused this rift to be opened in the first place. They once battled the fire dragon Thordak, but he was far too strong. In desperation, they used an ancient artifact called the Soul Anchor, which imprisoned Thordak in the fire plane. The dragons freed Thordak from his prison and the Fire Ashari now face the consequences. Keyleth and her father try to block the rift, but it continues to widen further still. The rest of the gang joins them and together they start to seal the gateway as a unit.

Ending Explained

Keyleth’s father takes a heavy hit and she rushes to his side. She admits that she hasn’t completed her training and fears she isn’t good enough to proceed. While Pike tries to heal him, Keyleth hears her mother’s voice on the breeze and she gives her daughter some sound advice. Keyleth concentrates on her powers, puts her hands into the rift, and walks into the fiery portal. She is instantly set ablaze and becomes one with the flames. This provides Keyleth with new powers and she decimates all the dragons in the vicinity, before closing the rift for good.

Returning to the land of the living, Keyleth is blessed by Pyrah. They are informed that Thordak is working with a mole, and they need to be careful who they trust. Vex thanks Scanlan for the magical words to unlock the flying broom and accepts his terms, she now owes him one major favor. Pike asks Kima and Allura to join their gang, but the loved-up couple declines the invitation.

The episode ends with further destruction in a far-off land. The dragons gather more treasures and burn down another cityscape. Ripley appears and threatens the dragons. Their reign will be short-lived, unless they heed her warning. She holds out the orb as the dragon listens to her message. What information does Ripley have that can interest the Chroma Conclave exactly?

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