The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

January 27, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Everything finally clicks in “Those Who Walk Away”. Elaborate action sequences dazzle, whilst the animation is exquisitely crafted. We’re even offered an intriguing flashback, which explains Trinket’s origins. An entertaining offering that proves the show is heading in the right direction once again.

We recap the Prime Video series The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 4, “Those Who Walk Away,” which contains spoilers.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 3 ended on an outrageous cliffhanger as it seemed Vex’ahlia ‘Vex’ Vessar (voiced by Laura Bailey), the half-elf ranger, had been viciously taken from this world. “Those Who Walk Away” follows the aftermath of this shocking twist as the Vox Machina try to flee the sunken tomb alongside Zahra (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) and Kashaw (voiced by Will Friedle), who shouldn’t be trusted. Things finally start to click in this episode as the action and the heart of the series valiantly return in fine form.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Part four begins with another flashback. Vex has been kidnapped by bandits and Vax heroically frees her from her captors. They hide out in a shadowy cage to avoid the bandits and find another captive inside. A giant grizzly bear is found in chains, with arrows sticking out of its back. The injured bear looks a lot like Trinket, but Vax puts this one out of its misery. After stabbing the bear, they find the mother’s cub. An adorable little bear that is in fact their beloved Trinket.

How will they bring Vex back to life?

Back in the present and inside the sunken tomb, Vax holds his dead sister in his arms. Zahra and Kashaw return from the sarcophagus. Keyleth weeps beside Vex’s cold corpse, whilst Pike tries to revive her. Nothing seems to be working though. Kashaw suggests performing a resurrection spell, but this doesn’t work either. Vax looks on in a state of absolute shock as his sister fades away. Scanlan manically searches through his bag of potions for any morsel of a spell, although it is too late. The Raven Queen, Matron of Ravens hovers above Vex’s body, ready to take her away to the other side. Vax begs her to take him instead. Miraculously, she has a change of heart and brings Vex back to life. Of course, Kashaw takes all the credit for saving Vex though.

The gang crowd around and recount the story of how Vex originally died. Percy is full of apologies and Keyleth thanks Kashaw for his help. Trinket bounds over and licks Vex’s face. All is well, or so it would seem. Vax is astonished to see himself now sporting the armor, the powerful vestige they came to collect in the first place. He is unsure how he came to be wearing it. The twins embrace one another. Then, Scanlan questions the Slayer’s Take duo, who ditched them quite brazenly. Zahra and Kashaw make excuses, but the Vox Machina are on to them.

How will Zahra and Kashaw regain the armor?

In private, Zahra and Kashaw argue. They need that armor. The gang exits the tomb, looking out for any more of those tricky traps. Zahra decides to set a trap of her own. She unleashes a one-eyed beast with many tentacles. The Vox Machina instantly run from this grim creature and then begin their counterattack. Percy is soon out of bullets though and Grog is quickly pinned to a wall. The beast turns its first victim to stone. Percy and Keyleth follow suit and then Pike and Scanlan are frozen too. Kashaw can’t watch idly as his new companions are beaten and jumps into the fray. Zahra follows and is soon turned into stone as well.

How will they defeat the one-eyed monster?

While this battle takes shape, Vax has a vision. He is transported to a battlefield, where he takes on Purvan, a follower of the Raven Queen. He defeats this opponent and is crowned the new champion. The Raven Queen then casts a spell upon his armor. This gives Vax super-powered agility, a skill he uses to best the one-eyed beast. Evading the many tentacles, Vax slays the creature. The gang are then returned to their usual selves. Vex is suspicious of the newbies and Zahra admits it was all a mistake. They wanted the vestige to be in safe hands, but the Vox Machina are clearly more than worthy. As the apologies commence, the room starts to flood and they escape back to the surface.

Percy apologizes to Vax for causing Vex’s death once again and the half-elf punches Percy in the face. Zahra and Kashaw part ways with the Vox Machina members. They admit they misjudged the gang and Zahra offers her magical locket to Vex as a parting gift. The twins’ debts are even cleared too, conveniently stricken from the record. The Slayers walk away from the gang, leaving them to socialize alone. Vex considers keeping Trinket safely within the locket and tests out the locket’s powers.

Ending Explained

As the gang mess about, like they normally do, Vax has another scarlet-tinged vision. He sees an abandoned house, inside, a man is on his death bed and a wife comforts her dying husband. The Raven Queen hovers above, ready to take the man away to the afterlife. Instead, the Raven Queen starts to draw in Vax as a replacement. Then we glimpse his skeletal expression. Was this a vision of Vax’s own death? He wakes from the dream and is met by his sister. She asks what has happened to her brother, and why he is acting so strange. Vax admits to seeing the Matron of Ravens coming for her. He begged her to take him instead, but she took neither of them. He is confused by these actions. Vex endeavors to figure it all out together with her brother.

In the final moments, it is revealed that a mysterious woman is watching these events transpire via a magical orb. This woman seems to be the one-handed enemy of Percy’s, called Ripley. She turns away, and we see another city ravaged by the dragons in the distance. Is she working with them or is she hunting them down herself?

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