Squared Love All Over Again Ending Explained – Does Monika fall in Love with Rafal?

By Marc Miller
Published: February 14, 2023

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film Squared Love All Over Again, which will contain spoilers.

Squared Love All Over Again follows the return story of Monika (Adrianna Chlebicka) and Enzo (Mateusz Banasiuk). They return from their vacation, and now Monika is a fashion icon. She graces covers across the country. You can find her in every magazine and store where cash, credit card, and maybe even bitcoin are accepted. Enzo feels the tide turning when it comes to his celebrity model. Like every man who dated Jennifer Aniston before Brad Pitt, Enzo doesn’t handle it well.

Not that she wants it. All Monika seeks to do is teach her class, though her presence is becoming an issue. All the parents want her to teach their kids because she is now a celebrity, and the school principal thinks she is a distraction. To promote her newfound fame, she is invited to a national talk show that likes to expose people to their sins. The host is Rafal (Mikolaj Roznerski), and he’s a real piece of work that Monika stands up to beautifully. So much so that his boss wants to pull him from a new kid’s show (think America’s Got Talent) unless he can convince Monika to host the program with him.

Squared Love All Over Again Ending Explained

Why does Monika develop feelings for Rafal?

Does Monika fall in love with Rafal? No, because Rafal is playing Monika. I know, big shocker, right? When Monika shows up to Rafal during his interview, he is told he needs to secure Monika’s interest in joining the show. Then why does Monkia develop feelings for Rafal? Rafal fakes being interested in what makes Monika tick. For instance, she is a school teacher, so she loves kids. He takes her to an orphanage where he grew up and played with the rascals. He takes her on a cruise ride and attempts to kiss her. Rafal even stands up for her interests on the show, like being friendly to the children and calling them by their names. However, that ends when she overhears Rafal admitting he was doing everything under false pretenses. Any feelings she was developing or confused about at that time vanished.

Who does Monkia end up with?

Monika ends up with Enzo, of course. Yes, they manage to overcome Enzo’s petty jealousy. And Monika forgives him. Why? Well, it must be true love because Enzo is broke, has few job prospects, and does a poor job as a partner who takes care of the homestead. However, Enzo regains self-esteem when his niece helps him upload his new car show on YouTube. When he wins Monika, he allows her to take over the gameshow she hosts, Dream Academy, which has been rigged.

Monika manages to bring all the children on stage and announces how unfair it is to make them perform and not win on their merits. She then cons Rafal into donating all of his salaries to the orphanage. All that leaves us with is, does Monika stay with Enzo? Well, they do because Enzo then asks Monkia to marry him. She says yes, and the crowd cheers.

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