Talia Ray – where is Larry Ray’s Daughter now? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: February 14, 2023
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Detailing a terrifying true crime story, we discuss Talia Ray, the daughter of Larry Ray. Where is she now? And was she convicted for anything?

The Hulu documentary series Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence is the harrowing and unbelievable story that follows the horrific path of Larry Ray, a convicted felon who somehow manages to worm his way into his daughter Talia Ray’s college dorm room, manipulating her friends into a sex cult.

The true crime documentary has shocked everyone that has seen it. However, one question repeatedly concerns his devoted daughter Talia, so this short feature will explain where Larry Ray’s daughter is now.

Who is Larry Ray’s daughter Talia Ray?

Talia Ray is the daughter of Larry Ray. Her birthdate is a matter of contention, and some sources say she is currently thirty-two years old, but others say she is, in fact, a year older than that.

Talia was a student at Sarah Lawrence College, where she stayed in the dorms with her friends. When her father was released from jail in 2010, she arranged for him to stay at the dorm. Talia seemed devoted to her father, and her friends did not think he would pose any threat.

However, this arrangement would lead to his disturbing behavior and cult-like manipulation of the girls, leading to his eventual convictions.

Talia’s home life was also marred with controversy, and she would openly talk about the abuse the children suffered at the hands of their mother. Talia would defend her father and say he had saved her and her sister from their mother.

Where is Larry Ray’s daughter Talia Ray now?

At the time of her father’s arrest in 2020, Talia Ray worked as a paralegal in Durham, N.C. At the time of writing, there is no official residency for Talia, but it is possible that she still stays in North Carolina, and it has been said that she remains in Pinehurst, near her step grand-father Gordon Ray.

Was Talia Ray convicted for anything?

There was a lot of controversy over the case, and depending on your source, Talia’s level of involvement in the whole sordid affair is debatable. Some people feel that Talia is just another victim of her father. In contrast, others think that Talia was very aware of the situation her father had created and benefitted from it. Talia Ray was never convicted of any crimes relating to the case.

Does Talia Ray have Instagram?

From what we can gather, Talia Ray is not on the social media platform Instagram. At one point, she had a Facebook profile, but that has not been used for many years. However, it does appear that she has a Twitter profile. Her profile name is @talia_ray. Her bio on Twitter reads, “AVA I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU EVERY DAY XOXO.” This is a message for her younger sibling, whom she has not been in touch with for many years. There also seems to be a LinkedIn page, but there are no details on this page.

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