Where was Somebody I Used to Know filmed?

By Marc Miller
Published: February 14, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)

Where was the Prime Video 2023 movie Somebody I Used to Know filmed? We discuss the popular film and its filming locations.

Dave Franco‘s film Somebody I Used to Know, his sophomore feature, has his uber-talented (and under-appreciated) wife, Alison Brie, in the lead role as Ally. The story follows Ally as she returns home to her Central Washington town of Leavenworth. She connects with family, old friends, and her ex-fiance, Sean. From there, Ally begins to question everything about her life choices and the path she has chosen. To make matters worse, Sean’s fiance Cassidy reminds her of the young woman, full of hopes and dreams, that she still wants to be.

Where was Somebody I Used to Know filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Leavenworth, Washington

Most of the scenes near the film’s beginning, where Ally and Sean meet for the first time since moving away. In the music montage, they are enjoying a makeshift date and reacquainting with each other. The town square is a Bavarian-style building, reflecting the township’s roots that serve German food and beer all year. The town is in central Washington State, nestled next to the Cascade Mountains. The scene where the ex-couple talks on the waterfront are on the Wenatchee River.

Films that have been shot in Leavenworth include Cloudy with a Chance of Christmas (2022), Mad Love (1995), and All I Want Is Christmas (2012). The town’s population is just over 2,000 people, and it is home to the famous Nutcracker Museum, which displays thousands of nutcrackers, some dating back centuries.

Portland, Oregon 

The largest city in Oregon (and 26th in the United States), Portland, has a population of 652,503. The karaoke scene in the River Bar was filmed in the nearby town of Estacada. The interior bar scenes and the scenes shot on stages were all filmed in Portland Events and Film Office. The city is known for its progressive nature, including sustainability, free speech, and nudity (which explains the infatuation with a nudist colony featured in the movie’s final scenes).

Serenity Mountain Retreat, Estacada, Oregon

As mentioned above, the film’s final scenes involved a nudist colony. The Serenity Mountain Retreat‘s website reads:

“Serenity Mountain Retreat – SMR to us – is a family-oriented, rustic, nudist retreat founded in 1933. It is the oldest nudist club west of the Mississippi. We are located 2,000 ft. up in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains near Estacada, Oregon, close to the Mount Hood National Forest. SMR offers a touch of unspoiled wilderness combined with some of the features of modern campgrounds. We don’t have a swimming pool, a lavish hotel, or even paved roads, but we do have 19 acres of some of the most beautiful, rustic, natural, wooded property nature has to offer.”

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