Who is Jett Kain from Bling Empire: New York?

By Jessica Fontaine
Published: February 15, 2023 (Last updated: January 10, 2024)
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Who is Jett Kain from Bling Empire: New York? We discuss one of the key characters from the popular Netflix reality series.

Bling Empire: New York is a reality show on Netflix. It is a spinoff of the hit series Bling Empire. The series follows a group of wealthy Asian Americans in New York. They have lavish lifestyles full of expensive clothing, parties, and drama. Many fans wonder about the rich Jett Kain, his relationship, and his backstory.

Who is Jett Kain from Bling Empire: New York?

Jett Kain is a funny, sassy millionaire who appears on Bling Empire: New York. He works between London and New York, where he visits his wife. He has a young son named Sebastian.

In the show, Jett is happy to spend time with his wife in New York and meet her friends. In addition, he enjoys doing photoshoots for her friends, specifically Blake Abbie. Many fans critiqued Jett’s bold personality when he asked Blake about his sexuality after meeting him.

Who is Jett Kain married to?

Jett Kain is married to his wealthy Bling Empire: New York co-star Lynn Ban. The two met at a nightclub in 1994 when Jett worked in the entertainment industry. They have been married for 26 years.

In 1996, Jett and Lynn partnered to launch the Genki Sushi franchise in Singapore and Hong Kong. They then brought the franchise to the United States, where they aimed to impact the country’s restaurant industry significantly.

Jett and Lynn also founded Lynn Ban Jewelry in 2011. With its extravagant and opulent styles, the pieces can be seen in photos with the couple’s famous clients, including Rihanna, Billie Eilish, and Beyonce.

Jett and Lynn’s relationship was pretty rocky throughout Bling Empire: New York. Jett expressed that although he is proud of Lynn Ban Jewelry’s success, he feels that he sacrificed so much and ended up with so little. Therefore, he wants to pursue a project that is his own.

What is Jett Kain’s net worth?

With his ability to frequently travel around the globe, fans rightfully assume that Jett Kain is loaded. According to sources such as The Cinemaholic, Jett is worth about $5 million.

He used to be a reporter and producer for MTV. He now handles the press and marketing of Lynn Ban Jewelry and still works to make Genki Sushi influential in the United States restaurant industry. Further, Jett is an active photographer, so his great net worth comes from multiple sources.

Is Jett Kain on Instagram or Tiktok?

Unfortunately, Jett Kain is not on Instagram or TikTok. However, he is a photographer who takes his wife’s stunning Instagram pictures.

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