Where was the TV Show Saint X Filmed? Explained

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: April 28, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2024)
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Where was the TV Show Saint X Filmed? We discuss the popular Hulu series and its filming locations. 

The series Leila Gerstein created highlights the lives of three different people. Alison knows that she comes from a privileged family, and since she went to Princeton for a year, she believes she knows more about being prejudiced than her family.

On the island, the workers she meets, Gogo (Josh Bonzie) and Edwin (Jayden Elijah), have complex backstories that affect the lives of those at the resort.

As Alison gets to know Edwin, things go further than anticipated. Each episode has a series of flashbacks that help piece together the story for viewers while Alison’s sister, Emily, tracks down Gogo and befriends him. The more Emily gets into the life of Gogo, the more her traumatic past unravels. She is too close to the subject that Emily can’t remain sane while digging this deep.

Given that the series focuses on the cultural divide and white privilege, the way Alison’s mysterious murder is framed leads audiences to believe that it was set up from the very beginning. The more Emily uncovers her sister’s case she realizes that no one ever had the story.

Saint X explores the journey of four characters who all had their lives changed during one vacation. A sister was lost, a romantic relationship was altered, and the only thing that remained was the trauma.

The series was filmed in two distinct locations because of the flashbacks and the present day. Even though it is a fictional Caribbean island, they still needed to find a beautiful resort to film this series.

Where was Saint X filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Dominican Republic 

They filmed all of the flashback scenes in the Dominican Republic, where all the families went on vacation. Not only did they film in a resort, but they also filmed in the village next to it and explored the island’s authenticity. They went to many local restaurants and the homes of those who lived there. They needed to create a homey feel for Saint X to make it believable.

Brooklyn, New York City 

Emily (Alycia Debnam-Carey) lived in New York City and aimed to uncover the truth about her sister. So in order to find it, she found Gogo and where he lived. She would hang around one particular restaurant to see him and get to know him. She did come off a bit weird, and she never told him exactly why she was befriending him.

As time went on, he became more suspicious, and they would talk to each other on the streets of New York.

Pinewood Studios in Juan Dolio 

There are specific studios that are known for shooting water scenes, and this location is the most well-known. Here, they most likely filmed the death of Alison because of the length of water they had to cover. There are some more ocean scenes, but not as long as the one with Alison. They did make it seem beautiful to match the Dominican island aesthetic.

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