Saint X Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – who does Alison kiss?

By Adam Lock
Published: April 26, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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Saint X continues to follow its awkward formula, interweaving four timelines with lackluster storylines. There isn’t much intrigue in these subplots, and the installment ends with a ridiculous dream sequence, pushing the series into caricature territory.

We recap the Hulu series Saint X Season 1 Episode 3, “Men of Interest,” which contains spoilers.

Saint X’s third episode, “Men of Interest,” follows four separate storylines across four different timelines. In the past, Alison’s case is downplayed by the police while her parents fight for justice.

Then in the present, Emily (Alycia Debnam-Carey) continues to stalk Gogo (Josh Bonzie), desperate for answers after all these years.

Saint X Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

In the previous installment, Alison’s body was discovered by the waterfall. The lead detective believes Edwin and Gogo are the culprits because when he picked them up, they weren’t their usual jokey selves.

He can’t arrest them on murder charges, though, as he is being pressured by the Mayor to downplay this scandal to save the island’s reputation and tourist prospects.

What is the detective’s conclusion?

During his press conference, the detective announces his findings. It is possible that Alison was raped before her death. Edwin and Gogo are the last two people to be seen with Alison, but they have strong alibis. It isn’t possible that they could have traveled from Faraway Cay island to dry land in such a short period of time.

Alison’s death is declared an accident, although the detective still suspects Gogo and Edwin on a personal level. He adds that drugs were found at Gogo’s home. Gogo is arrested for this crime instead.

Bill and Mia Thomas conduct their own press conference, enraged by this conspiracy to cover up the realities of Alison’s death.

Bill believes it wasn’t an accident and that the detective is covering the truth to protect the island’s tourism. He will not stop until he finds the truth.

How do Alison’s parents react?

As this timeline draws to an end, the family packs to leave. They are hounded by the press on their departure. Mia tells the detective that she will be going on live TV and will destroy this island’s reputation in the process.

The events that led up to this murder are explored in another timeline. On the day of the drug deal meeting, Gogo is forced to bring his son to work because the mother, Sara, is out on a date with rival Keithley, a married man. Gogo passes his son to the hotel’s babysitter and then promises Edwin that he will make the meeting regardless of his responsibilities.

Edwin plans the rendezvous, stating that he will do the talking. Gogo is just there to be the muscle. The meeting was set up by another hotel employee, Desmond.

The drug dealer is related to Desmond, he is called One-Eye Mike, and he comes with his own fearsome reputation. Alison tries to speak with Edwin, but he is cold with her, concentrating on his own plans instead.

Why is Sara dating Keithley?

Sara arrives at the hotel to pick up her son. Gogo asks why she was off with a married man, adding that he loves her. But Sara doesn’t want to be with Gogo. She admits that being with him was a mistake. They slept together once and had a son, but she is only with Gogo as an obligation. Keithley, on the other hand, can provide for her.

Edwin tries to convince Gogo to forget about Sara and to move on. But Gogo is still besotted by her and won’t give up the fight. The two old friends argue, and Edwin drives to the drug deal alone. His meeting with One-Eye Mike doesn’t go as planned, and he is forced to perform a sexual act to retrieve the drugs.

Who does Alison kiss?

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, the teens socialize together. A teenage girl called Olivia is clearly jealous of Alison and her confidence. She confronts Alison, explaining that she has seen her flirting with other men. Alison admits that she likes both Edwin and Tyler. To appease Olivia, she opens up about her flaws, proving that she isn’t perfect.

Alison meets with Edwin, and they kiss, then a little later, Alison meets with Tyler and kisses him too.

Saint X Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

While in the present, Emily continues to stalk Gogo. Emily’s boyfriend, Josh, realizes something is wrong with his girlfriend. She is acting tense and distant. Emily confesses she is still thinking about her sister and her death twenty years ago. Emily admits that she needs to know what happened that night. She needs to know the truth.

Still obsessed with finding answers, Emily follows Gogo to the restaurant and buys him his meal. She tries to talk with him, but he is awkward and shy.

Later, Emily tells Sunita the truth about the meal. Emily decides to befriend Gogo to gain his trust so that she can finally get the answers she needs.

Emily and Sunita track Gogo down to his apartment. Emily calls out his name from a distance. This scares Gogo, who has awful nightmares that night of the Faraway Cay witch.

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