Saint X Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – who has Sara married?

By Adam Lock
Published: May 3, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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Saint X Season 1 Episode 4 Recap


“A Disquieting Emptiness” is filled with over-dramatic sequences, cringey romances, and poor attempts at horror. But the mystery starts to build intrigue once again, and the many revelations provide some genuine suspense.

We recap the Hulu series Saint X Season 1 Episode 4, “A Disquieting Emptiness,” which contains spoilers.

The Hulu original Saint X continues to drag out its many subplots as we draw ever closer to finding out the truth of what happened the night Alison (West Duchovny) died.

In flashbacks, Alison pursues a romantic fling with Edwin (Jayden Elijah), and Alison’s father, Bill (Michael Park), grows ever more suspicious of the hotel employee.

While in the present timeline, Emily (Alycia Debnam-Carey) builds a stronger bond with Gogo (Josh Bonzie), hoping to learn the truth about that fateful night.

Saint X Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

“A Disquieting Emptiness” opens with the backstory of what happened to Gogo after his arrest, leading to the present day. He was sent to prison for the possession of drugs.

He missed out on the important early years with his son and never heard from Edwin while on the inside. Only Bery, the babysitter, would visit him.

Why did Gogo move to New York?

Years later, Gogo was released. He returned home to find his son, now four years old. Gogo promised to get a job and provide for Sara and his child, but nobody would employ him. He journeyed to New York for work, like Edwin always mentioned. Gogo got a job as a taxi driver and moved into a crowded, run-down apartment.

Gogo phoned Sara after settling in, but she had already married and didn’t need Gogo’s assistance anymore. Sara refused to tell Gogo who she had married, though.

In the present day, Gogo’s son is now 21 years old. Gogo is forlorn and friendless in the big city. He has another nightmare about the witch from his homeland, this time while in traffic.

Meanwhile, Emily continues to research her sister’s death and watches a TV movie that was made about the incident. Emily’s friend Sunita urges her to let it go.

But Emily still needs answers. She continues to befriend Gogo, admitting that she is also lonely in New York and wants a friend. Gogo doesn’t believe her lies, though.

Emily is persistent and eventually wins him over. He begins to open up to her but remains vague, saying very little about his own life.

Gogo drives Emily home one night but takes a detour. He drives her to a secluded alleyway. Emily fears the worst, but Gogo wants to show her a scenic view of the Statue of Liberty. He explains that the quiet and calm of this location helps him to sleep.

Emily opens up about her own past. She obsessed over work and had a breakdown, ending up in hospital for treatment.

When did Edwin and Gogo last speak?

The taxi driver opens up, talking about a friend obsessing over New York. He now understands the magic of this place. Emily inquires about Edwin, but Gogo remains relatively vague. He states they haven’t spoken in twenty years after Edwin betrayed him. Gogo leaves the conversation there and drives Emily home. They say goodbye on Emily’s doorstep. Boyfriend Josh spots them talking together.

Back in the past, at Indigo Bay, Edwin updates Gogo on the drug deal. Edwin explains that he had to flirt with One-Eye Mike to gain the drugs. He asks Gogo to hide the drugs for ten percent of their profits in return. Gogo hides them under his bed.

Elsewhere, Alison and Olivia’s friendship starts to blossom. They talk about boys and who they have slept with. Alison wants to continue her romance with Edwin.

Olivia agrees to babysit Claire that afternoon so that Alison can spend more time with Edwin.

Wes informs Tyler that Alison has eyes for another man. Edwin and Alison meet again and flirt some more. Edwin discusses his dreams to leave the island.

They kiss, but Alison clarifies that she isn’t ready to sleep with him yet.

Alison’s dad Bill grows suspicious of Edwin, noticing that Alison isn’t hanging out with Tyler anymore. He asks Gogo about Edwin. Gogo covers for his friend, stating that he is attentive to all the guests equally.

At their spa date, it is heavily implied that Olivia also loves Alison.

That night, Alison confronts the married man Ethan, who keeps ogling over her. She tells him to stop staring. It is then revealed that Ethan has stolen a pair of her shorts, which he uses for sexual acts.

Saint X Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Who has Sara married?

The episode ends with Gogo calling Sara again, desperate to know who she has married. Sara confesses that she has married Edwin. Gogo feels wholly betrayed and warns Sara that Edwin cannot be trusted.

He implores Sara to ask Edwin what happened the night Alison died. Then Gogo proceeds to scream and punch at his apartment walls.

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