Saint X Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – how is Alison’s body found?

April 26, 2023 (Last updated: 1 weeks ago)
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The excessive timelines feel like needless filler used to pad out this otherwise threadbare plot, while the attempts to create suspects out of all the hotel guests are embarrassingly obvious and weakly constructed. This poorly written installment is already stretching out its simplistic narrative so early on.

We recap the Hulu series Saint X Season 1 Episode 2, “Woman is Fickle,” which contains spoilers.

Hulu’s mystery series Saint X continues with its second installment, “Woman is Fickle.”

In this episode, the four main timelines continue to interweave, providing further information on the circumstances surrounding Alison’s death. While in the present timeline, Emily (Alycia Debnam-Carey) finally researches her sister’s death after all these years, and she then meets up with Gogo (Josh Bonzie), the suspected murderer.

Saint X Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

In the first timeline, Indigo Bay’s very own island detective catches Edwin and Gogo drink-driving at night. The following day, he informs Alison’s parents that their daughter has gone missing.

Alison’s father suspects Edwin and Gogo’s involvement, as they were the last two people seen with her. Bill attacks Gogo at the hotel, demanding to know his daughter’s location.

A second timeline concentrates on Emily in the present. It’s the following day, and she is preparing to meet with Gogo to retrieve her mobile phone. Before this meeting, she visits her therapist.

Emily explains how much she’s improved in the last few years and feels ready to quit therapy. The therapist discusses Emily’s desire to live in a Caribbean neighborhood, which could be triggering considering her past. But Emily is adamant she is better now.

What happens at the phone exchange?

Emily meets with Gogo, and he returns her phone. She doesn’t say anything to the possible killer and then heads to work after this uneventful meeting. Emily talks with her friend Sunita about the encounter. Sunita advises her to leave the past behind her, but Emily can’t let it go. She researches Alison’s death online, horrified by what she discovers.

The third timeline finds the Thomas family enjoying their vacation still, only days before the ensuing trauma. Alison and Tyler enjoy each other’s company, but both their parents are pushy, forcing the two teens into a holiday romance.

Alison flirts with hotel employee Edwin and plans to meet during his work break. Meanwhile, Edwin organizes a meeting with a cocaine dealer called One-Eye Mike.

He attempts to convince Gogo to join him, promising lots of cash in return. Edwin knows that Gogo is struggling to support his partner and kid, but Gogo refuses to be involved in any drug dealing.

The fourth and final timeline follows Edwin and Gogo’s criminal activities in their past. The dynamic duo was caught selling stolen jeans in one flashback. The detective who caught them urged them to seek a career in tourism instead, which they later would do at the hotel.

They may have left the criminal life behind, but Edwin’s ambitions never waned.

Why does Gogo agree to meet the drug dealer?

Back in the Indigo Bay storyline, Edwin manages to convince Gogo to join him in the drug deal. Gogo worries that an old, wealthier rival called Keithley is going to steal Sara from him, so he decides to take the jump, desperate to reclaim some money for his family.

Elsewhere, the guests continue to act suspiciously, behaving bitterly or immorally. This is all in a feeble attempt to provide viewers with multiple possible suspects in Alison’s death. Tyler kisses Alison and wants to take things further, but she declines. Tyler’s father then tells his son to pressure her into having sex.

Other guests are implied to be cheating on their partners or close to infidelity. And many others seem to be extremely jealous of Alison and her ability to win over any man.

Saint X Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

How is Alison’s body found?

The episode ends with the police retrieving Alison’s body in the first timeline, as a touring party finds Alison’s corpse by the waterfall on the island of Faraway Cay. The parents break down as her body is returned to the beach.

Then in the present day, Emily stalks Gogo, following the suspect through the city streets.

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