The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – who are Tommy and Maria?

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 20, 2023 (Last updated: 3 days ago)
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The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 6 Recap
The Last of Us Season 1 Promotional Image (Credit to HBO)


Pedro Pascal delivers the best work of the series yet, as Episode 6 kicks the series to another level.

“Three months” later splashes across the screen introducing a dreary, snowy day where we see a man returning to this little barn with some animals he just killed to start The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 6. As he walks in, Joel is inside with a gun holding the man hostage. After Joel and Ellie grill the two people, they go outside, and Joel has a dizzy-like spell. Finally, Joel comes to, and Ellie mentions that they are off to find Tommy and find out what the Fireflies are as they cross the river of death.

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The pair finally make it to the river, where they set up for the night. Ellie never seems to shut up and asks about their plans and if they can go wherever they want. Of course, Papa Bear Joel says he will keep watch while Ellie gets to rest, and even though she would do a shift, Joel insists.

The following morning, Joel wakes up from dead sleep to see Ellie doing the overwatch. While upset, Joel is quite thankful at the same time.

While walking, Joel and Ellie are stopped by a group of people on horses. The group thoroughly vets the two of them before bringing them back to their camp. Moments later, we see Tommy and Joel reunite for the first time. Next, Joel and Ellie sit down with Tommy and Maria, where we find out they are dating and are running the town they are in.

Who are Tommy and Maria? And are they in The Last of Us game?

Yes, both Tommy and Maria are in the video game. Tommy and Joel initially survived the outbreak together until they decided to part ways, leading him to join the Fireflies. In the episode, we see Tommy away from the Fireflies and living with his wife, Maria, in the community of Jackson.

Tommy and Joel sit down to chat about what’s been going on since the last time they saw each other. Joel tells him about Ellie and how he needs to find the Fireflies. Tommy mentions where they are but isn’t going to ride with him.

A visibly upset Joel tries to make him understand what he did to find him. Finally, Tommy breaks it to him that Maria is pregnant. Upon walking outside, Joel has yet another dizzy-ish spell that halts him in his tracks.

Joel tells Tommy about Ellie and how she is infected but never gets sick. Tommy, very hesitant, wants to hear the entire story from the beginning. Then, Joel delivers an emotional story about how he has done nothing but fail.

Next, he begs Tommy to take Ellie to where she needs to go because he doesn’t believe he can save her. Finally, when Joel goes to break the news to Ellie, she overhears him talking to Tommy. Joel doesn’t care as he tells her that they are going their separate ways come dawn.

How does The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 6 end?

The following morning, Joel is at the horse stable and gives Ellie a choice, and she shoves her bag into him and says, “Let’s go”. Next, we see Joel showing Ellie how to shoot the rifle. Upon arriving at the Fireflies building, Joel and Ellie come up to an empty building that looks like everyone has left. However, as they search around, a group of men arrives, causing some concern.

One thing leads to another, and Joel fights a man and ends up killing him. But once the man goes down, we see Joel stabbed in the stomach. Ellie props Joel on the horse, and they get out of dodge before the other men can show up to attack them.

The episode ends with them getting away, but we see Joel fall off the horse and an emotional Ellie plead for Joel not to leave her alone. Whew, what an episode.

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