Kathleen Madigan: Hunting Bigfoot Review – an overall strong comedy special

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 21, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
Kathleen Madigan: Hunting Bigfoot Review
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Kathleen Madigan strongly adapts her jokes to fit the generation in a way that makes the special creative and relatable to anyone that will watch.

Kathleen Madigan has been performing stand-up for over 20 years. She has been on every late-night talk show, had her own HBO special, and even hosts her podcast now, Madigan’s PubcastOn Prime Video, she made her streaming stand-up debut with her special, Kathleen Madigan: Hunting Bigfoot.

Kathleen Madigan: Hunting Bigfoot Review

In Madigan’s Hunting Bigfoot, she tackles her aging parents, millennials, and hunting bigfoot. She filmed the special on her Boxed Win and Tiny Banjos comedy tour.

Madigan opens the special with a bit about a tiny town in Georgia. Then, she tells this story about how she was there looking for something to do and how they told her they could zipline into another state for $55. Honestly, for an opening joke, this was classic because she hit a home run with a funny southern redneck story that will make everyone laugh.

Next, Madigan brings up the pandemic, and yes, I got scared. However, when the jokes are good, I don’t mind them as much. Madigan carefully skirts the creative line (not politically driven) that is relatable and makes them funny.

First, I did not have Madigan having jokes about sports betting on my bingo card, but I felt seen so much in this bit that I couldn’t help but laugh. Finally, she closed it with a joke about a lady in a gas station that got a big laugh.

Kathleen Madigan reminds me of a down-home lady that has lived through some stuff. She has this relaxed demeanor on the stage, highlighting the veteran prowess that most comedians show, and what impressed you about her work is that as time changes, as does Madigan and her material. We don’t have a comedian stuck in the 80s trying to deliver funny jokes for a particular crowd. Instead, Madigan tackles millennials, sports, and the south, all more relatable than ever. It’s one of the more creative specials I’ve seen from a veteran comedian in a long time.

While the special is good, I did have an issue with the run time. You are looking at an hour and fifteen minute special, which is a long time to make people laugh. Most movies that are that long don’t make you laugh that much. Because of this, some of the jokes start to wane off towards the end, as it feels like she is overstaying her welcome. I am not knocking Madigan’s ability to tell jokes for that long, but several jokes could’ve been cut down to make it a smooth experience overall.

Is Kathleen Madigan: Hunting Bigfoot funny?

Yes. I laughed for the majority of Kathleen Madigan: Hunting Bigfoot. Madigan gets it, and because of that, her ability to adapt to modern times will keep people laughing for generations to come. I enjoyed her simple yet effective joke-telling that delivers some great laughs.

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