Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 3 Recap – what happened to Big John in Barbados?

February 23, 2023 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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“Fathers and Sons” is corny and cliched, completely mishandling its emotional twists, ones that should be much more impactful. There’s also an utter lack of tension in this installment, mired by poor villains and straightforward answers to the characters’ many dilemmas.

We recap the Netflix series Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 3, “Fathers and Sons,” which contains spoilers.

John B (Chase Stokes) and Rafe (Drew Starkey) have been without their fathers for quite some time. In the third chapter, aptly titled “Fathers and Sons,” these rivals are reunited with their dads, who practically return from the dead.

John B answers his father’s church bell siren, and Rafe fights back home to Ward Cameron. Meanwhile, Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen) is still after vital clues on his journey to the city of gold, and the rest of John B’s gang head home without any money to their name.

Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

The episode starts with a narration from John B; he explains how his mother left when he was only three and his father (known as Big John) raised him singlehandedly. They bonded over fishing and poker, becoming the best of friends. Yet they also had their fair share of disagreements, with their last moments together ending in an argument. John B never got to say goodbye to his father properly, but he never lost hope that he was still alive out there, somewhere.

We catch up with John B, who is unsure whether to enter the church or not in the present. He decides to go for it and is rewarded for his bravery. The son reunites with his father at long last. They hug it out, but there’s no time to swap war stories; Singh’s guards have arrived. John B and Big John escape, running towards the marina. This gives John B a brief opportunity to question his father. Big John admits that he could have phoned but worries about his family’s safety. They head to the marina, but unfortunately, Sarah and the gang have already skedaddled. Singh and his men have the place surrounded. The father suggests they take his boat, but he has one last errand to run.

Back on the boat, JJ is furious that they left a man behind. He wants to return, but the others disagree; it would be a suicide mission. Cleo is highly vocal about staying away from Singh and his men, while Kie agrees they made the right decision. John B then calls them up, trying to explain the situation. Although their phone signal is terrible, Sarah only makes the odd statement. John urges them to return to Kildare Island. He tells them his father is alive, but they keep breaking up and don’t hear this revelation. The group debates their next move, and again, Sarah makes the final decision, they’re heading back home.

What is Big John after at the antiques store?

At Big John’s place, it is clear that the father is also hunting for El Dorado, and he’s been busy researching the myth. Big John says that this would be their biggest prize of all. He talks of being mixed up with Limbrey and that he owes her. Then they climb aboard Big John’s boat; he has one last task to complete before they set sail for home. They make a pit stop at Arjun’s antique store.

Big John is after an artifact called The Signpost of Orinoco, which Arjun has hidden within a safe. This treasure may be a vital clue on their journey to El Dorado.

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What happened to Big John in Barbados?

Carlos Singh has heard of John B and Big John’s whereabouts and arrives at the antique store. The father and son duo escape in time and journey back to the Outer Banks. On their boat, Big John opens up about his time in Barbados. He was stranded on the shoals, where Singh’s men found him. They took him captive, shipping him off to Singh’s mansion. He worked as an enslaved person for Singh but escaped with the Signpost. John B tells his father about Sarah, and their bonding session ends with a whale spotting.

Meanwhile, Sarah and the gang head home. JJ and Kie start to get rather friendly and almost kiss, but Pope interrupts. They refuel in St. Kitts, where Pope and Cleo have their bonding session. They steal from a corner shop and talk about their unsuccessful relationships in the past.

While in Guadeloupe, Ward wakes and is reunited with his family. Rafe, who had his boat stolen by Kie, mugs a tourist and makes his way home. He’s glad to see his father has woken up, although he’s ashamed of the way he handled business in his father’s absence. Ward comforts Rafe in the only way he knows and asks his son to do him a favor. He wants his businesses and property selling off back in the Outer Banks. Rafe is placed in charge of this financial endeavor.

Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 3 Ending Explained

The episode ends with John B and his father returning to the childhood home. Big John rings the bell for old times’ sake, and they make themselves at home. Big John asks where the copy of the diary is, and John B assumes that it has been impounded with his old van, the Twinkie. John B apologizes for the way they left things. The father and son sleep, although John has a rather nasty nightmare. He wakes to find Sarah next to him. The couple embraces, and John B tells her that his father is alive. Unfortunately, Big John has done a runner and is nowhere to be seen. Does Sarah think John has lost it and is seeing dead people now?

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  • March 4, 2023 at 3:35 pm

    Hard to watch this one if you actually know about sailing. They set off in a 620 Lagoon and keep motoring like the mast is just some kind of decoration. They actually run out of diesel and need to refuel……with a big ass ocean-going sailing boat and obviousely enough wind to actually sail.

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