Outer Banks season 1, episode 5 recap – what happened in “Midsummers”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 15, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Outer Banks season 1, episode 5 - Midsummers - Netflix series


Outer Banks season 1, episode 5, “Midsummers” reveals the consequences of John B uncovering the truth of the gold as tensions reach an all-time high.

This recap of Netflix series Outer Banks season 1, episode 5, “Midsummers” contains significant spoilers.

I have to admit, this Netflix YA series is growing on me slightly. There’s still a lot of generic trash involved but this whole “treasure hunt” mixed with teenage drama is kind of… entertaining. Outer Banks season 1, episode 5, “Midsummers” has its good moments.

It starts with JJ with the police — the police officer questioning him lists all the offenses he has committed recently. She asks him if she knows who the two murdered men are who were found in the fishnet. She wants JJ to convince John B to come to talk to her. His fines amount to $30k and his father beats the living crap out of him. JJ is fragile and scared at this moment, and it was strange to see such a confident character look so out of shape. JJ points the gun at his father while he is asleep but he doesn’t go through with it.

JJ is certainly a character that could explode at any moment.

As for John B, he is determined to translate the letter from Chapel Hill. He takes it to his teacher who translates it; the sole survivor and slave Denmark Tanny was lynched. There’s a hint where the gold might be.

Outer Banks season 1, episode 5 reveals that the island has an annual party at the Island Club called Midsummers. At the party, Topper approaches Sarah and asks where she was the day before and gets instantly agitated. She walks away. Outside of the party, John B asks JJ to pass a message to Sarah and JJ immediately assumes that John B is “macking” her. JJ sneaks into the party pretending to be a waiter and Pope gives him a big hug. He passes a note to Sarah from John B and it asks her to meet in a secret spot — Topper is watching her. JJ is soon in trouble as Topper’s friends ambush him, but he’s saved by a bodyguard.

Sarah meets John B and they embrace and John tells her that he knows where the gold is — it’s at Tannyhill and Sarah is shocked. John asks Sarah if she can get the plat map from her father’s office so he can scope out the plantation to find out where it exactly is. Topper shouts after her but he definitely sees them kiss. John B scurries off and Topper confronts Sarah, wanting the truth but she walks off from the constant interrogation.

Pope, Kiara, JJ and John B embarrass their respective families and flee the party by making a scene — they have a meeting next to a campfire. John B updates them all about the gold and also reveals that Sarah Cameron helped him into Chapel Hill.

Kiara is fuming and warns everyone about Sarah Cameron. At this point, I can’t tell if John B’s loyalty is weakening with the Pogues but he’s acting like he is using her. It’s difficult to gauge.

In embarrassing fashion, Topper sneaks into Sarah’s room and she seems to be turned the other way; he apologises to her, claims he loves her and says he doesn’t want them both to break up. When he turns her around, it’s actually Wheezie — it was a decoy. This man is getting played badly.

John B and co. head to the state park and a storm starts (this series loves storms if you haven’t guessed by now.) John B heads to the top of a wooden tower and meets Sarah. She gives him the map and tells John B she is breaking up with Topper — she doesn’t care anymore; as they kiss, a drunk and enraged Topper sneaks up behind them both and he calls her a “stupid lying w***e”. As he argues with them both, Topper shoves John B into the wooden rails and they break, and he has a big fall. Sarah screams for help so Pope, Kiara, and JJ run over to help. Sarah is absolutely distraught at a rather injured John B and kisses him.

Kiara is clearly impacted by how much Sarah seems to care about John B.

Outer Banks season 1, episode 5, “Midsummers” closes with John B waking up in the hospital. Sarah’s father apologises to John for the small indiscretion that lost him his job and appreciates him protecting his daughter. He offers John to be his legal guardian and a place to stay so he no longer has to run from the DCS. John is shocked but agrees — “Welcome to the family”.

This will not go down well with the Pogues. And also, you sense Sarah’s father is up to something.

Additional Notes

  • John B tells JJ that they cannot run away.
  • Sarah tells her father she doesn’t feel the same for Topper. His father says for the event she may as well enjoy the night at the Midsummers party at the Island Club and break up with him the next day.
  • Kiara is not enthusiastic about the party but her mother insists she goes.
  • Sarah is caught trying to get a plat map by her father. He is curious as to why she wants the map. She hints she’s found a new man who is into history. Sarah’s father also has a compass. He knows something about the gold.
  • John B promises to Kiara that nothing’s happening between him and Sarah.

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