Outer Banks season 1, episode 3 recap – what happened in “The Forbidden Zone”?

April 15, 2020 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Outer Banks season 1, episode 3, “The Forbidden Zone” reveals that there is a real treasure hunt on the cards as the group unearth a map and coordinates.

This recap of Netflix series Outer Banks season 1, episode 3, “The Forbidden Zone” contains significant spoilers.

So when Kiara said “oh my god” in the last episode, she had just seen a parcel with John B’s name on it. Outer Banks season 1, episode 3, “The Forbidden Zone” reveals that inside the parcel is a tape recorder and there’s a message for John B from his father. He says if something has happened to him, go for gold. He discusses the coordinates for the Royal Merchant. John B is understandably upset and Kiara comforts him. The group discuss splitting the amount of treasure they find — rumoured to be around $400 million.

No wonder people are trying to kill them.

With the map from John B’s father, they look at the coordinates in an internet cafe — apparently, none of them has technology. The Royal Merchant will be 900 feet below the sea, but conveniently Pope knows where they can get an underwater drone.

So the group heads to a salvage yard, where the boys predictably use Kiara as a distraction for the security while they grab the underwater drone. Kiara loses her cover but they still manage to get away.

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There are other strands to the story in Outer Banks season 1, episode 3, “The Forbidden Zone” — the jealous Topper. At the party, he goes wild to impress his girlfriend Sarah. The two share an intimate moment and she tells him he has nothing to be jealous about and she promises not to betray him. Sarah gives Topper her consent for sex and as they are about to have sex, Topper says he loves her and she suddenly backs out, claiming she is a little buzzed. Topper is a predictable character and gets angry. He starts taking drugs at the party. Imagine being this weak-minded.

And Rafe, Mr Cameron’s son, who has replaced John B, is struggling to work for his father and used the money for the generators on other things — so he is selling drugs at the party to get his money back.

Episode 3 kind of confirms that the Kooks are not a brilliant group.

John B and co test out the underwater drone — Pope highlights bad weather will not be good for the drone so they’ll need to delay efforts.

Afterward, Sarah approaches John B about his scathing words in the last episode. She states she is not a liar and that she did not grass. Sarah then walks off and throws his favorite crisps over to him. There’s a clear love square surfacing.

And the Pogues vs Kooks rivalry intensifies in  Episode 3. Rafe and Topper approach Pope who has beers; they want his beers and Rafe ends up whacking Pope with a golf club. Pope tells JJ what happened and he instantly seeks revenge, removing the plug from one of their boats so it sinks. Pope tells JJ that John B and Kiara cannot know about this.

Considering the fact they are embarking on $400m worth of treasure, I’m not sure why Pope felt that needed to remain a secret in the grand scheme of things.

As we approach the end, Kiara discusses with John B that kiss they had and wonder if their friends know. John B wonders why she asked and then they are interrupted by JJ and Pope — they surf some waves.

Outer Banks season 1, episode 3, “The Forbidden Zone” ends with the group using the underwater drone on the coordinates given. The weather starts turning into a storm, bringing more pressure to the mission. In the last scene, they find the Royal Merchant.

Additional Notes

  • John B and the group raise a glass to going full kook if they get the gold.
  • Sarah tells Topper how annoyed she is by the way John B spoke to her.
  • Sarah overhears her father saying John B is way more reliable than his son.
  • A fisherman alerts two dead bodies in his nets to the police.
  • After the salvage raid John B and his friends celebrate. Pope has a lingering eye on Kiara.

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    They would have technology except for the hurricane leaving people who don’t own a generator without any power.

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