Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 5 Recap – what does Big John find at the storage facility?

February 23, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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In “Heists,” the show remembers how to have a little fun, with some over-the-top action sequences to enjoy. However, the plotting is wildly unbelievable, with some insanely far-fetched moments.

We recap the Netflix series Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 5, “Heists,” which contains spoilers.

Big John (Charles Halford) and John B (Chase Stokes) finally have Denmark’s diary. This book provides vital clues that may help them on their road to El Dorado. In “Heists,” they attempt to break into a museum storage facility to acquire their next clue while the rest of the gang performs a robbery. Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and the team hope to nab the cross of Santo Domingo, although their task may be a little more challenging than John B’s.

Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

“Heists” opens with news footage detailing the return of four missing teens to Kildare Island. The gang is home, and it hasn’t taken the media long to uncover this secret. Adding to the headlines is the news that John Routledge Sr. is alive and well. Sarah updates the gang on Rafe’s plans with the cross, and they formulate a scheme to take back their prize. Unfortunately, the gang is without transportation, with John B, Big John, and the Twinkie on their little mission.

Pope tries to convince his parents to let him borrow the truck, but they refuse. Kie asks her parents for help, yet they are also slightly skeptical. Interestingly, both parents allow their teens to wander into apparent danger, even though they’ve only been back a day after six weeks missing in the Caribbean. Anyway, the gang is without any transport but heads toward Wilmington regardless.

In Charleston, Big John and John B search for Trinity Church, where their priest was buried. The church has been replaced with a Thai restaurant, though. The site was excavated, and the relics were moved to Charleston Museum, their next port of call. At the museum, Big John plays a super spy and manages to wangle information from the man on the desk. The artifacts are in a storage facility, and only the museum’s director has the key card for entry. Big John orders his son to mug this old lady for the card, although he is a terrible thief and fails badly.

What does Big John find at the storage facility?

They drive over to the storage facility anyway and wait for an opening. Lucky for them, there is an opportunity to sneak in, and they take full advantage of it. They find boxes from the old church and are shocked to find their missing artifact. Big John matches the two missing halves and finds they make a skylight, which glows in the moonlight.

The father is ecstatic to have found the next clue in the puzzle. They head out but find their van has been stolen. Carla Limbrey has taken it, of course!

Who will help the Pogues with transportation?

On their way to Wilmington, the gang spot Topper (Austin North). They ask Sarah to use her flirtatious ways to acquire Topper’s truck. She asks him for help, and he begrudgingly accepts. They drive to the train depot where the cross should be. Pope and Cleo search through hundreds of carriages until they find their cargo. The train jolts to life, and they must jump aboard. Meanwhile, JJ and Kie set out jumper cables on the tracks to bring the moving train to a halt as per their plan.

At Limbrey’s house, Big John pretends an old rag from the storage facility is the magical shroud that Carla desires. She rubs the rag against her cheek and starts to walk miraculously without her crutches. The placebo effect strikes again. The father and son escape before Limbrey changes her mind.

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The Pogues’ plan works, and the train brakes at a road crossing. Cleo picks the locks to their cargo, but a train employee stops them. Pope lies about them being runaway lovers, skipping town to get married. Surprisingly, the employee lets them off, and they soon return to their train robbery. Topper drives over to the carriage, and they transport the large box containing the cross from the train into the vehicle. The train employees and the police are soon on their tail, though, and a car chase follows.

Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 5 Ending Explained

JJ and Kie catch up with the others, speeding along on JJ’s motorbike. Kie jumps onto the moving vehicle from the bike, and JJ heads back alone to slow down the cops. His distraction tactics work, and the police follow JJ instead.

The gang heads back to save JJ, though. The police pursue JJ onto a bridge. He suddenly drives off the bridge and magically survives the fall unharmed. The gang escapes as a whole unit, evading arrest. It seems to be the perfect plan and a happy ending, but the box contains a fake. They have been conned. Rafe and Barry have the actual cross, which they melt down for its gold properties.

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